3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies For Business Coaches

By | September 23, 2019

How can business coaches use Facebook
messenger marketing for their business? Now in this video I’m going to share
some of the Facebook messenger marketing strategies specifically for business
coaches. Coming up. Hey guys Chrys here from Chrys Media. If this is your first
time on this channel ,don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. And of course if
you like today’s video, don’t forget to hit the like button as well. Now I work
with a lot of business coaches and usually the main question that I get
before we start working together is, okay Chrys, what are some Facebook messenger
marketing strategies that you can apply for my coaching business? And I’ve
basically identified three main Facebook messenger marketing strategies for
business coaches. The first facebook messenger marketing strategy for
business coaches is to use it to develop a one-on-one personalized experience
with your audience. Now facebook Messenger marketing or any messaging
apps in general is very different from email marketing or SEO or paid
advertising right? Using a platform like Facebook Messenger, you can have
one-on-one personalized conversation with your audience unlike before.
You can do it at scale, using automation. And so if you’re thinking as a business
coach, what can I do to create a better relationship, a closer relationship with
the people that’s following me, my audience, my subscribers, what can I do?
Well I want you to consider using Facebook messenger marketing to start
a one-on-one conversation with them. And here’s the best thing about using
Facebook Messenger app to create this one-on-one conversation. You can do it at
scale using automation. Now you can of course have one-on-one conversation with
your audience on Instagram, on email marketing, back and forth emails. But at
the moment you cannot do it at scale. Using facebook messenger marketing you can do all these personalized engagement and conversation back and forth at scale,
which means you can now scale up your business. Now the second Facebook
messenger marketing strategy for business coaches is to use Facebook
messenger marketing as a way to qualify your leads. Now all of us get leads on a
daily basis right? We get people interacting with our content we get people
subscribing to our email newsletter, we get people downloading our lead gen. But
are all of them our target audience? No! Sme of them are just not
qualified. Whether they don’t have the budget, they don’t have the
right scope of work, they’re not your right target client, not
all of them are going to be your ideal clients. And so you want to qualify those
leads before you even jump on a call, you know a call a discovery call with
them. So using Facebook Messenger bot, you can actually qualify your leads through things like quizzes or surveys. You can
run a quiz and everyone loves quizzes. I like to say that everyone loves taking those BuzzFeed like quizzes because we generally just love finding
out more about ourselves. But you can use quizzes to qualify your leads. You can
ask them qualifying questions and at the same time you can tag them as they
answer. And at the end of the quiz, you will know if this person is the
right fit for you or not. And here’s an idea for you. One of my clients Courtney
Chaal. She’s a business coach and she has different offerings for different people
depending on where they are right now in their business. So she’s a business coach, and based on where they are right now in their business she offers them
different things. So if you are just starting out, she has this free checklist
for you. If you are already in the middle, you’re kind of starting up a business,
she has this six part video series for you. And if you’re already like really
advanced she’s got this webinar for you. And at the end, she sells you her
coaching course. And so with her, what we did was to create a qualifying quiz
that would help us to identify where that audience is, where they are
at with their business. Because once we can qualify them and know exactly where
they are, we can either offer them the checklist
or offer them the webinar or offer them the six part video series. Using a
quiz like this, you can now qualify who your audience is and you can give them
exactly what they need the content that they need instead of just blasting out a
general content to everyone on your list. Now the third Facebook messenger
marketing strategy for business coaches is to use Facebook messenger marketing
to move your leads down the funnel much faster so we know that using a messaging app, with the back and forth conversation, you can move
one from a cold cold audience to a warm audience to a very hot audience really
fast. The conversation is going back and forth back and forth, you are asking
questions they’re answering, you’re giving them this thing, they’re consuming
it, moving on to the next. They’re moving down the funnel so much faster than you
would normally you know then they would normally take
with a different funnel, a more traditional funnel. And so since we know
that we can move people down the funnel much faster with messenger marketing. We want to try things like running challenges, your five-day challenges,
running your webinars, giving away your four-part video series
inside of messenger. You want to test it out and see how it compares to
giving it away with email marketing for example, and you will see that doing so
you can now move your new lease down the funnel so much faster. So here’s an
example of a messenger flow you can use to move someone down the funnel is
so much faster. First you ask them a question, something related to
whatever that you’re selling. Now once they answer that, you can give them a free lead gen, whether that’s a PDF, a free video series, whatever that is. And
then you can immediately follow up with the sale. So you can move them down
so much faster and it happens one after the next with no delay between the
messages. So no delay of one week or a couple of days right, you can do it one
after the other. Now in comparison to what we’ve been doing with email
marketing, it usually takes one email and then the next day I send you
another email, or the next week I send you another email. And by the time we
actually close the sale, it would have taken us at least a couple of emails to
eventually get to asking the sale. So if you’re a business coach watching today’s
video to learn more about Facebook messenger marketing and how you can use it for your business, I hope you found this useful. And if you would like to
work with me and my agency, we specialize in helping high ticket service providers
to get more engagement and more leads and more sales using messenger marketing. Reach out to me using the link in the description below and book a 30-minute
strategy call with me today. All right guys I hope you found this video useful.
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