5 tips to find content ideas for social media (new tools and strategies)

By | September 4, 2019

Hey there and welcome back I’m Michelle
Knight of brandmerry.com and we have been talking a lot about content creation
repurposing and which social media platforms are right for you but despite
all of those videos a big question still remains how do you actually find content
ideas to share with your existing community and to share as a way to
attract new members well today I’m sharing with you five of my top tips to
find an endless supply of content ideas be a really big struggle to constantly
have a stream of content ideas coming your way and I wanted to share this
video with you because honestly after this video you will have an excuse
anymore you have five different ways to come up with ideas no matter what
industry you are in Before we jump into the five tips be sure to LIKE and
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first three tips I’m gonna share with you are hands-down my favorite way to
get content ideas and that’s because the information is already available to you
online these are three of my favorite tools that you can use that don’t
require you to have a conversation with pretty much anyone so let’s dive into my
first tip using the tool answer the public using this free tool you can type
in any topic into the search of answer the public let’s say that you are a
photographer and you want to type in photography if you type in photography
answer the public will give you a complete diagram of what people are
googling online and these are specific questions so you can go through and look
at these specific questions and then write down a bunch of content ideas that
pertain to those questions or you can even take it a step further and click on
the individual topic which will then open up a screen in Google and allow you
to see what other people are writing about regarding that topic this is a
great way to see what other people in your industry are chatting about and how
you can put your own spin on it the second tool I want to share with you
today is called keywords everywhere I use this tool multiple times a week when
I am coming up with titles and content ideas
for my blog and YouTube the idea of keywords everywhere is you
actually get to see what people are searching for and this is really
important I mean creating content is one thing but
if nobody’s searching for it then your content isn’t going to be found and
therefore I was really doing nothing for your business so using a tool like
keywords everywhere which is completely free as a Chrome extension you can
increase your odds of being seen and improve your SEO once you have the
Chrome extension installed you can type in a keyword so let’s use personal
branding after I type in personal branding in the Google search bar
underneath I can see how many searches per month this particular keyword is
getting again this is important because if it’s zero searches per month it’s not
gonna do a lot for you in terms of building your community once you find a
keyword that has some traffic you can scroll down just like anytime on Google
and see popular content but this is where keywords everywhere comes in on
the bottom right hand side you can actually see a list of similar content
so let’s say I typed in personal branding and it’s showing that people
are really interested in the psychology of color when it comes to branding well
that tells me that I could create a video or write a blog post or a social
media post around the psychology of color tip number three is literally how
I created content ideas for my business for like the first year it’s called
internet searching or I like to call it internet stalking it basically means
you’re looking up content ideas without having to really engage on these
platforms so you can use platforms like Facebook groups or a YouTube is a great
one as well and you basically can go in and search
in these forums in these communities and see popular posts around the topic that
you are specializing in so I used to go into Facebook groups and type in
personal branding and branding and see what questions people were asking
I also specialized in Squarespace early on in my business so I would type
Squarespace and see all of these different questions people my ideal
clients were asking and it gave me a ton of ideas that I could create content
around another hack that falls under the internet searching category is finding
influencers that are in the same niche you so for instance I follow someone who
has a really big podcast and a huge internet following she also has a
Facebook group and every 30 days she posted in the Facebook group what topics
do you want me to cover on my Instagram I don’t have to do anything except for
read all the comments on that post and suddenly I have a ton of ideas so again
if you want to use this strategy make sure the influencer is in your niche and
make sure your target market is very similar number four is sharing your
story look I couldn’t do an entire video for you and not talk about the power of
storytelling sometimes when you’re at a loss for what to say or how to show up
online it can be as simple as sharing your story not only is your story a
great way to become relatable to your audience but it also tends to boost
engagement look people don’t want to just learn tips and tricks and how to do
this and the best strategy for that they also want to know who you are as a
person so if you are taking this approach which I highly recommend and
sharing pieces of your story as part of your content creation process then you
want to make sure that the stories that you’re sharing do a couple things you
want to be super strategic here and make sure that the story that you’re sharing
is relatable to your audience some of my top questions to ask myself when I’m
getting ready to share a story are will my audience find value in this how does
this story support them where they’re at on their journey and does this build
trust be sure to watch my video on brand story if you want some of my top tips
for getting in touch with your story and sharing that online as part of your
brand and our last tip today tip number five is all about community if you
already have a community this can be one of the easiest ways to create content
and it just requires you to ask them what they want
it seems so freakin simple but we miss the opportunity time and time again and
I really wanted to include this tip for you today because I know so many of you
have a community but I also know a lot of you don’t have a large following and
I want to encourage you that even if you have five or ten people in your face
group on your email list following an Instagram those are still community
members that can give you valuable topics to create content around you can
use tools like polls and Facebook groups you can ask questions or do polls on IG
stories I love asking questions in my Instagram feed and again it can be as
simple as just saying what is your number one struggle in personal branding
another thing that I do every 90 days in my business and I highly recommend this
if you have a large following is I create a brief survey where I ask my
audience what they’re struggling with regarding a specific topic what kind of
content they ultimately want me to create what programs and offers they
would be interested in and if I could create one free piece of content that
they absolutely needed what would that be and every 90 days I survey my
audience and I get 90 days worth of ideas from one simple survey there you
have it five tips to come up with content ideas for your brand and your
business I know sometimes we can get in our head and feels really overwhelming
that we have to come up with content to share online but I’m telling you if you
use these five tips and you recycle them you will always have high value content
to share with your audience and content is such a core part of the branding
process it is the avenue in which you get to share your personality your brand
your offer your voice with the world and if you’re interested in not just
standing out on social media but also creating high value content for your
audience and creating a thriving community that leads to a revenue
generating business that I want to invite you to my master class where I’m
sharing the build a better brand method you’re actually going to learn my
three-part method to do everything I just explained to you right now in
addition we talked heavily about content creation because again I think it is
such an important part of not only creating a brand that your community
once more of but also a brand that expands and gets awareness and allows
you to amplify your voice so you can do those big things that you dream of like
writing books and standing on stage and helping millions of women to get
your hands on this master class head of brand Mary comm / brand master class it
was such a pleasure talking content creation with you over the past month be
sure to like this video comment below and let me know your favorite tips and
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Monday I’ll see you guys soon for another video

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