$360 Wish Home Movie Theater Setup!?

By | January 19, 2020

100 thoughts on “$360 Wish Home Movie Theater Setup!?

  1. ZIm world dee Post author

    First i thought you supported these wish hustlers,but i dont think so

  2. AchoGaspacho Post author

    twitter: @postyxachox
    I don't have spotify 🙁

  3. Silver's World Post author

    Lol I got a ad for wish when I clicked this video 😅😂

  4. satisfying central Post author

    Idk what scares me more his hair color or the number of ads

  5. Farhan Hashmi Post author

    Can you please tell the name of soundtrack.

  6. Kacper Sobolewski Post author

    seriously? you bought DVD drive not DVD player. Gosh! really? and you expect it will work? 😀 Damn those blond hairs are in place XD

  7. w cares Post author

    Try this with regular bluray/DVD not a computer one Gees.

  8. JamieE2007 Post author

    I am literally wearing the same T-shirt as you

  9. James Lytle Post author

    Most anticlimactic video I have ever watched

  10. Noah Fogarty Post author

    oh god the cringe is almost unbearable
    1. buys usb dvd drive and thinks its a dvd player
    2. buys usb to hdmi adapter thinking that it will make the dvd drive work with the projector
    3. buys dvd (which is 480p and highly compressed) to play on 1080p projector (even though the projector probably projects 240p)
    4. says a 30$ projector can power a movie theater setup

    techsmartt more like tech uneducated (that didn't even rhyme)

    these are some of the reasons i unsubbed from this channel

  11. TheLeftLane IsTheFastLane Post author

    LMAO @ Samuel Jackson “Cool Black”

  12. Joe Bailey Post author

    Called tech smart.

    Thinks the projector will be 1080p.

    Gets Dvd player made for a computer.

  13. Everything Hub Post author

    Barcelona is trash they lost to Liverpool lolllll

  14. Hunter Trantham Post author

    This was like beating without cumming.

  15. blacksuperman 200 Post author

    You look like Messi in 2016-2017

  16. J C Post author

    Those cheap projector are not 1080p. They are only 480 x 800p.

  17. cosmicmurc11 Post author

    Actually the soundbar only has 1 Job sound good

  18. Bubica Bubili Post author

    Dear friend, your videos somewhat do not suck, but it is not easy to look cool when you have pink face and yellow hair.

  19. curiosity rover Post author

    heres a code if you need one for wish lskcwxr enjoy

  20. RockRiver 6 Post author

    Sorry but that was a complete waste of my time. What I was expecting was for you to see how well the projector actually worked and looked on the big screen. Thanks for nothing

  21. BADboy ben Post author

    You should get an adapter for the EU plug of wish

  22. Norcal Bowhunter Post author

    You got to be weary of those cheap projectors. My wife and I dabbled in them for a bit. As nice and cool as it was to have a 100 inch image they just burn out. We decided to just give out and buy a 55" TV.

    My experience pretty much, is that while peojectors are awesome. The cheap ones tend to go bad quickly.

  23. Marwan Playzzz Post author

    if your budget is 1000 dollars might as well go on Amazon

  24. bragg6 Post author

    Trash from wish is what the title should have said lol

  25. Toe Toelick Post author

    “1+1=3” I had to think about that😂😂

  26. LieroFjeld Post author

    Video sucked, they didn't even try to make it work…

  27. Clint C Post author

    You should do next video is wish portable solar power

  28. Trevor B Post author

    This is last video im clicking on. You have way to many ads throughout your video

  29. Blue Ninja Post author

    I'm watching this on the same month/day it released last year.

  30. Old Spice Guy Post author

    Hey Keaton since when was $1,000 pronounced as $100,000 @ 0:59?

  31. hugosan24X Post author

    If you use the code QRCRTGM on your FIRST purchase on wish you will have up to 50% DISCOUNT. AND ALSO 2$ WISH CASH 🔴🔴

  32. marco magana Post author

    I was expecting you to actually try to make a nice set but ok

  33. Historydiggerpat Post author

    I bought a 60$ Mavic pro clone drone from wish, well lost the drone in under 12 minutes. 😂. It did fly however, so i will stick with my DJI Mavic 2 Pro, thats a drone. I also purchased the beamer 30$ it works nice for kids, can't beat my Beamer Epson EB-2250U. But that cost me 1000$. But must say Wish has some good products, but dont expect hi quality stuff

  34. korky7775 Post author

    We have a name in the UK for lads like this…….Wankers…nuff said…

  35. Ivoni lima Post author

    " YCSXNPJ " or " YFVKKQT "

    Code that can give you up to 60% off, amazingly it works.

  36. Nabaraj Phuyal Post author

    Can you give me your jersey please?😣
    It may be original so I can print on it….

  37. The All Purpose Popo Post author

    U idiot that DVD player was for COMPUTERS because the computers have the drivers that are needed that a projector simply does not have.

  38. DrugTalk 101 Post author

    Super lame! Why even make the video if you can't put a movie on and on finish the video either re-order and finish the video or don't do the video but the whole idea of the video was to make a theater room that's a building a computer but only getting the case the monitor in the keyboard I think my middle school cousin likes your show I guess that's the age you're targeting so I must just be in the wrong place because I'm looking for quality tech videos with a decent personality not a dumb blonde missing fake tits

  39. adam s Post author

    Lol did he pray for a tinder date ??? Um,I don't think it takes as much as a wish as it does just a swipe

  40. Wizard King Post author

    00:00 earphones user in full volume
    Don’t not press/click play lower your volume
    It’s the matter of your ears death 💀

  41. Fowl Man Post author

    Not sure if you're annoying.. or if it's just that t-shirt that makes the people wearing them annoying. Either way… annoying

  42. Kdodson77 Post author

    That optical drive isn’t going to work plugged into a projector like that…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  43. Antonette Cortez Post author

    Solar generator? That's be cool to watch u try? 🙂

  44. iiBleedReality Post author

    Boy what's wrong with your hair 🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. iiBleedReality Post author

    That cool black shit u did at the bottom was racist btw

  46. Derrick Russian Post author

    Please change the name of this channel to techdumb because this has to be one of the dumbest videos I have seen.

  47. Leonardo Limon Post author

    Their was a cap in the front of the projector that you need to remove before you turn on.

  48. Boris Morand Post author

    Are u being sponsored by wish?
    Cuz these videos just make u want to buy stuff on there and kindoff trust the website

  49. SHOzFST Post author

    That DVD player wouldn’t work with just a projector anyway. You would need to connect it to a computer and then Connect the projector to the computer as the output device. But as the projector was fried, that won’t do you much good either.

  50. DontHateOnSteaks Post author

    When u know u could make this for like 100 $ if u just bought used stuff and cleaned it well and Got a new blanket

  51. Angels of Anarchy MC La Mesa Post author

    I just want to say you are so fuckin annoying

  52. B K Post author

    How can you be a "tech" channel and not know the difference between an external DVD drive for a computer and a DVD player for a home theater. First video shows me that I can't trust any videos if you are that inept…


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