4 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Local Business Online

By | November 17, 2019

Google is one of the most popular sites on
the web, and you have a local business. Why aren’t you getting more traffic and more
customers from Google? Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach
you how to market your local business online. The first thing you need to do is google any
of those localized search terms within your region. What you’ll notice is there’s going to be
a map at the top, and then there’s going to be three listings. That’s called local pack, and as you can see,
there’s always a map, and there’s always three listings. There’s not five or six. There’s three listings. You want to be in there. The first thing you need to do is set up Google
My Business. When you do Google My Business and you submit
your corporate information, you’re much more likely to get placed there. Within there, you need to also put in the
proper name, address, and phone number. By putting in the right name, address, and
phone number and making sure that data is consistent around the whole web, whether it’s
on Yelp or your own website, you’re much more likely to rank. The second thing you need to do is optimize
your site for local SEO. Beneath that, all those map listings, you’re
going to see normal, organic listings. You can also be there. You can take up double the spots. How? Make sure that you’re using localized terms
on your website. You also put your address on your website,
the name of your company, your phone number. All of that helps. Don’t just do that on one web page. Make sure it’s there on your contact page,
your location page. Also make sure it’s on any major page that
talks about your business, such as your menu pages. By doing that, you’re going to rank way higher. Then go all the way to the Chamber of Commerce
within your city and ask what other companies are within your space? See if they can mention you. Even the Chamber of Commerce. A lot of times, they promote businesses within
your city, so ask them to link to your site. The more links you generate from sites within
your region, the higher you’re also going to rank. The third thing you want to do is improve
your click-through rate. Just because someone sees your business listing
doesn’t mean they’re going to click on over to your website. If you want to improve your click-through
rate, the first thing you need to do is generate more reviews. People come into your store. Ask them to review it. The more reviews you get, the more likely
people are to come and click through. The second thing you need to do is use Schema
markup. By using Schema markup, it gives Google all
the data about your localized business. Google has a whole page about Schema markup
and shows you how to use that code. Or if you have a WordPress website, you can
use the Yoast SEO plug-in, and it will add Schema markup to your site automatically. The fourth thing you need to do is not rely
on Google. There’s a lot of other localized sites. Yelp is really popular in the US. TripAdvisor is really popular around the world. Make sure you’re in these sites. You’re encouraging good reviews. Manage them. If people are unhappy, figure out why they’re
unhappy. Make sure you fix that within your product
or service. By doing all these things, you’re going to
keep getting new reviews, and with the more reviews you get around the web, the more people
that are likely to show up. More people show up, more money you make. That’s how you get more traffic and more business
from the web for your local business.

8 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Local Business Online

  1. Rajesh Rajput Post author

    hey Neil I am biggner that's why I write artical by taking inspiration from famous blogger,can I be successful

  2. Rajesh Rajput Post author

    do you know here in India it's 2am I was just awake becoz for your videos Luvs your Content

  3. SimonWYHuang Post author

    Hey Neil,

    As usual, great tutorial video!

    Just one thing about your last step by getting Yelp reviews. I've had my clients leaving reviews on there and 7 of them were removed because Yelp felt those were not useful.

    I am running a pain clinic in Downtown Toronto, Canada and I have been using Google to search all of the local listings and been adding my clinic info on there.

    What other things might you suggest I do?


  4. Akash Srivastava Post author

    You are an inspirational person (my ideal in marketing field), with these short videos – you are telling THE EXACT things that need to be done to become successful in marketing. Great Neil ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. WebScripto Pty Ltd Post author

    Thank you for the Video, Neil! Over here in South Africa we use Yellosa for local business listing which is also very effective.

  6. Anthony Noronha Post author

    Hi! Neil, this is Anthony from Mumbai, India. This video like other videos of yours was informative and focused towards local seo. Thanks alot. I create surgery videos for cosmetic surgeons and ortho surgeons and optimize them online. Do throw some light on video seo too, if possible.

  7. Bruce Baker Post author

    Not just "get your name on your pages, etc"…but get it EXACTLY the SAME as Google has you listed. (ie Every letter and number the same; not 375 Main St. #12 on Google, but 375 Main Street, Suite 12 on your site). If you need it to be different, make sure you correct it with Google first.


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