3 Quick Tips for YouTube Descriptions

By | August 27, 2019

Are you looking for tips on how to improve
your youtube descriptions? I’m Teena Hughes of TeenaHughesOnline.com
– the author of the “50 marketing secrets of successful women” book. In this video, I’m going to teach you three
quick tips for YouTube Descriptions so you can boost the video’s SEO on a YouTube Channel,. PS – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
Alrighty, let’s head over to one of your videos on YouTube and click the edit button. Step number one, write a great long description,
not just a couple of words, not just a couple of sentences. Make sure it’s juicy and give
the search engine robots some text to find, which explains what the video is all about.
If you make sure that the long-tail keyword phrase, which is at least four words, is in
the description as well as similar phrases and synonyms, this video will have a better
chance to be found in searches. Step number two include all the ways people
can find you if they like your video, which means your website or other main link, the
social media accounts like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera. If you have
courses or something else that would be of interest to the viewer, put a link in there
for that as well, with a bit of an explanation. Also, if you received any questions about
this particular thing in your business or product or service, go ahead and put those
links back to your website as well, if you have them already, there. Step number three – post a link back to the
exact blog post or web page where a copy of this video will be posted. This is like a
double-headed SEO “arrow” for the search engine robots, so they can match this particular
video with an external location and this is SEO magic! So make sure you do this one. Of course you may have to publish the video
first and then go back to the website and do that second, but that’s okay as long as
it gets done. Now, of course there are lots of other steps,
but these three can be done straight away and they help the search engine robots to
start improving your videos, ranking in the search results as quickly as possible. I hope you enjoyed these three quick tips
for your YouTube Description so you can boost a video’s SEO. Once your YouTube channel is
looking great, you may need to learn a little bit more about using YouTube for your video
marketing. If you’d like a checklist on how to do that,
scroll down and click the link below so you can get started straight away. If you found these three quick tips useful,
I’d love to hear from you. Post a comment down below. Hit the LIKE button, share it
with your friends and be sure to subscribe. Thanks so much for watching. This is Teena Hughes from TeenaHughesOnline.com
— I’ll see you in the next video! Ciao ciao!.

16 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips for YouTube Descriptions

  1. Teena Hughes Online Post author

    Do you make sure your YouTube Descriptions are full of juicy text related to your video, to help the search engine robots for Video SEO?

  2. fluximagery Post author

    Love it! Such great info and I already do the blog link bit so I feel great. ☺️💕💕 Need to implement ASAP.

  3. Jane Stoller Post author

    I haven't tried linking it to a blog post! Will try it soon 🙂

  4. Katie and Linda - A Digital Education Post author

    Thanks for the SEO tips for youtube! makes sense!

  5. Bill Benoist Post author

    I never thought about creating a link back to my video's blog post. Great suggestion!

  6. Justine Haveland Post author

    This was awesome! I actually paused the video and updated my description. I also have a note to link to my blog later today! Thank you!!

  7. Paigon Davis - Natasha Lane Design Co. Post author

    I don't think mine are long enough, but I always include a description.

  8. Kat Elizabeth Post author

    Great tips – I totally forgot about posting the link to the blog post, thank you!

  9. AliNowak Post author

    Thanks for advice. I do these things below my videos, such as putting Facebook and Instagram below videos

  10. Mary Anglin Post author

    Step #3 is new to me! I'll definitely start implementing this. Thanks for this video!

  11. Jill W. Fox Post author

    This video was a good reminder for me to create more lead magnets for my videos. Thanks Teena!


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