5 Services You Can Provide for Your SMMA Clients

By | October 19, 2019

what’s going on guys today I want to do
a quick video on five services that you can provide for your social media
marketing clients now the this kind of this video stemmed because I’ve been
getting a lot of questions my course as well as through email on you know ok
Brian your entire course went through how you can acquire the clients because
that’s in my opinion the most the hardest part of social media marketing
is getting more clients you know scaling up and how you can actually go through
the process of both in person and online of finding and acquiring new clients so
that’s really what my course focused on but then you get the questions like a
lot like I have recently of okay I’ve got Anna kleiner to what do I do you
know what service do I provide for them well if you’re getting into social media
marketing first foremost I I would suggest that you have some some base
knowledge of social media in general which we all growing up in this time
period should essentially have but if you don’t or if you’re just struggling
for ideas you should come trying to coming up with trying to come up with a
you know just ideas of what you can provide for your clients I’m here to
give you five today now this list goes much much longer there’s literally
hundreds of things that you can do for your social media marketing clients but
I’m gonna give you five examples of things that I think are great you know
ideas and five kind of avenues that your your that I would expect the business
not to be really you know running so that you could take advantage of that
and really deliver results immediately so the first one is going to be just
overall social media management now this is a simple one but it it it goes it
obviously I need to bring it up because it’s just simple now I’m a small
business owner it’s not a small business on a per set I am but like I basically
do my own branding stuff I do I you know I do e-commerce I do marketing and
divinity video content creation and stuff like that as you all know and just
for somebody with with just a few of those things that going on for me I
already know how taxing and annoying it is to focus all my attention on you know
my facebook my Instagram my Twitter even my YouTube with certain things and
responding to comments you know email responses and stuff like that even you
to me a little bit so just kind of keeping my audience on all those
platforms is a literal headache so the reason I’m telling you that is because
not only is it annoying for me but I can’t imagine how annoying it would be
for a small business owner that’s got his focus on all these other tasks and
really doesn’t have time to focus on the social media aspect of it so you know I
took Tai Lopez’s course a long long time ago probably I don’t even know how long
it was a year or two ago and one of the things that he says in the course that
rings true still to this day is you know who’s got that that’s I’ve been money
that’s gonna pay you to do social media marketing or social media management
while small businesses and I’m here to tell you that that is still 100% true
and not only do I do it was it true then but I recognize that it’s probably even
more so true now you know it’s not that oversaturated believe it or not and you
can find people that will pay you to do your social media marketing so just
offer central simple you know a management service you know where you’ll
take over that that you know tasks for them whether that’s posting a couple
times a day on Twitter for them and doing tweets whether that’s posting
every day on Instagram whether that’s you know engaging with the audience and
posting on Facebook once or twice a day stuff like that even YouTube potentially
which is something we’ll talk about a little bit later in this are all things
that you can manage and kind of you know do for them and post for them so that
they can really focus on what they’re you know what they’re good at what their
business entails while you’re growing their audience and
their reach on social media so that’s number one that’s really really simple
but I had to say it because it’s it’s it’s obvious but it’s literally the most
you know probably the most lucrative among all of these because so many
people need that and so many small businesses need that now moving on to
number two is going to be on top of Instagram you know not just posting on
Instagram but doing Instagram stories and when I say Instagram stories for a
business I’m not just just kind of saying oh you know take a screenshot
here and put some text here I’m literally talking about producing
Instagram stories high quality Instagram stories they’re only 60 seconds you know
throughout the day and really kind of honing in on good Instagram stories that
are gonna you know maybe if you’re doing social media marketing for a restaurant
you know just kind of getting in there with a with a camera and then taking it
back to your editing software or even an iPhone you
on iphone 10 an iPhone 8 whatever they still have pretty good cameras you can
get in there and really get some good videos of you know maybe maybe them
putting the sauce on the burger these are literally just ideas I’m coming up
with right now you know maybe them pouring if it’s a
bar maybe then pouring you know one of their best drinks or a high quality
liquor or something like that and you can get like a boomerang of that in your
in your Instagram story something like that just to give you a couple ideas
really producing high-quality Instagram stories this gun to have is going to
help your client a lot because Instagram stories and this is something I’ve
talked about a lot in my past Instagram videos and I’ll drop a link above me
right now to a cup to my Instagram marketing playlist here for 2018 because
the algorithm switched a little bit but here just keep it simply in 2018
Instagram stories have a lot more reach typically than Instagram posts and if
you’re not if your company or your client is not taking advantage of you
know high quality Instagram stories you can do that for them and that’s really
gonna start to deliver them value and immediate results relatively quickly so
number three and moving on is Facebook Ads
you know depending on what your company is or what your client is you know and
these are gonna vary obviously each one depending on what your client is and
what kind of you know market or business they’re they’re in but let’s just use
the go back to the restaurant example so you let it let’s say you can target you
use Facebook Ads to target you know different people with a coupon or you
know a free appetizer on Wednesday or something like that you can target their
you know certain demographics that they already know you know usually come into
their store or to their to the restaurant you can target you know the
location base you can also target interests stuff like that are all things
that you can target both on Instagram and Facebook for that company so that
number three and just to recap first and foremost we have social media management
the most obvious but still the most lucrative and and probably the most
businesses are going to need Facebook or Instagram stories number two and
Facebook Ads number three now moving on to number four is M we’ll go over here
just to my website is a little you know it’s simple to create a landing page you
know start creating a landing page driving traffic to that whether that’s
through their Instagram if you’re doing their Instagram management or their
social media management whether that you know with Facebook ads whatever with
them that’s with YouTube videos whatever find out what it is that they do figure
out how to give away something free maybe that’s a coupon maybe that’s a you
know you know building up a bonus point thing like Subway sandwiches every time
you go in and you buy sandwich you get a check mark and eventually get a new one
something like that and drive all that to a landing page excuse me to a landing
page kind of like mine here as you’ll see I give away my free drop shipping
course to collect email leads on my website you can create a landing page
like this and I have an entire video on creating a landing page I’ve dropped
that up in the right-hand corner right now for you if you want to check that
out you can create a landing page for your client drive traffic to that in a
multitude of different ways and collect emails for them around targeted leads
and start building their email lists so that they can remarket their future
products and their future coupons and their future promotions all back to that
email is so start building them an email as generating emails for them that are
targeted that are already interested in what they’re offering you know with a
landing page number five and finally is you know creating YouTube videos or
doing the video marketing you would be surprised how few businesses have a
youtube channel how few businesses have a you know are doing any type of video
marketing whatsoever they’re using Facebook Ads
if they’re even using Facebook ads or Instagram ads it’s probably just a
picture you know with a white background your typical white background picture
and they’re there you know or even if it’s a high-quality image you get a lot
more engagement with video and it’s free YouTube is one of the best marketing
platforms on the internet right now if not the best and it’s free so why would
they not be taking advantage of that you can do that for them if it’s a
restaurant you can start you like I said you know figure out how to make high
quality video content maybe your you’re dealing with a hardware store that’s I
don’t know why that just popped in my mind what it did you know you can do
reviews on on you know different hardware products and you know interview
the owner and put that on YouTube it doesn’t have to be you know these
extravagant 10 to 15 to 20 minute videos with all this editing just get them on
YouTube get you know get their video marketing on there already use the
organic reach that YouTube has so that people searching for that are gonna find
that business be more inclined to buy from them you
can start building their audience on YouTube while you’re doing all this
other stuff and that will obviously increase increase their reach and you
know really kind of give you a following so that you can market more stuff to
those people in the future depending obviously it’s gonna vary depending on
from business to business but use your mind use your judgement depending on
what business it is it’s going to be phenomenal for them so I suggest that
they get into video marketing and that’s something that you can provide for them
so just to recap one last time first and foremost we have social media management
number two we have Instagram stories then Facebook Ads email capture you know
building the email list for them and then finally video marketing or YouTube
across-the-board whatever you want to do with that so even even Facebook videos
and that’s something I do if you’re gonna do YouTube videos put the post the
video on Facebook for them as well it goes hand-in-hand so hope you guys like
this you know with that being sentiment and the video here let me know if you
guys are into social media marketing if you think it’s dead you know
if if you if it’s something you want to get involved in into the future and what
you think of you know if there’s there’s even an opportunity going with social
media marketing in the future you can tell I just literally just made that
question up on the spot right there except forgot to ask questions that I
hope you guys like this video I want to put some content out there for you
because I’ve been traveling obviously the past two weeks now and I’m kind of
just getting back situated with everything and turning everything back
on for my businesses it’s been automated for a while and so with that being said
I’m gonna end this here and I will see you in the next one

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