60 Second Guide: Copywriting and Content Marketing for SEO

By | August 13, 2019

Hi, my name’s James, and I’m a copywriter
here at Koozai. I’ll be presenting you with some copywriting tips
in 60 seconds. Today I wanted to share with you some quick, content marketing
tips. Content marketing is one of the most effective,
low cost ways to drive traffic and build awareness for your business
or brand. The idea is to create and distribute relative content to
attract and engage your target audience. You need to get topic ideas. Look at your
website’s analytics, and you’ll be able to determine which pages are most
popular and thus the type of content your visitor’s are looking for. You
also need to write unique and compelling content. Based on your topic ideas,
you want to write blogs, articles, hubs, and lenses. If you write something
engaging and relevant, then more people are likely to read it. You also want to keyword optimise your content.
This means researching which keywords people are looking for, and
you can do this using Google’s keywords tool in AdWords. And finally, you want to distribute your content.
Use social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook and
LinkedIn, as well as social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit
and Digg. The more exposure you give your content, the
better. For more information visit Koozai.com or visit any of the profiles

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