5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

By | September 12, 2019

Are you a new copywriter that’s just getting into the business, or, maybe you want to learn copywriting and you’re not so sure how to get started. Today, I’m gonna share with you five copywriting tips for beginners. So, if you are a beginner,
you’re just getting started, this video is for you. Tip number one, and that is, desire is much more
important than your degree. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of learning how to write copy. I remember when I first
learn about copywriting, I thought to myself, I was a bit unsure and I didn’t have a lot of certainty. Could I do this? ‘Cause I didn’t do so well in school. I flunked English twice
when I was in high school. And, I don’t have a journalism degree. Could I actually do this? And what I realize is that
when it comes to copywriting, a lot of the things
that we learn in school, maybe even in journalism,
those skills don’t apply. Those proper academic writing, it’s very, very different
from copywriting, right. Academic writing is
designed to educate, right, that’s why they’re kind of
dry, could be very boring, or kind of textbook like. Copywriting, it’s a form of writing that is designed to sell, to convert a prospect into a customer. So, it’s a very much a
street-smart kind of skill, not so much school-smart, right. You think about
school-smart, it’s, you know, accounting and engineering
and all these skillsets, versus copywriting, it’s
much more street-smart. Over all these years
I’ve had maybe, maybe, one or two clients and
prospects asking me, “hey, do you have any degree in writing?” “Do you have a degree in journalism?” They do not care. What they care is, can your
writing produce results. Copywriting tip number two, and that is, master short form copy before
you learn long form copy. Now, what do I mean by that? So, when it comes to copywriting, there’s so many different
types of copywriting. Long form I’m referring to, it
could be a long landing page, right, could be like five, 10 pages, or crafting a webinar,
crafting a direct mail piece if you’re doing any kind of direct mail, that’s okay, but it takes years to learn and hone your craft. I always suggest to my
copywriting students, when they’re just learning, when they’re just getting started, learn a short form copy. I’m talking about, it
could be an email, right, it could be an autoresponder
sequence in an email. It could be a social media post, it could be an Instagram post, it could be a short form Facebook ad, even Google Ads with just a
headline and a few lines, right. You’re learning how people respond. You’re basically crafting
short paragraph or headlines. Once you get feedback and you get data and you kinda develop this sense of, hey, this would work
or that wouldn’t work, then you’re honing your skill, and also, it builds
your confidence, right. ‘Cause sometimes when
you write a long page, it’s like 10, 20 pages, it
is so intimidating, right. It might take you three
weeks to craft something, versus if you craft something
short, a short email, it might just take you 30 minutes, if you’re good, or an hour. And you can test it, you
can send it to your clients. So, I think it’s much easier
way to get in the game. Copywriting tip number three, and that is, spend 80% of your time doing research and only 20% of your time writing. Now, one of the mistakes I see a lot beginner copywriters
make is, they get all excited, they can’t wait to go to their laptop, or you grab a pen and
you grab your legal pad, and they start writing. That’s not what you wanna do. You wanna spend a majority of your time researching about your prospect, getting to know, what
are their frustrations, what are their pain points,
what are their goals, where do they wanna get to? Once you know a lot about your prospects, you’re much easier, you
have a much easier time, crafting a message that
speaks directly to them something that they would resonate with, versus you rush into it,
you just want to write. If you do your job right, if
you do your research right, when you actually write that copy it is so much easier and so much faster. So, spend a lot of time thinking about it, just researching about it,
right, just think it through. Think about the hooks,
think about the pain points, think about the messages,
before you write a single word. Copywriting tip number four, and that is, write the way you talk. See, that’s why having the degree and getting the formal education is actually not that important, because when it comes to copy,
it is about communicating, you connecting and
communicating with your customer or your prospect or your reader. So, you wanna write in
very simple language. So, I’ll give you an example. Sometimes you might use what
I call one-sentence paragraph, which in English is not very proper. Sometimes when I write I
even use one-word paragraph. So, imagine if I’m actually
talking and writing, one word paragraph, period. And then I will start the next paragraph. Again, this is very unconventional, but when it comes to copy, it works. Why it works, because it’s easy to read. So, you wanna write the way you talk. You want your prospect, when
they are reading your message, they can almost hear you talking to them. They can hear your voice, right, versus when you read something, you’re like, ah, man, this is like, I can’t even, you’re
losing me, I’m confused, or this is so difficult
to understand, right. ‘Cause sometimes as a academic
writer, you know how it is, they try to write something to
make themselves sound smart, but it’s not very easily
understandable by the audience. So, you don’t wanna do– write the way that you talk. Also, when you’re writing, think of, you are writing to one person versus writing to a group of people, okay. So, instead of using a
lot of, you know, we, or, using a lot of ours,
use a lot of you, right, it’s a one-on-one communication,
a lot of you, a lot of I. It’s me sitting across the table. I’m just communicating,
I’m talking to you, versus our company is blah blah blah. That’s not very personal, right. The more personal it is the more powerful, the more compelling, your copy is. I’ll read you a short paragraph here, and you just pay attention to it, okay, this is very academic writing, right. Professional communication helps meet the challenges of
today’s digital world, where communication is
more important than ever. Do you see it’s very wordy,
it’s very like, huh, what? So, here’s the way I would express exactly the same thing,
okay, in three words. Copy equals money. Copy equals money. You see a difference? Copywriting tip number five, and that is, building your own swipe files. Now, what do I mean by that? Think of your swipe files, they are your copywriting vault, okay. So, as a beginner, because
you don’t have a lot of experience, what you wanna do, you wanna study other people’s work. You wanna look at other people’s email, other people’s landing pages, other people’s letters
and marketing messages and catalogs and everything
that they do, full-page ads, because when you study
other people’s work, you start picking up patterns. So, when you need to write something, the last thing you wanna do
is, you turn on your computer, and you’re staring at a blank screen, and trying to come up stuff. That’s very, very difficult to do. That’s not what professionals do. Professional copywriters,
they have this archive of swipe file they would refer to. Hey, you know what, I
need to write a campaign for a supplement product, okay. Instead of trying to, (breathes
deeply) well, let me think, it’s gonna be, I think
I’ll sell it this way, this will be the offer, no, they would go back and say, okay, in the last five years, 10 years, what are some of the ads, what are some of the proven offers, selling
this similar product, right, maybe in a supplementage,
that I could look at. Oh, here’s a hook that works,
here’s an angle that works, here’s a headline that works. What they do is they look at all of that, and say, okay, I think I can come up with something that’s similar, right, or maybe I can change
the angle a little bit, depends on what you’re selling,
and then boom, there you go. So, it’s not about creativity
for the sake of creativity. Oh, I wanna come up with something that no one’s ever, ever came up with. That is stupid, okay,
you don’t wanna do that, because when you go to the bank, when you deposit your
copywriting check, right, someone hires you to write the copy. No one’s gonna ask you, hey, is this your original idea here? Right, the teller’s
not gonna ask you that. The teller just wants to
know how much you deposit. They don’t care, they do not care. So it’s not about creativity. And is they also don’t
care how long it took you to write this piece of copy. They do not give you
less money if you say, oh, it took me like a long
month, man, you have no idea. I was sitting in front of my
computer spending hours on it, or, you know what, I spent
one day on it, that’s it. They don’t give you more
money for spending more time, they don’t give you less
money if you spend less time, it doesn’t matter. So, be smart building up your swipe file. I have a massive, massive
swipe file in my library. I mean like thousands and thousands, just to give you an idea. You know those three-ring binders, like those binders with like, this thick? I’ve got probably 60, 70
of those in my library, that I’ve collected over the years. I could easily think of,
if I need a campaign, hey, here’s a campaign
from x number of years ago, that has produced $5 million,
$10 million, right there. I would know what are some
of the proven campaigns and winning pieces that I could get ideas and inspiration from. So, build your own swipe file. You see, one of the things
that people don’t understand is there are many aspects to copywriting, and copywriters are among some of the highest paid
professionals in the world. I call them high income copywriters. If you want to learn how to
become a high income copywriter or, you want to know the
different aspects of copywriting and which one you should
pursue, your path, and what types of copy you’d focus on, click the link below and check out my free on demand training,
on exactly how to do that. So, go ahead, click on the link.

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    im 1992 recht linke als klasenpartei, volkspartei,Qutionpartei, und 1993 ende der sozialdemokratie,* sozialpolitik hat sich im der massem Entwickelt, wie mit der industrierungen soziale sicherungen undsoziokulturelle intergeration nicht, mehr naturwüchsiger bestandteil Traditioaler esellschafts und Gemeinschafts formen sind, sondern mehr und mehr durch die politik intervetion des staates hergestellt werden mussen,en der spiegeln sich da bei in der debatte als theoretische pardigma um die Rolle vom politik und den status politischen spanungsverhältnis zur zvielgesellschaft und marktwirtschaft während politik als spizielle sozial staat handeln eher im handblick auf seine Funktionale entsprechungen kapital sicher und wirtschaftlicheentwicklungen thematisiern betonen andre der historische kontinigten möglichkeitsraum sozialpolitik allgemein,* die moderne fehlt kapitalen stigung mit epoden gewaltigen soziale umsicherungen und zwangenneuorientierungen den modernisierungendie der prozeß der indostrisierungenmit sich brauchte mit der hierausbildung,* leider sozialpolitik hat sich in dem maße entwickelt, wie mit der industrisierungen soziale sicherung und doppeldeutigkeit in der entwicklung moderne sozial staates, als gemein stands wirtschaften und manchester Lieberalismus, füt dem sich soziale wohlfahrt aus den ungehinderten entfaltung von markt und industralisierungen ergeben sollte und in auserlandersetzung mit dem Marxismus, intellekteulle verfechter der sozial finden sich in diese zeit,unter der bürgerliche sozialreformen die der bloßen autoritärenunterordnung des ziel und sozialpolitik intergrationen historischen schule in der nationalökonimie wie kattede und staatsozialisten! * es ist zeit jeder wichtige politiker wissen schön da oben sind keine wichtige sozialisten partei, die Arbeiterkalsen, die Aktivisten, die soziale gruppen und parteien die kommunisten partei alle sollen zusammen eine neue sozialismus aufbauen, gemeinsame weg nehmen können mehr mit soziale media arbeiten als kapital media, eine soziale gesellschaften auf bauen alle produckten vom sozialmarkwirtschaften bewerben mehr stelle aufbauen mehr proteztiern ihre eigene produckte, eine wichtige organisationen auf bauen nie mehr kapitalen kredite aufnehmen,nie mehr pragamatische sozial reformen sondern wichtige revolution über Freiheit und gleichheiten! soziale politik brauche nicht kapitalen reform!
    Ahmad Hesam

  60. JALAL KHAN Post author

    Desire to succeed is the most important thing.Thanks Dan for sharing the video.

  61. William Saputra Post author

    Hey Dan, thank you, this one is really great!

    Can you do the favor to make another video about the swipe file that you mentioned?
    Like some of the stuffs you have at your swipe file, how do you collect them, and how do you arrange them.

    That would be super helpful if you could.

  62. Pejush Barkataky Post author

    After learning copywriting how can we connect with potential clients and business owners? Or how can we network with such people?

  63. Gouzamang Khongsai Post author

    Thank you for your valuable advice Dan! Big fans from India

  64. Nature -Experience & Learn Post author

    There’s no video ever made without a 90 percent help to someone’s life changing. You’re not just a scholar dan, you’re a Genius

  65. Thomas Schatton Post author

    Excellent video! Real practical tips and advice and straight talk instead of "theroretical bla bla"! That's what I like! Thanks so much for sharing!

  66. Paul Kenneth Apana Post author

    As a teenager learning copywriting, even tho I already took several online courses (most of them are free tho LOL) and gathering lots of information, most of the time, I just go back to basics to my Sifu Dan Lok. That's beneficial for me.

    By the way, I like your new look, Sifu.

  67. Aditya Devansh Post author

    dan plz can u tell from were can i get all that copywriting examples for swipe files


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