3 Search Engine Optimization Tips – Get More Website Traffic

By | November 2, 2019

Here are three quick tips on how to make sure
that your website is SEO optimized. The first tip seems like it might not be a
big deal, but make sure that you don’t have your website no indexed. I talked to a lot of people, and they say. “Man, my website is not indexing in Google
at all. I don’t know why I’m not showing up in any
of the rankings.” Then, I go into their website and I look at
the source code and they have a line of code of their website that tells Google not to
index their website. It’s called a No Index Tag. Basically, all you have to do is go to your
website, right click on your website’s background. Say View Source and then hit Control F. And
type in the word noindex with no spaces. If you see that in there, that means that
you’re telling Google not to index your website at all. Generally, when this happens most people think. “Ah man, why would you do that? Why would that ever happen?” But I see it happen more often than you would
expect. The reason is, when people are developing
the website, the put the no index tag on there so that Google doesn’t index the website before
it’s complete. Then, they finish the website. They give it off to the client or whoever
the business may be. Then, the tag stays in there and the business
has no idea because they don’t even think to look into the code. Their website just doesn’t rank. So, definitely go on your website, make sure
that your website does not have that tag. And make sure that your website is indexing
in Google. That’s a huge one, first step. The second tip is make sure that you’re optimizing
your pages on your website for specific keywords. Every single page on a website has a title
tag, a meta description and then it has the body content. What you want to do is think about the key
word that’s going to be most relevant for that page and make sure that the same exact
keyword is in the title tag, the meta description and the body content a few times. What that does is it basically tells Google,
it says, “Okay. Google comes through and it’s just a bot. So, it goes through and it sees the same keywords
three, four, five times all on the same page.” It says this page is likely about this. A lot of people they create blogs, they write
a bunch of content and they don’t ever think to put the keywords in the title tag, meta
description, and body content. Google just has no idea what the page is about. So, when you’re creating your pages if you’re
writing blogs, if you’re putting up video posts, make sure to think of the one key phrase
that’s most important. Make sure it’s in the title, meta description,
and the body content exactly how somebody would search it in Google. The third tip to help your page’s rank in
Google is to think about the content from the opposite side. Think about what are the phrases that someone
is going to search into Google that will bring them to my content. Then you want to use those specific keywords
in your content so that your page will rank for those keywords. So, in tip two, you want to put those keywords
in the title, meta description, and body content, but you want to think about the phrases that
somebody is going to search in Google that’s going to bring them to your website. So, rather than saying I’m going to create
all this awesome content and people are just going to find it, think about the topics and
say, “Okay, I want to talk about this topic.” Then think what is somebody going to search
in Google to bring them to this content and then optimize your page for those specific
keywords. There’s a lot of places that you can do research
for that. One is SEM Rush. It’s a free tool. You can pay for upgraded services, but check
out SEM Rush and you can actually research the keywords that get a lot of traffic and
volume. But to start, just think of it from the other
side. Say what are the people that are going to
be my target audience? What are the specific phrases that they’re
going to search in to Google and optimize your content for those keywords? It’ll bring a lot more into your website and
you’ll start ranking a lot better. Those are three quick SEO optimization tips
that will help you get your website ranking better and make sure that you’re ranking in
Google. So, hopefully that helps you out. If you have any questions or want me to go
more in depth on anything, just leave a comment down below and let me know.

2 thoughts on “3 Search Engine Optimization Tips – Get More Website Traffic

  1. Moses Emmet Post author

    I’m going to use the method of placing my SEO keyword phrase in the title, description and in the tag section for each of my vids for now on. Great tips! 💯

  2. Think Big Post author

    Here are three quick SEO tips to make sure your website is indexing in Google and to help get you more website traffic.

    I know tip #1 seems like it should be a no-brainer, but please make sure your website doesn't have this!


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