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By | August 17, 2019

Next We Will Take This particular Image Let’S move Our cursor Let’s Copy url open that on a New Tab Let’S see what that Definition Looks like all right so this is how i train? People via My Creative videos all Right The One Which you are looking at Right Now all right so i had no plans of selecting These Kind of Images Let’s Say This Let’s open Up Tiny Png Tiny png is the next one Which is Which i’m gonna use Let’s upload this image Alright so this is the episode Which i Just did on my digital Marketing Strategy Podcast Which is the best Ways for site Optimization on WordPress alright So in this episode i am talking about a Couple of Things Out of Which the last one i concluded with Was optimizing The Images Now When there is i am are talking about the plugins but Other Than that i was Just Thinking once i concluded and once i Uploaded This particular episode i Was Actually Thinking of a Couple of online Tools Because most of The People They might Not be using WordPress all The time so what if They want to simply optimize and compress Their images online Absolutely For free They don’t be Paying anything for Any Extra Tool so for that i have listed down a couple of Tools out of Which i’m going to talk about six different Tools Which are absolutely for free Which will help you to compress your Image Within one minute all right Every single Tool Will Hardly Take One minute and That’s what i’m gonna show you right Now in this particular Thing But before That Why image Optimization Is so important Let’s Just Check that Out Google Speed Optimization Alright This is the Tool Which Google is giving you absolutely for free when you can Check Your Page Speed so i’m gonna check for one of my websites Right Now And Let’s see how it loads i have Been not Doing anything on this particular website but Let’s see? The After a long time I’m Doing Pagespeed Optimization for digital fatigue and as you can See mobile Is poor our Next Stop is Good 186 is the score now if it is Below 85 it Will Say orange in color Wherein It Will give You Warning so It Says Great Job This page applies most performance best practices and Should deliver a Good user Experience on desktop all right possible Optimizations are eliminated bla bla bla animal compression Now this is si optimized image Most of The Times Guys People Have this including me or have this in the? Recommendation Section so if i click on this it will Show me all the images Which i should be optimizing So what i can do over here is i can Simply move My cursor and i can Just Select the entire url and i can Open Up the url on a different page or A different window and this is the image Which They are asking me to optimize so what i can do is i will Just Save this Image On to let’s Say on downloads i’ll Save This image and Now i’ll go to our Compressors so this is the one Which i am using for the first Thing Which is compressor dot io we’ll take The Example with this particular Image alright Select file Simply Select the file and It Will do The Work for you alright so It Was 12 Kb earlier and Now it has Reduced 67% and has Given Us four point two three kb Now we can download This file and i can Upload On my website where this particular Image Is so it will remove This option and it Will increase the speed speed for My website Second Is This one so let’s see i’m obviously not going to upload It right Now I’m Just going to demonstrate it so Let’s take The second image Example let’s open That App and Let’S see how it looks like and we download that so alright so this is the podcast image so i download this Image And Now we Will go to the second tool Which is this one click on dot. Io the links for all the Tools Will Be there in the description box Below This video so don’t worry about that carrington dot io now over here? You Simply Have to upload Now make sure Guys Crack Android io it also offers you a Premium Thing Premium plant Pro user So the free account will only allow You to upload up to 1 Mb you cannot upload more Than 1 Mb File size Over here to compress in the free account? So i’m going to upload this particular Image and Let’s hope Yeah it’s the smaller version so 11 kb Was the size earlier and now It has Given me 33 point 59 percent reduction right so we can download the file and then we can Upload the same Next Let’s close This Let’s Go to P speed optimization this is the one So i will copy This One Let’s open that Up and Let’s see Which is the image It’S a Very small Image still it’s asking me to optimize so let’s save this image So Google Will Recommend You everything and Let’s Go to the third tool Which is Gift of Speed i Simply Have to choose The Adjust compression Level over here i’ll choose the file? Let’S choose the file It’s actually a Png file so it won’t Work over here because this is Jpg so i will go back to tools and Over Here i’ll search for png compressor All right Click to Select your png image Upload The Png Image over here and now it was 3.1 kb The new size is 0.4 Kb Alright And we Can download This upload It and you’re done Next We Will Take This particular Image Let’S move Our cursor Let’s copy url Open that in a New Tab Let’S see what that Image Looks like? Alright so this is how i train People via My Creative videos alright The One Which you are looking at Right Now Alright so i had no plans of selecting These Kind of Images Let’s Say This Let’s open Up Tiny Bean tiny png is the next one Which is Which i’m gonna use Let’s upload this image So it has compressed Up to 67% All right download Kc this It Hardly Takes 30 seconds for these tools to compress your image and you can download That all right Let’s close This Let’s Take This particular Image Now Let’S open That Up Let’s see what that Image Looks like all right so it’s my particular Image Let’s save that Image Let’s go to Next One Which is Optimi Xena or optima Zilla or optimize zilla What we Call them So let’s click on upload files Let’s upload This 4 Kb The file size is and 31% reduction so the New size is 2.5 K all right Now Let’s close This We don’t have any mode Image so i’m gonna go to the last tool Which Is Image recycle and i’m gonna Upload One Image from My desktop Over here so let’s upload This particular Image Will It allow me to upload that image i guess it’s a High Resolution file so It won’t allow me in this free Version i guess Say It Would It won’t All right It Would Allow me so i’ll have to upload a Smaller version probably Let’s Say This one Yeah Exactly so Couple of Tools Which offer Pro Plan Won’t allow you to upload all The Image size so you have to check that so this is optimized and the you go image recycle Has done the Job so these are the six tools to summarize compressor route io Next is click on dot Io Gift of speed calm tangy Png calm Optimized Zilla Calm And Image Recycle calm Now there are Plenty of Other Tools Which you can Play Around But these are the tools Which you can use for Absolutely For free all right so That’s it for this video Guys i hope You enjoyed if you did do give me a like subscribe To my channel and i look Forward to see you in the next One till then take care Boys and as Always Guys Stay awesome God Bless and subscribe and see this is the podcast Which i recently Released on Itunes Digital Marketing Podcast practical Digital Marketing Tips and Such Kind of Things so i have Released two episodes as of Now Which is gonna be Updated Every single day so Every single day I’m gonna come up with? Three to five to 10 minutes Up to a little bit about Practical Advices on digital Marketing Which i personally Would Be Applying on my Blog digital Marketing for free com so In this video i’m gonna Actually Start another Podcast Which is actually my own Podcast Which i am upcoming with Which is related to Motivational Stuff

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