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By | August 10, 2019

hello hello everyone and welcome to another video in this YouTube SEO series this is the fourth video and in the previous videos we are talking about the why and how much important is YouTube for your video marketing and for your for any kind of business no matter what business you’re in you should always focus on video marketing I believe even as the main marketing main marketing Matic marketing strategy and in this video I will be talking a little bit about how to how to upload a video how to optimize your video before you upload it how to optimize your your description basically that kind of initial SEO stuff for your YouTube video channel again if you have a very new fresh channel it’s gonna be a bit harder to run for some higher competitive keywords and things but doesn’t matter like if you have a new channel you just start somewhere if you have a older channel then you’re good to go especially when you did already some kind of a CEO on it and you got some results that channel is already raised gained its our authority and in the eyes of Google that channel basically better than the fresh channel so they were gonna rank it much better but with the first channel we can do the same thing we just have to wait a little bit longer so I in previous videos I also talked about how to create some of those videos right so if you want to do a very simple quick easy way to create the videos for local businesses mostly you can use the apps such as Avatar robot right I talked about it I leave the link under this video to video robot up and I already created one of the one of the big local business videos with that up it’s just about 35 seconds long video you don’t need to have it too long because basically what we are just doing here is telling people call this number or you may or email this number sorry email this address so basically it just look like X not really even explanation or video but more like an informational like I could billboard right hey call this plumber if you have the emergency and stuff so I already created a video I have it here in my file mp4 file it took me just a I don’t couple of minutes to create this video with a pre-loaded template in the video robot up and then I uploaded it to YouTube so so far just being easy quick and easy right I came up with some good title right depends what the what keyword you want to rank obviously and if we if this video is about plumbing we want to rank the we want to have a keyword plumbing called plumber in it as well as some specific area right so because without that nobody knows where your honor is from right and you won’t rank it for specific era so you want some specific area city city or the area county whatever kind of targeted or the if it’s a big city like New York or London or you want to target specific areas within the city as well right because nobody’s gonna call the plumber who lives like a 30 miles across the whole city right doesn’t make sense much you want to call the plumber that is closest to you so I uh as I said I created video I uploaded it I came up with the title emergency plumber go away professional plumbing services island maybe we could come up with something better and target a little bit a few more keywords in within the title but this is very good and sufficient it’s good enough next thing what you want to do once you have your video upload it and you have the title you want to get some some text some description right I didn’t bother to write anything much so I just kind of corrupt the description here from the Altec article builder I built the article basically within the article builder app and I have a link for it to get article builder as well on this video I thought I talked about article builder I believe in the other videos on my channel and it’s very useful tool alright so if you want to know more about article builder just go ahead and by channel and search of your online paradigms right channel so I copied go here now I placed the description here it’s just talking about a plumbing basically it’s like a advice to people how to whatever plumbing see try these tips if you have plumbing issues okay normally I want also include main keyword on the first line in the description so I’m gonna copy justic title and just paste it in like this and second line usually you would use the link for it so since this is the test video so far for the prep for the demonstration or purposes I don’t have actual client in this town or city city so I I’m not I’m gonna put in there just my one of my baptized things to just have something that you would normally put in your clients link or your clients a phone number you would even put the transfer number in the video which I didn’t because as I said I said I don’t have a client so I don’t have a number to put there but I believe that this video once it hits our first page is for a couple of keywords and the clients will call I believe okay so this we have the main keyword here which is the plumber call away or emergency plumber call away we also could have a like a professional plumbing services Island or emergency plumber Island maybe as well but mainly we want to target the plumber go away right emergency plan mäggerli these two keywords are our main keywords so with that we have their descriptor main keyword in the description here as well we have the nice long article here and last thing that we need just to put our main keyword or a couple of keywords here in the tags below so actually I’m you know just paste it like this alright that will click [Music] okay merchants a plumber go away I ran good and the last one we will probably have professional plumbing services we can put in more actually it doesn’t really much matter but we can put in some shorter key words now like go away plumber right just kind of make it more diverse okay so this is the very new channel this is the very first video on this channel that I created just for this purpose so week on what are we gonna do is now you’re gonna hit the publish and once I hit the publish in the next video I will be talking about how to start optimizing doing basically of page optimization for this video so far online sorry on page optimization has been done in this video so far that’s it that’s what we do in YouTube and next thing once you hit the publish you will start working on your offline sorry of page SEO right so I click it publish and see you in next video

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