5 SEO Tips To [Rank #1 on Google 2020] || Madhan Mohan T

By | March 1, 2020

Hi, I’m Madhan Mohan, In this video I am going to give 5 tips which can help you to rank better in a SERP Tip number 1: Try to choose a long-tail keyword. While you are doing keyword analysis and picking the right keyword for your business Choose a longtail keyword. With the longtail keyword, we can easily understand the intent of the user. So by ranking for the long-tail keywords, you can easily put your web page in front of your targeted audience. So it is not just ranking on the top. You should suppose to rank for keywords, which can give you the baseness So if you can able to rank for long-tail keywords, You can able to get targeted traffic to your website The second tip is trying to write quality content Now if you know that content is everything now how to develop a quality content Keep these things in your mind before you start developing content for your webpage. Try to think of yourself as an end-user And now try to list all the questions related to the topic that you are writing down Now try to answer each and every question that you have along with examples, so with those examples will help the users understand the concept better Now the third tip is, integrate rich snippets or schema markup on your web page So with schema markup search engines can easily understand your website content And those things whenever search engines crawl your web page The additional information will get displayed in search engine results page So that will help to improve the CTR of your web page now The fourth tip is you should suppose to integrate images, infographics and videos. So instead of writing the plain text on your webpage try to add images or Infographics which are relevant to the content that you are talking about So with those images and infographics, you can increase the user experience of the page, and in order to design those Infographics or images you can use a free tool called canva.com and here in the description you can find the link as well. Now. The fifth tip is, try to get backlinks from high PR domains How do I identify which domain has high domain Authority? That means we have a free tool called even in Neilpatel.com we have a tool which can help us to identify the domain authority of any website that you want. Open neilpatel.com and in the homepage itself. you have a search, just provide the domain name there and click enter along with all other details You can even find domain authority of the website and not just this Neilpatel.com We have so many other tools which can help us to figure out domain Authority But those are all paid tools. In my next video, I even tell you how to purchase Tools for lesser price, right? If you find this informative Please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to click on the bell icon in order to notify about new content

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