4. Check keyword difficulty with Rank Tracker

By | February 21, 2020

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series Getting a website rank high for a certain
keyword always takes time. Building the backlinks, optimizing the content and so on. But
what if some of your target keywords are a waste of time and money, because
the top 10 competitors are too strong for you to ever beat them? In this video
you will learn to use the Keyword Difficulty option in Rank Tracker, so that you can choose
keywords that are not too hard to get high rankings for. Launch Rank Tracker, open your project and click on any keyword. Now go to the Keyword Difficulty tab. Hit
the Update button to calculate the Keyword Difficulty
score for the keyword you selected Here we are – Rank Tracker has calculated the overall Keyword Difficulty score based
on the 10 top-ranking pages. The higher the
score, the harder it will be to unseat your
competitors. You can also check the individual
scores of each competitor but you don’t have to judge by the bare
numbers. Next to the competitors’ scores you can see lots of SEO metrics analyzed.
PageRank for the exact ranking page and the entire domain, the number of backlinks pointing to the page and the domain, content optimization score
showing how often the keyword is used in the page’s content, Alexa Rank, the number of social mentions and domain age. Dig through these data
and decide whether it’s worth your time and money
to struggle for a given key phrase Need to refresh the data? Simply
click the Update button Thanks for watching our video on
checking Keyword Difficulty. In the next video you will learn how
Rank Tracker lets you integrate your traffic stats from Google Analytics and even calculate the Not Provided keyword traffic Cheers!

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