5 SEO Tips for WordPress – to rank individual posts

By | September 16, 2019

Hi Its Cathy Tibbles and you are watching
a WordPress Barista video. Alright welcome to my blog here. We’re logged
into the dashboard. This is a post I’ve actually already published. Now we’re going to go down to the bottom of
the post. We’re assuming you already have your SEO for WordPress Plugin by Yoast installed
and ready to go. And down here is our Yoast box. you can see
that right here. And in another tutorial on my blog we’ve covered how to find your keywords. So I’ve done a little research and I want
to rank for e-commerce and WordPress. Now I’m not going to put WordPress in here because
then it makes me do Ecommerce and WordPress exactly which isn’t ready friendly. And the number one rule is always always write
for your reader not for search engines. So pretty much I want this little green light
thing to tell me if I have enough of the ecommerce word in here. So the first thing we’re going to talk about
out of our five tips is to put your keyword in the first sentence. So I’m going to make
sure WordPress and Ecommerce is in my first sentence. Welcome… good morning boss ladies. Welcome
to our ecommerce and WordPress weekly feature. So before I was started optimizing this post,
I went directly into what this post was going to be like and then what I’m doing for the
week on the blog. So it was very easy to just quickly put welcome
to our ecommerce and WordPress feature. BEcause that is what this week is about. So it works
for the readers and for the search engines to know. Now the number two tip is to put the keyword
two to three times per every three hundred or so words. There really isn’t a formula
but you want to put it in here often enough so that a search engine knows what you’re
talking about. And you need to actually use the word ecommerce.
you can’t be cute you can’t use vernacular or your shop talk or whatever it is in your
industry. YOu have to actually use the words that you are trying to rank for. So Ihave this a few times in paragraphs and
Ihave it a few times in headings and a few times in images. Which we’re going to talk
about next. Number three is to always use them in images.
Now let me show you how to do this. These right here are videos… lets go up to an
image. So Ragungi Press is a featured client this
week – you highlight it, press the little pencil and you can edit it. Now this alternative
text is what voice browsers will read. So we want to put in some of these pictures ecommerce
but we do not want to keyword stuff. You can’t just put ecommerce in every single alt tag. In this case, Iknow I’ve already put ecommerce
in a few other photos’ alt tags so here this is just the featured client Ragungi Press
picture. We want the picture to actually be descriptive.
the alt tags to be descriptive of the picture. Not to be keyword stuffing. If you do keyword
stuff you will get penalized and its very hard to get back in Google’s good graces This is a good one here. How to select a theme
for ecommerce. I could have said how to select a theme for a shop and I didn’t put ecommerce
here!Which doesn’t make sense. So select a theme for your ecommerce website. Now I have it in there. First sentence is
the first one. Keyword density is to have it in a few different places. Number three
is your images. Number four is your copy. Make sure that you have enough text. Nowadays
Google is looking for text that are really informative and relevant to the consumer and
they’re assuming that the longer it is the more value its going to provide to your readers. So make sure that you have a good article
full of copy that is valuable. And the last one, number five, is to make
sure that it is easy to read. Don’t use big words. Don’t complicate things. Just put out
your thoughts in a really valuable format. Basically what Google is looking for is that
you have actually written for your reader and not for it. So you go down here and if you’ve used it
a few times you’ll get a green button. Now notice I still have a red button down here
because the focus keyword doesn’t appear let me see in the first paragraph. You know what? I don’t actually want these
to all be green because I think, sometimes, it just takes it too far. So I have done enough. I have written for
the user, for the reader, I haven’t written just for search engines – there’s no keyword
stuffing. So if there is one thing it doesn’t like I’m totally fine with that. It still has a green light. Its still ready
to go. So those are five quick tips. Make sure you
have an easily read article, make sure your article is long enough, make sure that you
have alt tags in your images and use your keyword every once in awhile. Make sure you have your keyword in your post
in exactly the keyword – a few times. Don’t keyword stuff. And first make sure its in the first sentence
or so. And that my friends are your five quick tips. Thank you very much for watching and be sure
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