5 Tips for SEO Friendly Web Design | Optimise Your Website for Google!

By | November 5, 2019

No matter how pretty your website looks, if it doesn’t convert your visitors into valuable
paying customers, your design may not be achieving the business goals you aspire. The best way to do this, is to ensure that
your website it designed for SEO from the get go. Hi, I’m Andrew, Xugar’s lead designer,
here for the last day of Xugar Design Week, to talk about 5 Ways you can Design your website
for SEO! But before we jump in, make sure to Subscribe
and click the bell below to stay in the know of everything Design and Search Engine Optimisation! Let’s start with a Mobile First approach
Google has been very upfront in regards to a Mobile First approach, and most recently
in their June 2019 Core Update. With nearly 60% of users browsing on mobile
devices, make sure that your site is responsive and is designed for Mobiles First! With that number only going to get higher
and higher, if your site doesn’t successfully represent your business on every device, your
SEO campaign will have very little chance of success. Show off your products and services and let
your business shine through a mobile first design! Know Your Users
Not all users are tech savvy. You want to make sure that your online presence
is tailored for your target audience! In order to achieve this, ensure that your
website is designed for their level of computer literacy. This determines the ‘complexity’ of the
design. Do you want to display all the menu items
at once, or place them within collapsable menus? How quickly do they need to access certain
items and functions? Make sure that your visitor’s user experience
is as smooth and easy as possible! Additionally, know how your customers are
contacting you. Are they calling you, sending emails or filling
out Contact Forms within your site? Knowing this, you can tailor your design and
ensure that your site is converting as many potential customers as possible! Effective Headings
This is an aspect that many overlook in Design, but Headings are the best way for you to make
sure that your users can easily see and understand the flow of content on your website! You want to create a journey throughout the
page to engage and connect with your audience and headings are fundamental to this experience. Many users aren’t going to read all your
content, so Headings allow them to gather a quick understanding of what you are trying
to communicate! So make sure that you design with these basic
rules for heading styles in mind: H1s are always you’re most important phrase,
and contains the keywords you are targeting for your page. It is fundamental that there is only a single
H1 on any given page and should always be placed at the top of your pages. H2s are used to indicate your breaks in sections
and can appear multiple times on a page. Make sure that all your headings follow a
hierarchy. While there should be only a single H1, there
should be more H2s than H3s, more H3s than H4s and so on and so forth. To best optimise your site for SEO, make sure
that you place your keywords carefully through your headings and your content. On that note, let’s talk more about Content
Cramming pages with paragraphs and paragraphs of spammy content is going to overwhelm your
potential customers, and therefore highly affect the user experience of your website. It may additionally get your site flagged
by Google, which can be detrimental for your business. Quality over Quantity is key! You want to make sure that your pages are
easy to read and filled with quality content which keep your users engaged. This entices them to purchase your products
and services. Because the ultimate goal of any site is to
convert your visitors into long term, paying customers! And finally, CTAs
Call to Action buttons, or CTA’s are fundamental in conversion! You want to make sure that you have appropriately
placed CTAs across your website and your content. Remember, a smooth customer journey and user
experience through every page of your site is fundamental! If you are a tradie, you want to make sure
that your potential clients can call you from anywhere within the site so put a ‘Call
Us Now’ button fixed in the top right of your design! Display you unique value proposition throughout
your site to entice users to buy your products and services! We released a video on how to write killer
CTAs for Xugar Design Week, so I’ll leave a link to that below! Make sure to like and leave a comment if you
have any questions and we will get back to answering them ASAP! Also Subscribe and click the bell icon below
to stay up to date on everything Design and SEO. Thank you so much for tuning in for Xugar
Design Week, it’s been an absolute blast. and I’ll see you in the next video!

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