3 Marketing Tips in Under 90 Seconds-ish

By | November 22, 2019

Hey guys my name is Jared Vandermeer and this is not your typical business and marketing tips channel it’s my goal and
my mission to give you as much value as possible and sell you nothing. Learn
marketing in just five minutes a day. Let’s have some raw and authentic
conversations together about what will improve your business
and take it to the next level. So hit that subscribe button, that notifications
button, I promise you will not regret it. Did you guys subscribe yet, if not now I’m
going to earn it by talking about some trends to watch out for in marketing in
2020 all in under 90 seconds. Let’s go! Alright guys three V’s to watch for in
2020. Voice. Video. and Validation! Voice is an interesting one because voice
everybody is talking about and the reason they’re talking about it is
businesses now have to not only think about search engine optimization
they also have to think about voice optimization. Pretty soon because there’s
no barrier to entry, your grandma your grandpa can easily
talk to the Google home can talk to Alexa and can order products so
maximizing your business for voice is going to be a key component of 2020. The second is video the reason video is what we’re doing right now video is all about
making pillar content that allows you to take your content from one level to
another to build more quantity to build more and get it out to your audience to
stay top of mind one focus on video is build videos of value build tips put out
as much information as possible make your audience remembers you, resonate with your audience. The last is validation validation is going to be more important
than ever for marketing in 2020 because ads are becoming way more expensive what
I mean by that is it doesn’t matter if you’re buying ads on Facebook or on
Google the validation of the post looking at instagrams taking likes away
you now have to validate in different ways by building valuable content you
have to do the same thing with your content on Facebook on Google your
website everywhere you have to appear higher in rankings you have to focus on
voice video build more content validation in 2020 focus on those three
things it’s going to make a difference for your brand.
I took ninety-five seconds sorry.. Bonus round guys if I haven’t earned
your subscription yet I will not hold it against you but here’s a bonus pro tip
any information on your website any location information make sure it
matches Google my business exactly to see a boost in that maps location that’s
all for now guys see you in the next video where I’m going to give you as
much value as possible and try to earn that subscription.

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