6 BEST Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online

By | August 15, 2019

hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today is another QA Thursday where when you leave a comment we answer it I’m here with Adam from viewership hey guys and this week’s question is so one question that we get a lot from all of you and thank you so much for all of your comments is all about marketing tools what tools should you be using on your website or to just market your business so I really wanted to get Neal’s thoughts on this for all of you now before I give you a list of the tools that I use and what you need for digital marketing I want to tell you one little thing that’s really important what pisses me off more than anything else is everyone’s like oh yeah what’s the latest tool or gadget in marketing oh this one shares better this one makes my life easier when it comes to social media traffic I don’t really care about all these tools are you doing anything with the tools are you taking action are you improving your website use Google Analytics that’s a tool that everyone has and I’ll even include it in my list but if you don’t take action based on what the tool is telling you it’s useless at that point there’s not even a point in using the tools you get what I mean now so I was just going to say if you’re guilty of just like downloading the latest tool and spending an hour and thinking that you’re actually doing work by doing that like leave a comment below I know I’ve been guilty that you just download the latest tool and it’s just cool and you think you’re doing something productive but it’s just a waste of time yes or you can just like the video if you’re using tools and you don’t actually take any action yeah at least owe me that I would appreciate so let’s get into some tools the first tool that you guys should use is Google Analytics it tracks your visitor account if you have a lot of traffic they’ll sample the data unless you pay me like 100 or 150 grand or whatever their prices per year Google Analytics will show you how people are engaging throughout your site and what traffic sources are causing most of conversions don’t optimize for traffic optimize for traffic that causes conversions I was recently talking to one of my team members we bought off the KISSmetrics website I know I’m the co-founder of it but I bought it out from all the investors recently and it’ll be merged in with Neil Patel calm soon and we’re talking about what content we’re gonna keep and we have a post south-by-southwest that’s getting traffic and they’re like oh should we update this and I’m like who cares about you know I’m not saying South by Southwest is a conference or anything like that but who cares about a post boss South by Southwest no one’s gonna read that content and convert into a customer that’s a useless piece of content delete it it’s not about having a lot of traffic it’s about having relevant traffic that causes convergence and Google Analytics will show you that as long as you set up goal and conversion tracking it’s that simple if you’re using Google Analytics and you don’t have golden conversion tracking setup there’s no point in even using it just stop you’re wasting time did so at least set that up interesting here the second tool I have for you as uber suggests you’re gonna want to get rankings you’re gonna want more search traffic it’s the most consistent traffic that you’ll get yes social media traffic is easier and quicker to get but Google’s algorithm updates aren’t as crazy as Facebook’s it won’t be where one day you’re getting 300,000 visitors from Facebook organic reach and the next day getting 10,000 visitors Google organic traffic is very very consistent so use uber suggest typing the keywords that you’re getting traffic from already that are driving conversions and it’ll show you more that you could be going after from a paid perspective and organic perspective that’ll help boost your overall conversions and sales the third tool I have for you is Google search console we love doing this internally where we take Google search console we log in we look at all the posts how many impressions they get how many clicks they get and the click-through rate we look for the posts I get less than a 5% click-through rate we look at all the keywords that we’re getting impressions from that post and then we integrate those keywords into that blog post or that landing page and we rewrite the content we just don’t add in the keywords we rewrite it to encompass all the relevant keywords and make it two three four or five times more in-depth if you look at one of the posts on the neil patel blog about Instagram followers and just growing your total Instagram follower account but by making it longer we now have a piece of content that from around 12,000 views a month to currently a bit over 30,000 views a month and we don’t just rewrite any posts we use a Google search console data to look at click-through rate in addition to that we double check and make sure those URLs are driving conversions based off of Google Analytics data so when you combine them both at least you’re focusing on increasing the traffic from blog posts that drive sales that’s a really important part that most people forget and I feel like just looking at like the way marketers do business like a lot of us just focus on new content I know I got stuck in time before I started working it’s like it’s shiny you got this new idea like this new concept I wanna write about this but honestly when you go back like your team did for me they go back and attack dude focus on these four blogs just update these and then it went from like 1,000 unique still like 5,000 the next month just by doing that one thing and it’s just amazing where they saw yeah you don’t have to necessarily create new content you can go back update old content no and that’s the mistake when you keep creating new content after a while let’s say you block for a year and you create a new piece of article each and every single day what happens I mean you’re overlapping throw your website and when you overlap what happens is Google is confused hey you got 50 posts on SEO or 50 posts on link building we don’t know which one should rank for link building by consolidating and having less content pieces and only having one page per topic you got way more traffic and what’s one website where you Google for anything they rank I don’t know YouTube YouTube but that’s owned by Google and Wikipedia you got so we could Peter ranks for pretty much everything have you ever been on Wikipedia and notice that they had 20 pages on the same topic never it’s only one page per topic right of course and they just make the articles longer longer yeah that’s why they do well there’s no cannibalization so don’t just keep writing more and more content focus on updating more than continually writing new pieces of content if you’re gonna write a new piece of content it should be on ones that are new topics that you haven’t already covered sure so the point David’s making and we do this as well would we write multiple articles on SEO let’s say there’s SEO link building on-page SEO audits competitive analysis we’ll do content clusters where you’ll have like a main article and let’s say what is SEO or SEO overview and then we link to other articles that break down specific things that’s called content clustering and that works really well but we wouldn’t have two or three articles that talk about the beginner’s guide to SEO then the next one what is SEO the next one the newbies guide to SEO do you see how that’s too much overlap you want to make sure you break you down into different segments now going back to tools we cover three a few more that I love using crazy egg crazy actual are engaging with my website how far they’re scrolling where they’re clicking it allows me to take that data and within crazy you don’t have to be a developer you don’t have to be a designer you can adjust your page and run a be test to maximize yourselves because not just about getting traffic it’s about converting those visitors into conversions another tool that I love using is called subscribers it’s through push notifications people will come through to your website but they don’t come back so what this does is assume you’re using HTTPS if you’re not you should it also works if you don’t have HTTPS that’s the SSL certificate either way it works but make sure you switch over to HTTPS what it does is it puts a little browser notification when people come to your site and gets them to subscribe without being obtrusive it does all within the browser they subscribe and then anytime you have a new blog post or content out they come back to your site and then you start converting more you’re generating more leads more sales and it’s a great way to get people to come back build that trust that rapport with you and that’s how you get more customers just on that note do you think any tools like that are gonna replace email marketing I don’t see a replacement email marketing is getting the engagement as much it’s not getting the opens but what you’re gonna see is you stuff email marketing combined with push and a few others that gotta okay the last tool that I’m gonna give you guys that you guys should check out is hub spot hub so it’s a great tool to look at your overall marketing your lead count it integrates marketing with sales and that’s what I want to end with hub spa I love it I use it and sure you some people may say hey there’s other tools that do this or that hub saw has a lot of free plans and they have some startup plans which is very entrepreneur friendly and best of all is they keep adding more and more stuff for free so why not they’re huge billion dollar company they’re trying to crush the competitors so they’re just releasing a lot of stuff for free so hey that’s for your benefit there it is they’re the foundational tools so I guess I’m not gonna sit at home anymore just tinkering with like random tools if I’m gonna focus on those those are amazing yes and don’t just focus on them as I mentioned earlier on and even Adam knows this you gotta take action make it happen yeah use Google search console your traffic increase you updated your content if you use search constant you looked at then you never update your content what would happen with your traffic nothing exactly take action that follow this data and these tools with no action is useless you’re better off saving the money you’re not even paying or using any of them so that’s it thank you for watching this week’s Q&A Thursday video if you want your questions answered leave a comment below let us know you want to answer it on a Q&A Thursday video maybe will select it either way if you leave a comment below I’ll answer no matter what please like share review you know whatever it is this video the more people that know about it the more people I can help the happier I’m gonna be as you can see I don’t promote my services or anything from my content I’m really just looking to help people so I would appreciate it if you can share the content see you guys soon bye bye

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