3 tips to practice self care for lash artists: With Tianna Seo

By | August 23, 2019

The number one thing would be having your
set schedule. This is a job this is not just a free-for-all. Athletes don’t go
into their training, just like, “oh, maybe today I’ll just like lift some of these
weights and like run over there.” No, it’s structured. So if your day is five hours
of lashing, you will need a break at two and a half hours of lashing. Like, you
have- There’s no skipping it. There’s no working around it. That’s number one. Yeah-
That’s the rule. This is your job, so it has to be scheduled. Scheduling in
that break, getting in the habit of doing that, making it so it’s not something
that’s negotiable. -Yeah- It’s mandatory. You have to take a
break. You can’t- you physically can’t do that. -Yeah- that would be my number one
thing, is having boundaries with scheduling. Take a break. Schedule a break.
Honor the break. If you’re working for somebody who’s not honoring the break,
they’re not honoring your ability to work for them and make money for them
long-term. -Right- It’s not cohesive. That doesn’t work. So you have to set your
environment up for you to be successful in this career 100%. So, boundaries, you
know, making sure all of that. Number two, I think would be
seeking out those activities that are going to give you that balance, and give
you that activity. Honestly, I’ve worked so long and I never
exercised. I never did that because after work I was just dead.
You know, just tired want to curl up in a ball like, you, you don’t even understand
the implications that has to your circulation alone. Like, I started getting
to the point where I can’t feel my feet. Just any random time my feet are going
numb, like my feet are falling asleep. that’s not- Yeah- because I wasn’t walking
after work. I wasn’t doing stretches after work. So that is something to do.
Get in a yoga class. Join a gym. 20 minutes on the treadmill. You’ve
literally been sitting as your blood is like pooling in your body without any kind
of movement. You can’t just go- You can’t just just lay down after that. You have to get
moving. So that would definitely be getting active, just getting into that
habit of doing that to balance your work days out, would be key. And then, I think I
think number three would definitely be creating healthier
boundaries in terms of working with the clients. Because emotionally, I think
that’s that’s something we didn’t even touch on was the emotional standpoint.
It’s, it’s really intense- Emotional health. It’s really intense. One
of the burnouts I had, out of my three burnouts, where I’m like closing the door on
this career, was an emotional one. The other two were physical. So, just getting
to that point where you know dealing with people day in, day out. You have to figure
out coping mechanisms for that early on. -Yeah- When I first started, I thought you
had to talk to your client. Like, I did not understand the service. Because I had
never been trained that way. -Yeah- Nobody ever told me it’s okay not to talk to
your client. Your job is to lash them not entertain them. So, you know, knowing
that’s okay. You are in the beginning stages or your career focusing on your
artistry, not singing and dancing for your client to make them like you and
entertain them during the service. Emotionally, that’s gonna leave you in
such a better place. -Yeah- Feeling better about the work you’ve done. Feeling more
focused versus feeling like you’re needing to entertain and needing to
cater to, to your clients every whim. -Yeah- So having that emotional standpoint like
early on in the career, I think I’ll preserve your sanity, emotional health,
which is so important. So just being in control of the schedule, having the
boundaries there, really being intentional about how you’re treating
your body doing the activities. And then, setting up those boundaries
emotionally just to make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of.
Because, it all goes hand in hand like the minute you emotionally are getting
drained, you’re physically probably to to that level as well. -Yeah- I found so -Yeah-
That would be my main thing, if I could reverse the hands of time, those three
things would be top of my list. Top of my list. -Yeah- For sure.

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