3 Free Google Tools For Business Explained Quick!

By | September 9, 2019

hi my name is Jackson from Matter Solutions and today I’ll be talking to you about three tools from Google that
are completely free that will help you with your digital marketing the three tools that I’ll be discussing with you today are Google Trends, Google my business, and Google Alerts before I get into this video if you like the content
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this video so what is Google Trends Google Trends allows you to search a
topic over a given period of time maybe you want to see how polar bears have
been trending in search from August to September last year you can check that
out in Google Trends it shows you all the data from that period of time and
how popular different search terms and topics have been this is obviously a
really useful tool for digital marketers because you can track and observe trends
over given periods of time you can then use this data to assist with your next
digital marketing strategy second is Google my business what does Google my
business I would liken it to Yellow Pages but it’s on the Internet you can
list your business with Google and it will show you at a glance what your
business trading hours are what products and services you offer maybe even a
contact page or a special deal you have going on at that time a Google my
business listing also assists with your SEO because it tells Google that you’re
an authority on a particular subject so the third topic we’ll be talking
about today is Google Alerts Google Alerts is effectively adding a tracking
device to a keyword or a topic that you’re interested in and then Google
will give you a report at your discretion on the data that it’s
received on that topic or keyword over a period of time this is obviously a
really useful tool for digital marketers because it allows you to track data
track trends track topics and correlate that data to then use in your next
digital marketing strategy so I’m Jackson this has been a great video from
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