5 MUST Have Tools To Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

By | August 25, 2019

27 thoughts on “5 MUST Have Tools To Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

  1. Sinner Stephen Post author

    Cool. Jason in da House !! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. Jason Wardrop Post author

    Get The FREE Facebook Ads Mini Course Here 👉https://www.yoursocialsystem.com/fb-ads
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  3. ShoTz Post author

    Hey! My grandpa wants me to help him rent out his time shares he owns, do you think Facebook ads would be viable for this? How would I go about making an ad for a timeshare? Also, I know with Facebook ads you can target people traveling to certain areas, is there a way you can choose at what time they travel there or do those ads only target people traveling there very soon?

  4. Mansoor Alam Post author

    Hey Jason, interested in seeing how you put all the tools to work together with integration and any valuable tips. Thanks!

  5. Kristjan Post author

    Hey Jason love the video, but could you do a video about how to target real estate buyers. Facebook had a new updated recently and now you can’t target by “likely to move” or similar interests/behaviors. Also how to target higher end buyers?

  6. Andrew Ramirez Post author

    Jason, I was doing really good before Facebook changed their housing, credit, employment targeting. Now I’m still able to get leads but it’s much harder and cost more per lead for real estate. Have you seen a raise in cpl or a drop in amount of leads? Can you drop more videos on this? I’ve bought a few of your courses but I haven’t seen lessons on this

  7. wedoebe Post author

    Hello Jason. This info was awesome, yes; I want the link. 😎

  8. richard jette Post author

    Need more information on Social Media Marketing. Send info.

  9. kalyanchakravarthi vinjamuri Post author

    i really want to start a digital marketing agency

  10. Jacob Le Vine Post author

    Great video, definitely some key points. Hopefully the free training will be as good!

  11. Guillermo Fletes Post author

    Should the Email Campaign & SMS be the exact same messages?

  12. Horn Of Africa Post author

    Hey Jason I Love your videos and I am some looking for a better way to make money. Also tired of the 9-5 and looking for a free way because I am in a tight place now.

  13. SachV7 Post author

    Hi Jason. Very much enjoy watching your videos. Im interested in the free training for stating digital marketing agency. I'm particularly interested in offering Facebook and Google ads. Im looking at offering these services for local restaurants and takeaways as my vertical and I'm already working with these businesses. Thanks.


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