3 Reasons Why You Should Be Focusing on Local SEO

By | September 22, 2019

If you run a brick and mortar business, or a business that sells in a local area, then you need to focus on local SEO but you are probably wondering why I profile? well in this video, I’m gonna show you 3 reasons why you should be focusing on local SEO. Hi there Shane Black from Pearl Digital Marketing here, in this video, i’m gonna go through 3 reasons why you should be focusing on local SEO. Why is it important to your business? But first, what is local SEO? Local SEO is optimising search engine. Optimising online performance of your business, so that it ranks highly in localised searches. So for example, if I jump into my phone, and search for hairdresser near me, the highest-ranking hairdressers probably, whether deliberately or not, have optimised their local search engine performance. But why is local SEO important? Well, here’s 3 reasons. So studies have shown, that 86% of people search Google Maps for location of a business. So think about this, if your business hasn’t been or your online presence, this is your website, hasn’t been optimised. Are you gonna appear on Google Maps? Then how are gonna people find a way you’re located. So think about that. Almost 9 out of 10 people have searched Google Maps for the location of a business, if someone is searching for your brick and mortar store, then they need to be able to find it. Here’s another interesting stat. 97% of people who use the internet when searching for a local service or product, 97%. Now listen, I’m gonna give it to you. It’s not quite a 100% but it’s almost there. You probably should be focusing on helping those people that are looking for your product, or service, to find you at the exact moment they are looking for you. That’s going to be a win-win for both of them and you. They’re gonna get help with the problem that they have and you’re gonna acquire a customer. And it’s all done by improving your local SEO. The final reason and interesting stat, is at 46% of Google searches are for local information. Again, I’m gonna give it to you, it’s not quite half, but almost 1 in 2 people who use or 1 in 2 searches, apologies are looking for local information. So they are looking for local information that is relevant to your business, or your service, or your products or the problem that you solved for your client, that you think that you should be positioning yourself to answer those queries, questions, orders, answer whatever they are searching for. So they have these 3 reasons why you should be focusing on local SEO. Now, if you’re not sure how your SEO is performing, or how your website is performing in search engines I should say, then feel free to click the link below or on this video, or somewhere, to request a free SEO audit of your website. So what this is gonna do, it’s gonna rank a number of factors on your website and it’s going to a name you the spot opportunities or any risks that you should either, obviously, maximise your opportunities and reduce or remove the risks, so your business can prosper online. My name is Shane Black and until next time, Stay classy.

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