4 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate (Rank Higher in Google)

By | August 27, 2019

One factor that Google looks at when it comes
to determining if they should rank your site higher or lower is bounce rates. That’s how many people go to your website
and just bounce right off. If they’re leaving right away, that mean they’re
not finding what they’re looking for. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
gonna teach you how to decrease your bounce rate. The first thing you need to is show your product
or content first. If people are coming to your site because
you’re a eCommerce product, make sure you showcase your products. If they’re coming to your site because you’re
service oriented, or an informational site, make sure you showcase the text first. I used to do it wrong, my blog, I would showcase
my opt-ins, and then you would have to scroll down beneath the fold before you got to the
content, but you know what happened, my bounce rate was high. The moment I removed these opt-ins and these
ads above the fold, and I showcased the product or the content first, my bounce rate went
down. Number two, make sure your text size is large
enough. What I’ve found is when your text size is
really small it increases your bounce rates, hard for people to read, especially if they’re
on mobile devices. Number three, make your webpages very minimalistic. If you go on my website, you’ll notice that
I have way too much stuff going on. Over the years I’ve decreased it, but I still
need to do a better job of getting rid of a lot of my sidebar elements. I did a test where I just showcased the content
before the blog post, and we do this on the crazyegg blog. So if you go to crazyegg.com/blog and look
at some of the blog posts, you’ll notice that we just showcase the content. Why do we do this? Because it’s decreased the bounce rate versus
having big sidebars, with all these call to actions, just giving reader or visitors what
they want first is a great way decrease the bounce rate. The next thing you need to do is cross link. The moment you link within your content to
other pages of your website, you’ll notice that people will start spending their time
going throughout your whole site versus just bouncing off that page. After that, make sure you ad in images. Images are visually appealing, it keeps people
there. The images could be an image, or it could
a video, or it could be a audio file, in essence it’s another type of content that’s not text
based, that keeps people engaged, that’ll decrease your bounce rate. If you do those things, people will stick
on your website longer, your bounce rate will go down, and you’ll rank higher in Google
over time.

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