4 Ways to Build Links for Local Businesses to Boost Your SEO Ranking

By | August 7, 2019

You have a localized business, but why aren’t
you getting more foot traffic within your localized store? Hi, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach
you how to build more local links. As you know, link building is one of the most
important factors to increasing your search rankings. The more links you have, the higher you’re
going to rank. But for local businesses, you need more localized
links. The first thing you want to do is check out
Moz Local. It has a list of all the localized directories
in the world. You can use Moz Local to get more local links. Especially from localized directories. Some of these directories may be national
or global but they have localized sections within your city. Such as Los Angeles. So if you are based in Los Angeles, a lot
of these directories, like even Yelp, they have lists of services and businesses within
that region. The next thing you want to do is check out
your local chamber of commerce. Every city, at least in the US, has one, in
which there’s a chamber of commerce that helps promote other businesses within that region. They have a website. Why not ask them for a link? If you’re there, you’re paying your taxes
within this city, why not get a link from that site. In most cases they’ll say yes, so what’s the
harm in asking them for. Third, you want to network with other localized
business within your region. Sure, some of the people may be competitors,
but a lot of them may not be. For example, if you’re a beauty salon in which
you paint nails and do manicures and pedicures and someone else has a hair styling company
and that’s all they do, you guys can cross-promote each other and link to each other. Because, a lot of people who get their hair
done may also want their nails done. And a lot of people who get their nails done
may also want to get their hair done. Last, but not least, go to hrefs, put in your
competitor URLs, right? Your competitors within your localized region,
if you have any, and it will show you who is linking to them. Hit up each of those websites, network with
them, call them, get them on the phone, and say, “Hey, I noticed that you’re linking to
xyandz.com, we have a similar business within the same region, but we also offer one, two
and three services that they don’t. So, you should also check us out. They may be useful to your website visitors. And if you like us, feel free and link to
us.” Cheers, Neil. That’s it. If you do those tactics, you should get more
links and your rankings will go up.

10 thoughts on “4 Ways to Build Links for Local Businesses to Boost Your SEO Ranking

  1. Ankit Kuar Post author

    Hi Neil
    I had just started learn digital marketing ..
    And I get lots of support from your video…
    Thank you..
    I am just requesting for a video
    How to do SEO audit…
    some live example video..
    #if you can give I'm very thankful to you.

  2. Saad Ali Khan Post author

    But I have read and SEO Experts (Like You) also says that the reciprocal links are not good for your site and Google can penalize you if seeing this activity. But I can understand your meaning here to give the user access to their other relatable needs. So I am a bit confused here. Hope to see your reply #NeilSIR :)…

  3. JC Cheong Post author

    I decided to watch your video daily, Neil. It's short, great value and easy to consume. Thank you.

  4. Adeel Khan Post author

    What if businesses starts asking for money, for publishing the links.

  5. Ken Ruan Post author

    The problem is a crap ton of ppl are still in dark about SEO, therefore asking them to "link to you" is esoteric question.

  6. BJB JB Post author

    Another great way for them is use Upamile which is similar Yelp. They are allowing business to submit their info for free.


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