5 Tips To Improve Your Manufacturing SEO

By | August 27, 2019

Hello. This is John Locke from Lockedown Design,
and what I want to talk to you about today is just a few ways that manufacturing websites
can improve their SEO. Number one, have a site that is mobile friendly,
user friendly, loads quickly, and looks decent. Frankly speaking, a lot of manufacturing websites
look very neglected, a lot of them look old. Some of them are really state-of-the-art and
are really cool. You want to have something that looks as cutting
edge as what your service is. Invest in decent hosting, invest in good design,
and have something that is mobile friendly. Number two, have more than just sales pages
on your site. A lot of company websites only have sales
pages. They might have contact information and just
descriptions of their services. It might help you to have informational pages
on your site where you answer questions that your customers might have before they reach
out to you. A lot of people search stuff before they ever
pick up the phone. If you’re running into a lot of customers
that have questions that seem to come up over and over again, that might be the time to
create an informational page for that. Number three, a good way to promote your business
would be to make videos of some of the things that you’re doing. A lot of people watch YouTube. YouTube is actually the second leading search
engine in the world behind Google, and Google owns YouTube, so therefore a lot of YouTube
videos show up in Google search. Not only that, a lot of people who are into
machinery and manufacturing really like watching videos of some of the things that you’re doing,
so making videos where you answer questions or making just cool videos of some of the
things that you’re doing inside your shop would be a really good way to generate some
buzz for your brand. The fourth thing that you really should be
doing, and this is a big one, is making sure that you’re building links that are going
to drive traffic, and what I mean by that is a lot of sites, they launch and they might
get listed on maybe their local business directory, maybe Yelp and Facebook, but they don’t do
a whole lot outside of that. On our website at Lockedown Design, we have
a list of 11 manufacturing directories that are good for SEO because they drive traffic
of people who are already interested in learning more about your services and getting products
manufactured or buying a product from you that you’ve manufactured yourself. I’m going to link it up in show notes. There’s going to be a list. It’s a list of directories that you probably
need to be on if you’re a manufacturer. In addition to that, you need to be looking
at building links in places that are going to drive traffic. Anytime that you can do something like get
your business featured in a local newspaper or have your company president be interviewed
for a discussion on manufacturing techniques or how things are changing, that’s a good
avenue to pursue because links from other sites are essentially how Google looks at
how relevant your brand is. By building up links on other sites that are
talking about manufacturing and where people are reading about manufacturing, that’s a
good way to build up some traffic for your brand and actually build up a lot of SEO. Lastly, I would say make sure that you’re
measuring the results that you’re getting from any of your SEO efforts, and by that
I mean making sure that you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console hooked up, and that
you’re measuring how many people are coming to your site, whether that number’s going
up or down, what pages are they going to. You can definitely hire a SEO agency to help
you measure some of the keywords that you should be tracking. If you want to learn more about improving
your site ranking on your manufacturing site, you can get a hold of me at my website, which
is LockedownDesign.com.

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