5 Simple SEO Strategies To Rank Websites Higher On Google Search

By | January 29, 2020

Hey, guys, I’m Neil with Ebadore Digital and right now I’m gonna explain five simple tips that you can do to help you rank
higher in google search rankings yourself you don’t have to hire a search
engine optimization specialist you don’t have to have a background in SEO you it
takes no technical knowledge previous knowledge it’s really easy the easiest
things you can do that actually have an impact on your ranking so why do I want
to do this because I know that can be very expensive especially whenever you
start off to hire someone for SEO it’s also good to know these five things
because it’s it broadens your understanding of SEO which I think every
business owner needs to have at least a little bit of knowledge on SEO and also
because Google search ranking has major impacts on businesses and how much
traffic goes to your website I grew a cleaning service business strictly on
SEO and I know that the impacts it can have if you’re ranking number one two or
three four related search terms is it it affects the business massively so going
into 2020 Google’s making a lot of changes so a lot of people are wondering
if SEO is even still worth it the answer is like SEO is still vitally important
especially mostly for service based businesses whether it be a lawyer or it
be a cleaning business or a plumber or a lawn care service any kind of service
business SEO is vitally important so the first thing you can do to start ranking
higher in search engines is start adding keywords to your website’s your Google
my business all your online profiles your social media accounts and start
posting using these keywords so what is a key word a key word is a word someone
would type in on google or a word or phrase someone will type in on
Google or being to find your business so if you have a water heater installation
company it would be good to add water heater installation on your website make
sure it’s clear to Google that that’s what you do and then also make posts
that target specific areas so if you do the service in Baltimore make a post
that says like take a picture of a water heater install and say check out this
water heater install we did downtown Baltimore
so that way Google knows especially if you’re posting to Google my business you
need to be posting to Google my business what this will do is we will say hey
look they do water heater install in Baltimore downtown Bolton Baltimore then
you’ll start ranking higher for the search term water heater install
Baltimore number two is make posting to your Google my business a priority the
reason why is because posting to your Google my business will help you rank on
Google Maps listing its what we call it local SEO so post to Google my business
frequently tell people about the services you offer you will notice you
will start showing up for searches using the keywords that you enter in your
posts on Google my business and you’ll notice that they’ll be a little icon
that talks about the post so people can see exactly what you were talking about
and learn a little more about the service they are looking for number
three this is kind of a new thing but it’s working and it’s geo-tagging images
what geo-tagging is is many cameras newer cameras have GPS on the camera
where it knows the longitude and latitude of the it knows your location
so whenever you take a picture it tags that image with a geo tag and it just
tells it can tell you where that image was taken so you can notice
this like with Facebook Facebook will be like oh this was taken here or Instagram
I’ll do the same thing it’ll suggest where it was taken and that’s because of
geo tags you can add geo tags yourself and you should do this with stock
photography and with any photography at all to make sure that your geo tag was
collected correctly you use what’s called the geo imager and I’ll put a
link to it in the description below and essentially upload your image to the
software and then you select the location you want to the Geo tag it to
and then you just download it back home to your computer before you upload it to
your Google my business post your Facebook post your website literally
everywhere you upload this image and what it does is it just tells Google
where that image was taken so that it helps Google understand where you
service this is tip number four but it should be tip number one because it’s
super simple and it’s highly effective and it’s make sure that all of your
social media citations or what we call nap are consistent
what nap stands for is name address phone but I like to look at it also as
just all your citations so your phone number your the services you offer your
BIOS everything on your social media platforms need to be consistent so if
you use a phone number that starts with a 1 on Facebook make sure that all of
them start with a 1 on your Google my business your Instagram your guilt page
every single place that your phone number is online make sure it’s
consistent also your email your business hours you I have a whole list there’s a
blog post a link to make sure every little bit of information is consistent
to help Google understand what profiles are yours and what aren’t and then tip
number 5 is simply add the location where you would like to
rank in the title of your web pages or on your web pages and in your blog posts
or social media posts I’ve already kind of talked about this in the past but
you’ll see me do this constantly in Northwest Arkansas because that’s where
I’m based out of so in a lot of my posts I’ll make them target Bentonville
Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas and what this does is it tells Google that I am
local to this area and I’m helping these specific people out all right guys that
is my five simple SEO tips if you feel like I could have covered something else
leave a comment below if you’re confused leave a comment below if you would like
some more advanced techniques leave a comment below I would love to help you
out thank you

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