6 Dead Simple SEO Tactics That Still Work Today

By | August 11, 2019

(coins clinging) – Okay so in this clip,
we are going to talk about six dead simple SEO
tactics that still work in 2019 and beyond. But before we do, don’t forget
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business, entrepreneurship. All that cool stuff, alright? So the first one that
we’re gonna talk about is using a tool like
Google Search Console. So that’s free. And what you can do with
Google Search console is you can test titles
and meta descriptions. So you might have a
title that’s performing or page that’s performing really well. Let’s say it’s getting
1000 clicks a month. Well what if I told you all
you had to do was change a title and maybe you could
get 1500 clicks a month. Right so that’s 50% gain just on that page without having to build more links, without having to write
a lot more content. You can do that using
Google Search Console. Just look at the pages
that perform really well and just write a better title, write a better meta description. And you’ll see which one performs better, a before and after. And then you can just keep doing that over and over and over. And that’s gonna help
you to continue to grow. By the way, the tool
that you can use for that we have a tool that allows you to do that called ClickFlow, that’s
ClickFlow, like flow like water. You can check that out. Number two is using a
SEO tool like Clearscope. What Clearscope allows you to do is you can basically check
out, how your piece of content is performing and it’s
gonna recommend keywords for you to add into that page. That way it’s gonna help
you rank for more keywords for a page. So that page can rank for
a couple hundred keywords, but what if you can help it rank for a couple thousand keywords. You can get a lot more traffic from it and you basically getting a
lot more bang for your buck from just writing a piece of content. Let’s say you’re spending
$6000 on content per month. Well what’s to say you can’t spend $500 on having a software like
this to help you grow faster. So you can use Clearscope
and then you can combine that with a tool like ClickFlow that’s gonna help you
grow faster, alright? So the third thing I wanna talk
about is PageSpeed Insights. PageSpeed is very important when it comes to the user experience that
you’re delivering for people. If you don’t have a fast
site, people are gonna bounce. It’s not a good user experience,
it is a ranking signal when it comes to Google. So you can just use Google’s
PageSpeed Insights tool. It’s free to use, it’s gonna
help you grow, alright? So number four is upgrading your content. You create a piece of content, you’re not just gonna create it and then let it go out there to dry. You wanna see if it performs
well after a 90 day period. You look at it, well it’s
starting to gain some traction. You look at Google Analytics, it’s starting to go up into the right. It’s doing that, guess what? Upgrade that piece of
content, add a paragraph, add two paragraphs to it. We’ve been doing this over and over on one piece that we have. It used to have maybe get
like 1000 visits a month. Now it gets 20, 25,000 visits a month, maybe even 30,000 visits a month. Just from upgrading over and over. Why do you think Wikipedia
is so successful? It’s because they keep
upgrading their content over and over and over. Now the other thing people talk about is they always talk about link building. But it’s always offsite link building. It’s other people linking to you, but making the most of what you have especially from your homepage. You have the most link
equity from your homepage typically on a site. What you wanna do is you
can use the internal links that you set up on your homepage. Link it to your most
important pages on your site. That’s gonna help those pages rank higher because what happens, what’s
the currency of Google? It’s links and content. Now if you have a lot of
link equity on your homepage link out to the pages
that matter the most. You’re gonna see their ranking shoot up. Feel free to use some
anchor text in there too if you want to use some rich anchor text. That actually still works even in 2019. That’s gonna help you get
more traffic to those pages. That’s an SEO tactic
that works really well especially in 2019. Now in the past when I
first started doing SEO, you know, I would read all
these different blog posts, especially from Kissmetrics
which Neil owns the blog now. But he was one of the
co-founders of Kissmetrics which now is a company
that is no longer with us. Rest in peace. But what they did to grow
initially, was they spent a ton of money on infographics. And infographics were
really well designed, had a lot of data and
everyone started to copy the infographic tactics. Even companies spun out
from this infographic thing and they started to become saturated. Now what I would consider
the modern day infographic is building a tool or a
widget, or buying a tool or a widget and it
actually gets a lot of use. Because a tool or a
widget, it’s hard to make. It costs development resources too, maybe some design resources. But people are gonna continue to use it, they’re gonna continue
to get utility from it. And they’re gonna link to it and that’s exactly what
Neil did with Ubersuggest. He paid $250,000 for
Ubersuggest, guess what? Now Ubersuggest, it gets used so much it gets so much links coming to it and he continues to reap the rewards from a SEO standpoint. He just basically took his,
what worked for infographics, took that idea of something
that’s new and novel, and just applied it to building
or buying tools or widgets and that has helped him grow. So let me know in the comments below which of these that you plan to use. Which of these do you
plan to use in the future to help your SEO actually grow, your SEO traffic grow. And don’t forget whatever
platform you’re on, don’t forget to rate,
review and subscribe. Helps us grow and don’t forget
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  1. James Scott Post author

    Excellent tips, thanks Eric.👍 It’s amazing how something as simple as tweaking your title and meta descriptions can massively increase your traffic overnight. 🙂 ClickFlow 🚀🚀🚀

  2. jarimatos Post author

    Hey, thanks for this. I'm also a huge fan of the Marketing School podcast. I recently started it from the beginning so I'm trying to catch up haha! I do have a question for this video: do you know any free alternatives to sites like Clearscope?

  3. Aliasgar Babat Post author

    Great tips. WIll follow the same. http://smbdigitalmarketing.co.in/


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