3 SEO Tips For Businesses In 2019

By | August 15, 2019

hello everyone
thank you for joining us today Just thought I would maybe a quick video about
SEO tips for your business so five tips that we really recommend for
SEO one ensuring that you’ve got correct use of
schema on your website so schema markup can be different elements
such as review schema it can be other elements such as the organisation
based schema it’s definitely something that you want
to look into you can use the Google schema testing tool
– that’s really a fantastic tip a second it is just going through and ensuring
that you’ve updated all your titles on your website to 2019
a lot of people make the mistake where they have 2017 2018 left on their page
this is a CTR factor and it can result in lower CTR if users are seeing older pages
on the website third tip is building the best content page
for a specific keyword so if you want to do well for a certain vertical
look at who is currently already ranking for that keyword
work out how you can get better positioning than where they are by building the best landing
page in the niche there’s different tools you can do this
with you can use Page Optimizer Pro you can use
Korra you can use Clearscope these tools will tell you the average amount
of words you need per keyword They will also tell you what type of keywords
you need to be using on the pages you can also use Google suggest auto-suggest
keywords for that landing page so that will also give you an idea of what terms you can
potentially include on your landing page when you’ve built that landing page you
want to acquire high-quality links to it you want to use internal links to target that
page and you want to be sure that you’ve got fantastic on-page SEO targeting
These are three really quick tips that can help you dominate SEO in 2019

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