5 Tips To Avoid SEO Scams

By | August 12, 2019

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There are a growing number of search engine optimization scams that have tricked business
owners into paying thousands of dollars for search engine marketing services that provide
no results. Before you pay an SEO company it’92s important to know these 5 tips to
avoid SEO scams. Contracts that try to lock you into an extended period of service are
not recommended. While it is important to see a written scope of work to be performed
by the SEO provider, they have no right to demand services beyond a month to month basis.
Your local supermarket has a return policy on a loaf of bread, why shouldn’92t you be
able to discontinue your search engine marketing. Be wary of SEO companies that only accept
checks or money orders for their services. It is recommended that you use a credit card
because credit card services offer an extra layer of protection against fraudulent products
and services. The quality of the links are also important in choosing the right SEO company.
Ask about the company’92s link ownership. If they will using paid links to accomplish
the organic search ranking, that means when you discontinue service with them you will
lose your current rankings. True search engine optimization companies use permanent links
thereby establishing a high quality of linkbacks to your website. For SEO companies, links
are the basis of their product and your search engine ranking is a direct result of the quality
of those links. Make sure to ask how many links will be built and from where. A reputable
company will give you a minimum number of links that will be built each month linking
back to your website, and a detailed report of new link locations should be included in
a monthly report as proof of their work. As the search engine optimization process continues
month to month, you should not be limited on the number of keywords you can choose.
It is a myth that you can only rank highly for a limited number of keywords. As your
website ranking advances, search engines will begin to show your website for more and more
natural searches beyond your initial keyword list. The search engine optimization process
is a continual process and as long as you engage an SEO agency you should be free to
build your organic ranking portfolio. SEOServices.com has been providing search engine marketing
services since 2003 and have proven results of top ranking competitive keywords. Visit
us at www.seo-services.com to request a quote today.}

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