3 Slack Channels Your Company Needs | Q&A with Shay

By | September 9, 2019

We have some really great ways of communicating in our company, and some of the ways that we keep that communication alive is through our Slack channels. We actually have three that we utilize all the time. One’s our team DR chat. Our #TeamDR chat is where we put all of our company updates, our sales announcements – anything that’s going on or just whatever we need to talk to the whole team as an entire group. Our second Slack channel is our Client Kudo’s channel – #ClientKudos. Our Client Kudo’s channel allows us to recognize team members when clients say great things about them. Whether it’s the work that they did, a social media post, search engine rankings, leads that come through Google, graphic design, we’re able to announce to the entire company and every team when someone’s really, really happy with our work. The other channel that we have is our #ThankYou channel. It’s a way for our team members to recognize each other and thank each other for different pieces of work, whether it’s getting something done on a deadline or when you get something thrown at you and getting it done quickly or really just doing great work in general. We’re able to thank our team members and make that recognition company-wide using our #ThankYou Slack channel. I encourage all companies to use Slack and to use specific channels for specific reasons. Label those reasons in the Slack channels, and make sure you’re pushing your team members to utilize them. It creates a really, really transparent form of communication with every single team member and allows all the team members to feel appreciated, to know what’s going on and have that transparency, and to be a part of a growing company and still have that small company feel. Thanks for watching everyone. Don’t forget to like, follow, and share our video.

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