3 Secret Tips to Skyrocket Website Traffic (FAST & CHEAP)

By | January 20, 2020

– How do the most successful websites in the
world, the ones that are the top ranking on Google, generate hundreds of thousands and
millions of people visiting their website, stay on their website, engaging on their page
and then not bouncing off? What’s the secret sauce? Is it because they have millions of
dollars in ad spend? Is it ’cause they have a ton of marketers surrounding them? Is it
because they have some kind of resource, some kind of secret thing that’s going behind them?
Well my name is Benson Sung. Today I’m gonna be teaching you the three secret proven processes
that you can use to increase your traffic on your website without spending a ton of
time or resources doing it. At the end of this video I’m gonna give you the exact content
creation, distribution, and marketing templates that you need to be able to increase your
website traffic. But that’s at the end. For now, let’s walk you through the process. Now
most people get confused by creating overwhelming amounts of content to be able to generate
and increase traffic. I’m gonna give you a simple framework right away. The first thing
that you wanna do is you wanna focus on two different types of content. One type of content
is based on the results, the outcomes, the success that’s defined by your target audience.
How do they want to be able to be successful? How do they define success? What are the results
that they wanna achieve? What is the outcome that they want in their life? That’s what
you wanna create content around. The second framework is you wanna be able to create content
around what is the problems, what are the challenges, what are the struggles that they’re
going through? And how can you use the content to be able to overcome that? How can you teach
them how to overcome the challenges and the problems and their struggles? Just to give
you an example of this on The Digital Market University on bensonsung.com you can see I’m
teaching business owners, I’m teaching entrepreneurs, and even digital marketers that are advanced
how to be able to generate more traffic, how to be able to generate more leads, and how
to convert that all into sales and customers. ’cause one of the biggest challenges I know
for business is that they don’t have the time, they don’t have the resources, they don’t
know the step by step framework to be able to generate more traffic, generate more leads
and generate more sales. And if we break it down even further, what are the 12 core critical
drivers and easy and simple way to understand to really grow your business online with our
without a team? So that’s why I made the Digital Marketing University was based on the problems
that I know entrepreneurs and business owners face every day to grow their businesses online.
And even advanced marketers, because there’s so much overwhelming information in the marketplace,
there’s no one central location on how people can learn, business owners and entrepreneurs,
on how to grow their business online. So what I’m doing, everything around Digital Marketing
University you can see is focused on the results that my target audience wants to achieve and
also the problems that they wanna overcome. Everything from the content that we create,
the videos that you’re watching right now, start from the result and the problems that
they wanna overcome. So that’s what you should focus on. You should create that for your
target audience. Let’s say you’re in the fitness space. You wanna create content around helping
people lose weight, build more muscle, and the challenge you wanna overcome is people
let’s say are overweight or they wanna be able to lose fat and they also wanna be able
to spend less time working out. They don’t have the habits or discipline or consistency,
those are challenges. Create content that’s focused on that. So whatever target audience
that you’re focusing on, there’s always results that they want and problems that they have,
keep listing out all these different things on a piece of paper or on a Google doc and
then build content around that. What you can even do it’s easier is that you can actually
talk to your customers, talk to your competitor’s customers and ask people how do you define
success? How do you get results? What is results to you? What is the problems to you? List
it out. Have them say it to you and then you build content around it. And you can say hey,
if I wrote a piece of article on how you can overcome this challenge, is that something
you would read? And then they’ll say yeah, I would read it. Then you wanna build content
around that. If they say not really, I’m not interested in that piece of content or I’m
not interested in hearing about that or learning about it, then you know you shouldn’t create
anything around it. So that’s one of the easy simple processes you can use to be able to
build more content. ’cause once we build content, that’s how we start from the foundation of
increasing your traffic online. The next core point that we wanna focus on is there’s some
key critical questions that you need to ask yourselves. The first thing is what is your
goal for the content? Why are you creating content in the first place? Do you wanna increase
your traffic, do you wanna generate more leads? What is the main purpose? Now for the content
of this video obviously you wanna increase traffic. So let’s say that’s the main goal.
The second thing is who is your target audience? What are their problems? What are the successes?
What are the results that they want? We wanna make sure that’s clearly defined in your ideal
audience persona. The third thing is how frequently are you going to be posting content? Are you
posting content every day? Every week? Every month? Every two to three days? What is the
frequency of the content you’re posting and why? The fourth thing you wanna understand
is what type of content are you gonna be posting? Are you gonna be using videos like the one
that you’re watching now? Are you gonna be using audio podcast? Are you using written
content? Are you using guides or you’re using all types of visual content? What is the content
you’ll be using? And also decide on what your target audience wants to consume. Do they
like videos more? Do they like reading posts? Do they like listening to podcasts more? What
is the way that they consume content the best? What is the most popular way? You wanna make
sure it’s easy and it’s simple for them to consume the content that you make. The fifth
and final thing is how are you gonna distribute your content? What is the best way for you
to be able to create that content, distribute it, and promote it. Through paid digital advertising
or doing it through organic content? So you wanna answer those five core questions before
we even start creating any content to increase your traffic on your website. Now once you’ve
got the main topics and you can answer the five core critical questions of why you’re
doing the content, how it’s gonna achieve the goals, is you wanna focus on understanding
what are the mediums that we wanna distribute across? Meaning what are the specific types
of content? Are we doing a blog post, we doing videos? What type of way are we giving the
target audience to consume the content? You wanna decide on this because it’s very important.
For example for me, I’m able to start content at the top with videos. ’cause videos is a
way for to build instant communication and some relationship, build trust and build value
even easier because people can see you on the screen. You wanna break down the resistance,
break down the churn, break down all the things that people have in their mind. Their doubts,
their questions. And when people see a video of a person, it instantly builds a connection.
Because you gotta keep in mind, they’re going on your website, they’re consuming your content
through the internet which has a ton of different websites, they’re bombarded with social media,
bombarded with noise, their life. All these different things that are working against
you. So videos are a very powerful way for you to build that connection with them. Now
once you’ve decided on the type of content that you’re creating, don’t go too crazy about
it. You’re probably thinking oh my god, I have to create so much content. I know one
of the biggest things that people have for entrepreneurs and businesses is they don’t
know how to create the content. They’re overwhelmed by the process, they gotta put in so much
time, so much money and so much resources. But one of the ways that you can do this is
you can actually use go on Upwork, you can go on ProBlogger, or you can go on all these
different sites to bring on people that can create the content for you. What you can even
do, you don’t have to do a professional video like this, you can do a iPhone camera. You
can just record it, look at the camera and record a video, produce the content and then
be able to start from the video at the top. I’ll explain why you wanna do videos, but
even with the videos you can get people that you can hire on Upwork, you can hire people
on ProBlogger, you can get these people that create written content and then be able to
gauge that. Start with that process for now. Don’t get too crazy with worried about oh
you need to start with all these different things, but just make sure you get started.
That’s the most important part. And one of the ways you can do that is just bring on
people through these freelance sites to write and create content for you, because that’s
what they do. They create content for businesses and you can do it for yourself as well. And
you can have someone in-house or even yourself just vet through the content and then you
don’t have to create any content. Another tip that you can do that I’ve done before,
works extremely well, is you can actually audio record specific pieces of content and
you can send it to a site like rev.com and you can have them transcribe it and you can
give it to someone to actually consolidate it, add the conversational pieces, add images,
add all these things. It makes it easier for you. You don’t have tow write anything, you
can just say it, someone records it, they transcribe it, they add more value into that
piece, they personalize it. It’s another way for you to save time and money instead of
you having to sit down, look at a blank piece of paper and create content. Or looking at
a video and trying to come up with things to say. Dictate it, test it out. If you make
mistakes, it’s fine. The most important thing is you get started. Now if you’re an established
business, two things that you can do is you can actually go on Google, you can type in
your industry, type in your business, and type in content writers or industry writers
and have actual people that know your industry in and out, that have created content and
produced it, and you can get them to be able to produce your content. That’s the first
way. But if you’re an established business, you wanna really get this process down. You
could actually bring on a team to be able to help you with your video content, your
written content and distribution and marketing like I have. That’s one of the core ways that
you can be able to become a content machine. In our day and age especially going forward,
even though right now at this year going forward five, 10, 15, 20 years, branding, positioning,
all that stuff comes from adding value through videos, through content, through podcasts.
It’s a content machine world. To be able to build a brand you have to produce a ton of
content. So that’s why you wanna focus on doing it in simple ways by either bringing
on someone, bring on your team, or even if you don’t even have the budget to do it, you
can hire individual content writers or use the tools that I talked about before. Transcribe
it using audio, recording a video on your phone, but just start putting out content,
make it impactful, just adding value, and then you’ll be able to start building that
on the base of that foundation. Now in terms of finding the right types of content to be
able to produce you can use tools like buzzsumo.com. Buzzsumo allows you to find specific topics,
the most popular content that’s across the web. How many social shares, how many likes,
all these different things based on the top industry posts and also different products
or services that you saw. That’s the first thing. The second thing you can do is you
can go on Quora, answers.com, Reddit, you can find what people are asking about and
use those as main topics to be able to create your content. You can also use Quora, you
can use answers.com, you can use Reddit to be able to post your content as well and see
which one gets you the most response. So it’s almost like you’re gathering content ideas
and you’re able to distribute content on those platforms. Now that you have the content and
you know what types of content and topics to produce, now how do we get them in front
of your target audience? Get their eyeballs on it so they can read it and engage with
the content. The main places that we wanna focus on is social media. This is one of the
ones you wanna use because it’s gonna get traffic regardless if you have a big following
or a small following. It’s gonna let Google see you’ve got content everywhere across the
top performing social media sites. So for example, if you’re doing videos or you’re
doing written posts or you’re doing audio podcasts or what not, you’re able to put these
onto Facebook. You can do written posts on Facebook. At the same time you can put on
Medium written posts as well. Medium is a site you go on, a ton of people publish different
things on there, you can actually put your Medium posts and do a a different style of
it. You can put it on your own website, obviously. The next thing you can do is if you have videos
you wanna put it on YouTube, you wanna put it on Linkedin, you wanna put it on Facebook.
You wanna put it on these three core channels and be able to embed it on there. I recommend
using YouTube, ’cause YouTube is the one where people are going on there, it’s the second
largest search engine in the world for videos. You’re able to get a ton of eyeballs there
if you know how to do it properly. But for now just getting the videos up is the most
important thing. And we’ll focus on how to market, how to optimize it, how to grow it
to the next level and generate more traffic. But for now getting the content on there and
distributing it is the most important thing. Now afterwards let’s say you are doing a podcast.
You can actually go on sites and be able to publish. The next thing we wanna do is
wanna be able to find people that already have really great content in your space, influencers,
complimentary websites, and blogs that already promote to your target audience. Why we wanna
find them is then once we have our content, we wanna reach out to them, we want them to
promote our content, promote your website. And you’re able to actually drive people,
drive traffic from them, able to get on there. So that’s what’s great about it is that there’s
people that already built a basis of your target audience. We just gotta reach out and
say hey, I’ve got a great piece of content that’s gonna add a ton of value not just to
my audience, but it’s gonna add a ton of value to you. I’d love to share this content with
you. We can do something, partnership or collaboration, if you will promote the content. You can also
do it vice versa. You can promote their content, promote their Instagram, or promote whatever
channel that influencer is on. You can even find YouTube influencers that have this audience
to promote your videos and do all these different things to be able to cross-promote each other
and get that distribution that you need. Once you find the top three highest performing
pieces of content, you’ve tested it with other people, you’re getting engagement organically
or even through paid digital advertising, what we wanna focus on now is really amplifying
your traffic, really amplifying the people that are engaging with the content. The best
way to do this is this formula. You find the top three highest engagement posts on your
website, whatever it is, and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go on Facebook and
we’re gonna setup a campaign. We’re gonna put these three different campaigns and what
we’re gonna do is where gonna put these three posts on there, we’re gonna do a headline
with a simple ad that’s gonna move your target audience onto the post. And we’re not gonna
spend a ton of money doing it. We can do five, even 10 dollars a day and drive a ton of traffic.
The only thing we wanna be aware of is we wanna focus on the click through rate and
the cost per click. We wanna make sure that we’re getting a full reach of your target
audience, we’re getting a really good cost per click and we’re getting a really good
click through rate. And also we’re getting time on site. That’s the key thing. We wanna
make sure that people that go through from Facebook onto the website to read this piece
of content is actually staying on there to actually read the content and they’re engaging
with it. You wanna make sure that you have three of these campaigns running to your target
audience for the content that you think is the most engaging, that’s performing the best
through the marketing analytics. And then rinse and repeat. You wanna have this on an
ongoing basis. You have 10 different posts and you’re driving traffic using Facebook
to these posts and you’re building that authority, you’re building those audiences, you’re generating
a ton of traffic. That’s what I recommend you do. You keep rinsing and repeating this
process. Amplify your highest converting pieces of content whether it’s a video, a post or
podcast, or all three on the same page. You’re able to amplify those using that and be able
to generate a ton of traffic using a small budget every single day. Now earlier on in
the video if you remember I mentioned you wanna start with videos at the top. The reason
why you wanna do this is it’s gonna save you a ton of time, money and resources in creating
your content. Now I wish I could take credit for this process, but I wanna give a shot
out to Gary Vaynerchuk for sharing this process with me when I was at Vayner Media. What you
wanna do is you wanna start with video at the top, because through video you can pull
the audio, you can create multiple different image visual creatives, you can also turn
it into written content for your blog, for your posts. Consolidate it into guides, put
it into multiple different forms of mediums and also different types of content all from
video. So you can see how one video, for example the one you’re watching now is gonna be an
expanded post on Digital Marketing University on bensonsung.com. It’s also gonna have an
audio podcast, it’s also got image video creatives and on Facebook and social media. So from
this one video that you’re watching we’re able to do so many different mediums, so many
different formats of content from it. And all we did was record a video. So that’s why
I wanna start with a video at the very top, because you wanna be able to combine it and
aggregate it and give it a name. This is so powerful because you wanna become the ultimate
guide and resource for your target audience to be able to achieve the results that they
want and be able to overcome the problems and challenges that they have. So what I mean
by that is you can take a look at why I created the DMU in the first place, the Digital Marketing
University on bensonsung.com. Now if you take a look at another website, let’s say you’re
focused on the SaaS business or you are in the SaaS business, then you can go on saastr.com.
You probably heard of it, you can go on you can see they break down the list of resources
on startup, on mid-size, on bigger enterprise level. Whatever stage you’re at, they have
a ton of videos, Q and As, posts, all these things consolidated in one place. If you like
e-commerce you go on Shopify, you can see they do the same thing. What you wanna do
for your target audience, whatever it is, fitness, it could be physical products, it
can be a consulting business, it can be an education, health, whatever it is that you’re
in, you wanna consolidate all these resources in one place and give it to them. You wanna
create this resource hub, this central place for them to go and learn from. If you’re doing
videos, you can create a central hub of videos. If you’re doing a central hub for let’s say
something out of the blue, you’re creating it for a banana peeler or some kind of apple
peeler, or whatever fruits for example in the industry, you’re selling tools to it.
Then you’re able to create a central hub specifically for that. Or if you’re going for kids, you’re
selling plushies or dolls, or everything for education for children, you can create a hub
for that. You can do so many different things as long as you narrow it down, you follow
the process that we just went through. Now if you’ve noticed so far everything that I
just covered with you is more than just increasing your website traffic. It’s to make sure number
one that you are the go to resource and guide for your target audience. So when they come
on the site, they don’t just want to come on the site once, they wanna stay on the site
and they wanna engage with the content and they’re building trust and you’re building
the relationship with them. You’re adding value to them and they’re resonating with
your brand and your business. That’s really the most important thing. So what if you’re
increasing your traffic once and they land on your site and then they leave afterwards
and never come back. The most important thing is that they go on the site, they keep coming
back and they stay on the site for a long time. That’s what matters. It’s not about
increasing your website traffic once and then seeing a huge dip, it’s increasing website
over and over again consistently growing it. And you’re seeing that the people that left
are coming back and they’re staying on the site for a long time. That is the most important
thing. That’s how you build a sustainable, long-lasting business online. It’s not just
for listing on the one time increase, but building that consistency of volume of traffic,
quality traffic, every single time someone goes on your website. And a way to do that
is understanding your target audience, knowing what types of content that you wanna create,
knowing the types of platforms, the distributing, how to amplify with digital advertising, and
how to be able to consolidate it into one go to place to become the main central resource
and the hub for your target audience. Now if you wanna rank high in Google, it’s very
simple. You just follow the process that I went through and you make sure that people
that visit your website, the quality visitors, that they stay on the site and they don’t
bounce off and they engage with your content for a long time. That’s how you rank really
high on Google. Google cares about the results that they’re showing to you. When someone
clicks on it in the first 10 pages that they’re getting the most engagement, they’re getting
the longest time on the site, they’re getting reoccurring visitors over and over again and
they’re getting a very low bounce rate. That’s what Google cares about. Imagine if the first
10 sites on the first page of Google people are clicking on it and they immediately bounce
off. Then Google would be out of business if every single website that they listed has
done that. They care about the quality of the experience and that means that people
stay on the site and they don’t leave and they engage and they keep coming back. So
if you wanna rank high on Google, make sure to follow this process, create engaging content,
valuable content based on the results that they wanna have and the problems they wanna
overcome. And make sure you have a really good experience so they stay on the site,
they stay there, they keep coming back. Then Google is gonna naturally see hey, your website
is doing great. There’s a ton of people going on this site, they’re not just leaving it
instantly ’cause you had a great big spike and then they’re leaving. But they go on there,
they’re staying there, they’re engaging, so the site must be valuable. It must be very
good for the target audience. So I want you to keep ranking higher and higher so Google
will keep pushing you up on the first page of Google and then the first top 10 spots
and keep moving you to the top. That’s the most important thing. The other thing is if
other people are linking to your site. Which means your content is so valuable, that ABC
or all these different websites, your competitors or even complimentary websites are saying
this piece of content is great, I’m linking to you. That means Google says hey, all these
authority websites are linking to your website. That’s the really the biggest factors. How
many links, quality websites, are linking to you? And then the people are going to your
site, how long they’re staying, how are they engaging and all that stuff. So that’s what
you wanna focus on if you wanna rank high on Google. Now that you know how to do the
content creation process, be able to do the marketing and the distribution for it in a
simple, easy framework, as promised I’m gonna give you the exact framework and templates
and walk you through step by step how you can go through everything we covered in the
video in more depth. And also the resources and the copy and all these different things
that you need to use in a simple way for you to understand and implement for your business.
Now what I want you to do is three core things. I want you to comment below, I want you to
let me know what is one piece of content that you want to create for your target audience.
And I’m gonna let you know if that’s the best piece of content that you should be creating
and different ways that you can do it. Or any questions that you have below, just comment
below and let me know. The second thing I want you to do is I want you to hit like on
this video. I want you to like this piece of content, like the video because I wanna
know if this video you got a value from it, if you like this content. ’cause we’re gonna
keep creating more of these videos for you to get value for you and help you grow your
business online. The third final thing I want you to do is I want you to hit that subscribe
button. I want you to make sure that you subscribe to the channel because every week you’re receiving
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especially your business as well. The next thing is your gonna be part of the fastest
growing YouTube community of entrepreneurs and digital marketers that wanna grow their
business online. So thank you for watching this. There’s gonna be a link right here for
you to go to the expanded course for this video and then make sure that I’ll see you
in the next one.

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