3 FREE Tools for getting more VIEWS and SUBS (W/ BONUS)

By | August 10, 2019

come on man I’m almost there keep going
keep going keep going what’s up guys welcome back to the channel
my name is Bruce Wang in today’s episode I got something very exciting for you in
today’s video I want to go over three free websites they’ll help you get more
subscribers and more viewers on your channel my channel has been growing a
lot faster in the past two months if you take a look at my analytics you can see
that all my percentages are up my dislikes are down that’s great
comments are up shares are up videos and playlists few times are up subscribers
are up everything seems to be going a lot better for my channel and there are
three websites that I use to help me accomplish all of this all three of
these websites are completely free so you don’t have to worry about breaking
the bank the first website that I want to let you know about is called 2 buddy
I linked my account to two buddy I think some time last year but I never really
took full advantage of the application I use two buddy specifically for both
processing and video SEO so let me show you exactly what this what I’m talking
about so here’s the list of all of my videos that I’ve made and let’s say I
want to change the description in my videos all I have to do is come to here
and I would click replace and with the bulk processing is very easy all I have
to do is let’s say I wanted to add a text at the end of the description this
is something I’ve used before you can add in whatever you want subscribe here
and then you just put your link here and you press Continue they’ll add this
to all of your videos so you don’t have to go into each and every single video
and upload it yourself so this helped me save a lot of time so right here you can
see that this is the last video that I’ve uploaded at the current time one of
the best features I think is right here as you can see the tag tools so – buddy
helps generate all of these tags to help you get ranked and whenever someone
searches for your videos you know more you’re more likely to show up so these
are all my tags here and I found all these tags just from this tag tool so
it’s recommended that you only add the tag if it’s relevant to that video and
oh yeah I got exactly 500 characters in so this is very efficient these are the
two main features are used for – buddy I think this is one of the paid features
if you want you can test it out yourself and you can cancel at any time I think
they do have a free trial period where you can test it out but even if you only
use the free version it is still well worth it it IQ is another application
that I used to help me improve my content I’m currently not paying for vid
IQ I am only using the free version of it and it’s still helpful one helpful
tool about vid IQ it provides this little dashboard so I don’t always have
to go into the analytics to find out how well my videos are doing it just
provides it right here on the table you can see that it’ll show you the last 60
minutes the last 48 hours the last seven days they’ll show you all the views and
minutes watched the other free feature that it helps provide is it gives you
this checklist that you should always um finish this checklist right here is
everything that I do to all my videos and I just started doing everything just
some only for the last few months so so this helps a lot a lot of my videos
don’t rank very well and so I’m just trying to improve that as much as I can
my for this video the the how much small youtubers make with
10,000 subs this video is ranked less than 50% everything that I can do to
improve it I’ve done it and just sometimes the video doesn’t get a lot of
views but that’s something that you can’t really control you can only make
the best content that you can one thing that vid IQ also does is it helps you
come up with the tags as well very similar to two buddy so in actuality you
might only need one of these but I use both of them just to just test out the
differences the last website that I used to help me with my channel is called
social blade social blade helps ranks you with all the other youtubers on on
the platform right now my total gray is the c-plus not too bad if I still myself
subscriber rank video rank so you get two so you get to see how well you’re
doing compared to all the other youtubers you can find them here at the
top ten list and you can use social blade for every social media platform
right now I’m only using social blade for YouTube and from the beginning of
the video you can see that the live subscriber count here a lot of I’m
always on here looking at how many subscribers I’m getting every day it’s
always exciting to see someone subscribing to your channels so I’m
always on social blade just to see all of these stats I like to also compare my
stats to a lot of other youtubers let’s look at a PewDiePie for example
PewDiePie is the top youtuber in the world you can see that he’s ranked you
know top ten for almost everything you can’t really compare he gets daily
average subs of like a hundred fifty thousand subscribers eleven point seven
million views every day daily averages these are daily averages a lot of my
channel doesn’t even come anywhere close to this so it’s kind of insane to see
such a big difference but it is what it is he’s been in the game a lot longer
I’ve only done this for less than two years so this is a bonus website for you
guys to use it is called rapid tags all you have to do is type in you know
some title that you might want to use for your video or the topics that you
want to use for your video you just type it in here let’s say YouTube tips and it
will generate all the tags for you all you have to do is copy here and then
throw it onto your video and this will help you get ranked a lot faster this
will help provide you know anyone searching for these topics will land on
your video that’ll stand and that will help you get more views on your video
which in turn will help you get more subscribers so those are the top three
and a bonus websites that I use on the daily basis to help me improve my
channel right now I’m still a small Channel but you can see that I have a
lot of growth in the past month or so and that is all because of just these
four websites thank you for watching this video if you haven’t subscribed yet
please subscribe I have a lot more content coming out I come up with two
videos every week but lately I’ve been doing three so if you like the content
please subscribe leave a comment in the description to let me know what you
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17 thoughts on “3 FREE Tools for getting more VIEWS and SUBS (W/ BONUS)

  1. Bruce Wannng Post author

    ▶http://bit.ly/Tubebuddybw (FREE w/ paid)
    ▶http://bit.ly/VidIQBruce (FREE w/ paid)
    ▶https://socialblade.com (FREE)
    ▶/https://rapidtags.io/generator/ (FREE)

  2. Dr. Angie Stones Post author

    We use exactly the same tools but it was too crowded so I deleted one

  3. The Ronleo Post author

    I am from INDIA…..I have recently started my youtube channel and I really want to prove my parents wrong who think YOUTUBE IS NOT A CAREER.

  4. Rocking Finance Post author

    Great tips, man! Thanks for the video. I've been doing the same exact stuff you're doing, but still not even at 100 subs.. 😀 Maybe once I have at least 20 vids…

  5. Crypto Rich Post author

    Thanks Bruce. I use a paid for TubeBuddy account. I use VidIQ free. I also use Canva. Your thumbnails are great. I did not know about rapidtags. Thanks. I have used socialblade. There is another one called cryptoinfluencer that is also useful as it compares you with other crypto channels, although I know you are not strictly just crypto. You may find it useful to get affiliate codes with good quality providers. I have an agreement with one of the best VPNs out there. There are also other things you can do to boost content. Hit me up for more! All the best. Crypto Rich

  6. The Entrepreneur Channel Post author

    This is so helpful. I've had tube buddy installed but never used it.

  7. alexdoesstuff Post author

    Small channels supporting each other?
    Permanent subscribers only 🥳

  8. micheal lee Post author

    😎Great informative video but I really wanted to know did you use VID IQ to rank this video on YouTube for keyword "make money online"? If so my question is….

    "so I'm in this VIDIQ software and got my gmail account connected to the software but how do I upload my video in the software so I can optimize it to rank for my keywords?"

    I pay $49/mo to maintain this software but want my money to actually be worth it…

  9. Pay Thepiper Post author

    Can you shout my channel out so I can get subs


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