5 Tips SEO Channel Youtube

By | August 14, 2019

Tutorial For Youtube 5 Tips SEO Youtube Channel Use channel names with keywords What are keywords? keywords are keywords that are often used to find the desired material. example: – Tutorial to be a gamer
– Tutorial to be a YouTuber the keyword generated in these 2 examples is “Tutorial” and to aim for it is a keyword on “Become a Gamer” & “YouTuber”. afterwards to extend your keyword you are free to add these keywords. set the channel in the search section. this step is to bring up the channel name when someone searches for your YouTube channel. how to do it as follows: – Right in the profile menu, press the gear button (settings) – Select advanced – Set in the Country section and keywords for your YouTube channel name. Example
Country: Indonesia
Keywords: Youtube Tutorial – Then press save for changes MAKE A CONTENT THAT IS NOT SEASON what is meant by seasonal content is content that addresses something at a particular time. I suggest creating content about the tutorial. because the tutorial content is more sought after by others. besides the tutorial content provides a positive impact compared to news content or the like. CONSISTENT WITH VIDEO TYPES Be consistent in the sense that you keep creating content according to the type of video in your YouTube channel. example:
you consistently upload videos about games. then in this case you must remain consistent with the video that you upload it. Why? So that visitors know the video that you are discussing on your YouTube channel consistently upload original videos any video that you upload to YouTube will affect the development and security of your YouTube channel. if you upload someone else’s video (re-upload) then you must be prepared to receive a reprimand from the YouTube community and accept when the video owner claims your video. You don’t need to panic or get angry, you have to be mature and accept the fact, because it’s a risk of re-uploading

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