5 Ways I Actually Make Money

By | November 29, 2019

I can make money in 5 different ways. I’m going to tell you how I make money on
online. The 5 different ways I make money. I’m going to dive right in and share with
you the 5 ways that I actually make money. I’m going to share with you which one’s are
my favorite. Kind of what I like and dislike about each. And then I’ll share the secret as to why I’ve
been able to be so successful in making money in these ways. Okay. So, let’s talk about ad revenue. A lot of people know that I’m a YouTube producer
and so when we’re looking at money, they think, “Okay, we’ll you make money from YouTube advertising.” I do make a significant amount. It’s actually much higher than I thought it
would be. Because my strategy is a bit different. My income last month was $16,000 from ad revenue. So, that’s the respectable amount, right? That’s a respectable amount. But it’s only icing on the cake. So, the second way that I make money is I
sell done-for-you services, right? People come to me to produce their YouTube
channels. We do the filming, we do the editing. Okay, even before that, we do the strategy. So, we do the strategy, the filming, the editing,
the production for YouTube, the thumbnail design. We do it for you. And I have different packages ranging from
over $100,000 all the way down to $24,000. That’s what people mainly come to me for is
my done-for-you services. And that is where the majority of revenue
comes from. I also have a YouTube course. Now, it’s not a majority of my revenue yet
because I’ve only just launched it. But what I’ve done with some of my other channels
and promoting my other clients courses, I do expect that it will exceed and become the
dominant source of revenue for me. I’ve got a YouTube course that’s $2,000. Okay. Now, there are variety of other ways that
I make money that I’m going to categorize into one group. I’m going to call them affiliates. Okay, I do get paid affiliate revenue. My biggest one and I feel like I should not
share the number. Let’s just say it become significant. I hire people in the Philippines and I teach
a lot of people about how I do that. And the tool that I’ve been using for 10 years
is called virtualassitanttool.com. I’m an affiliate with them. And so, when I send people with that website,
if they sign up to use that service then I get paid a monthly commission. And the cool thing about it… And I recommend this as an affiliate program
for you. They don’t stop. So, once somebody starts paying a monthly
fee, years go by and I’m still getting a percentage out of that affiliate commission. So, virtual assistant tool is my favorite
affiliate program. One that I actually haven’t promoted for a
long time is procart.org. It’s a great shopping cart. But I haven’t promoted that for years. And so, if my income dwindled from that, I
think I made 150 bucks last month. But that’s another affiliate program. You know what? I don’t make any money from amazon affiliate
program. Not a dollar. Not a dime. It’s crazy. I buy a lot of stuff on amazon and you think
that the links that I’ve shared with people will at least earn me a penny or something. And also, you may know that I do a lot of
speaking. In fact, this weekend I’m flying out to Washington
DC to speak about YouTube. I just spoke in Miami. I’m speaking after I get back from the Philippines,
I’m speaking in San Francisco. You know what? I don’t get paid as a keynote speaker. I don’t get paid for my speech. So, that’s just as a side, that’s a way that
I don’t get paid. But that is kind of my marketing, right? I don’t really do traditional marketing or
advertising. I do YouTube influence building and I speak. Alright. Now, here’s another way that I do make income. And it’s my least favorite. Okay, consulting. It’s not that I don’t like consulting in the
moment. But I don’t like putting hours on my calendar
and I don’t like that it totally drains my energy. So, that if I even do 2 consulting hours in
a day it makes it… So, I can’t be productive the rest of the
day. So, I charge $1,000 per hour. Maybe I should charge more than that now. You know, I sell that in quantities for 4
hours or I have in the past. I’m not really… I’ve turned people down for that recently. And maybe that’s a good time to talk about
kind of the pros on cons. What’s my favorite? The least favorite is the consulting. Again, it’s not because I don’t enjoy the
consulting work or helping people that way. But I just… I don’t like trading my time for money even
though $1,000 might seem like a high amount paid for hour. Trading time for money is… It’s challenging for me and like what I said… I put a lot into it. When I put in consulting, I’m all focused
on them, their channel, their business. And so, when I’m done, I mentally exhausted. And I need to take a nap. I need to sleep. And I’ll be ready to work again the next day. So, let’s talk about ad revenue. It is one of my top 3. Kind of like icing on the cake. I don’t really have to do much anymore. The thing that I don’t like though is it’s
not predictable. I don’t really control it. One month, it can be 18,000, the next month
it can be 8,000. And that’s just one specific channel that
I’m remembering. The real number’s for. So, I don’t really control it. So, I like it. It’s like icing on the cake. But I don’t control it. Now, I love my done-for-you packages. They’re very profitable. And I love how to get results. So, I’ve created a service that I can charge
a high dollar amount for that gets results that are way higher than the dollar amount
that I charge. And I’ve hired a team that does it for me. So, where I still provide the expertise. My team puts in the long hours and I love
that. The disadvantage to my done-for-you service
is it’s difficult to scale. Because it’s a big project taking on a new
client. And I do take on new clients but not like
hundreds of clients a month. I take on a new client each month. Just one, right? So, it’s a harder to scale. So, that brings me to talking about the last
one. Selling a course. So, that brings me to my digital course. It’s really nice. Because, it’s fully leveraged as I can be. I put a lot energy and heart. I worked on this since the beginning of 2019. And It’s taken a lot to create. But now that it’s created, it’s automated. Right? It’s automated, I can control it. And I can scale it. Okay. So, now there are several areas that I am
making money on my business. And what is the number 1 strategy? How was I able to get traffic to be able to
sell all these things. And that’s through my leaf strategy. I do keyword research before filming. If you don’t know yet my leaf strategy is
or you’re not perfect at it, watch this video right here. This is where you should go next. Watch my leaf strategy video and you’ll know
how I get in all the traffic through YouTube to buy my course. And that’s why I’m so successful.

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