3 YouTube SEO Tips to Help You Get More YouTube Subscribers

By | August 20, 2019

Do you wanna get more views on your YouTube videos and get more people seeing your content? In this video, I’m gonna go over what YouTube search engine optimization is, how you can use it, and give you actionable tips that
you can start using today to start getting more people to see your content. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the entire world right behind Google, which makes sense because Google bought them a while back and they’ve implemented a lot of the things that they do in the Google search results into YouTube, as well. There are a lot of tips that you could use
through search engine optimization to get your videos up toward the top of the search results. Basically, how does it work? Let’s say somebody goes onto YouTube and they’re searching for something. They type it into the search bar. How does YouTube figure out what they should be shown, who should be ranked number one? How do you get your videos up there? Basically the strategy for this is if somebody’s searching for a particular phrase, if you’re using that phrase in your video, in your description, in your title, in your tags for the video, YouTube’s gonna say, “Okay, this is pretty
relevant for this” and they’re gonna move you up the rankings. Then you’re gonna be up at the top of the
search results when somebody searches the phrases that you put your video up for. But the thing is, most people don’t realize
what search engine optimization is and how to optimize their content. A lot of people just put their videos up on
YouTube and they say, “Man, I’m creating this awesome content, I hope people will find it.” But using these tips will actually make sure that your videos are showing up in the search results and it’ll get a lot more people to
see your videos and check out your content. When you’re making your videos, think about the keywords that somebody’s gonna search into the top of the search box when they come to YouTube and try and find what the topic of your video is. Let’s say, for example, that I’m saying “how to get more people to see your YouTube videos.” I don’t wanna put my title, “How to Get More People to See Your YouTube Videos,” because that’s not what somebody’s searching in the search engine. Basically when somebody comes to YouTube up at the top, they’re saying “how to get more viewers on YouTube, how to get more subscribers on YouTube,” things like that. When I make the keywords, I make sure to use the keywords that are gonna be the actual words that people are typing into the search engine and I put them into the tags of my video. Then I use them in the titles and the description. The benefit of this, one, you’re telling people exactly what the content is about so it’s really relevant to what they’re searching. If somebody searches that exact phrase, the video’s directly on that topic and you just told YouTube, “Hey, this video is specifically
about this.” If somebody searches that, they’re gonna be satisfied with the video that I put up and they’re gonna get the best result and Google is gonna say, “Okay, it’s pretty relevant. If people like your video, it’s gonna start
moving it up the search rankings. That’s one tip that you can use to start getting your videos up at the top of the search results. How do you know which keywords people are searching in YouTube? There are a couple of ways to do this and
I’m gonna give you a few ways right now that you can start doing today. The first one is I use a website called SEM
Rush. It allows you to type in a specific keyword
and it’ll tell you in Google, not YouTube, but it’ll tell you in Google which keywords
are most searched. If you type in “how to get more subscribers on YouTube,” it’s gonna pull up a whole list of results that says these are the most popular terms that people search in Google. That’s one good way to do it. The second way is you can actually go to other people’s videos and see what they’re targeting. You can go to somebody in the same area of expertise or the same niche as what your videos are, and using a plugin called Vid IQ, you
can actually see the tags that they’re using on their videos. If they’re using “how to get more subscribers on YouTube,” you could put that in yours and then also they might have “how to get your first 100 subscribers on YouTube.” If you put those exact keywords in there,
there are a couple benefits. One, you’ll show up for that search phrase, but then also, if somebody’s watching somebody else’s video and you have the same tag, there’s a good chance that you might be put into that related video and you’ll get some of their
viewers that’ll click over onto yours. The third way is you can actually look up
competitors in SEM Rush. Let’s say you’re a website and you have your business and you’re putting up videos that you’re putting them up and then another competitor is putting them up. You can actually type in the competitor’s
website and it’ll tell you the keywords that they’re targeting on their website and what they’re ranking for. Then you can get some ideas from there and say, “Hey, they’re getting a lot of traffic from this. It’s a great keyword that a lot of people
are searching. Then you could use that in your content. Those are three ways that you can get good keywords so that you’re knowing what people are searching in YouTube and in the search engines and get your results up toward the top. Then the final step is just using the keywords that you’ve found in your actual content when you upload your video. The purpose of this is not to spam all the
keywords that you wanna rank for. The purpose of this is to choose the words that if somebody searches it in YouTube and they come and watch your video, they’re gonna be really happy and they’re gonna stick around and they’re gonna watch the whole video. What happens is if you put a whole bunch of keywords in there and you come up in the search results and somebody goes and watches it and they don’t watch the video, they watch the first five seconds and then leave, basically
YouTube is gonna say, “Okay, this person doesn’t deserve to rank for this keyword ’cause it’s not relevant content and the people who are searching the phrase don’t actually appreciate it and enjoy it.” The purpose here is to choose the keywords that are most relevant. If somebody searches that into YouTube and comes to your video, they’re gonna be really happy with what they find and then this just gives you a boost of when people are searching it. Google knows that’s what it’s about and then they’re move it up to the top. If it does really well, it’ll keep moving
up the rankings. That’s the purpose of choosing the keywords. Then what you do is you just put them in the title tag, the description of your video, and then in the tags on your video. What this does is it just says these are three places that it can tell YouTube, “Hey, this is what the video’s about, this is what people, if they come to it, they’re gonna appreciate it.” That’s the purpose of putting the keywords where they’re supposed to be. You don’t wanna spam all the keywords in there. That just doesn’t work anymore. It used to back in the day, but now Google
and YouTube are really about relevant content. They try and find exactly what people really appreciate, what videos are getting the most engagement, which ones people are watching for the most minutes, and then that’s how they’re actually ranking the results. That should be three tips that you can start doing today. They’re super simple, just start putting them into your YouTube videos as you upload them and hopefully that’ll help you out and get
you up in the search results on YouTube and bringing more people to your content.

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