3 Advanced Hacks to Grow Your Business with Instagram Stories

By | August 30, 2019

hey everyone it’s neil patel and today we’re here for another Q&A Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership comm yeah and this is where you ask a question and we answer it so what’s a popular question that people have been asking alright there’s been a lot of questions about Instagram social media and I wanted to really I haven’t asked Anil about this one yeah this is from weed Oh consults and this is how to use Instagram stories to their best meal if you want to use Instagram stories the best way is to use it to generate leads Instagram stories is all about creating a story when you create videos you already are creating a story you’re probably not scripting it but you’re just creating the story and the reason you create a story is because it helps people along the journey and before we get into Instagram stories how about you tell me some storytelling tips because I know you do a lot of storytelling when it comes to YouTube and videos and Instagram stories is another form of videos yeah definitely I think have a general point like start with the end of this story what is the core message you’re trying to get to I think a lot of people will start Instagram story or a video just talking about a topic and they don’t know what the end point is so really start with the end in mind and then just the last part of telling a story especially it’s something like that is body language is really important notice if I was talking about Instagram stories like this you would click away pretty quickly don’t click away all right we’re gonna move our body language and that’s emotion as law and that’s emotion exactly emotions are key parts yeah and every time we shoot these videos Adams always like what’s gonna get you fired up my poking them trying to get them going and instead of so you probably got cut out of the video the videographer is gonna kill me that’s all but you know it’s cool we’re gonna make it but yeah well you’re doing storytelling as Adam said make sure your point comes across using them good emotion body language that way people are engaged and hooked now when you’re using Instagram stories you’re trying to convert people the shitty part about Instagram this is why I hate Instagram although it’s one of the most popular social networks out there it’s really hard to link and get people to your site but what stories it does make it a bit easier because the people who will go to your website based on watching the story they’re so engaged that they typed it in manually that they’re much more likely to convert into a lead or a customer and here’s how I would use Instagram stories think about what you’re trying to pitch let’s say you’re consulting shop like me we have a consulting company called Neil Patel digital or agency and we’re pitching marketing services I could start my story with early in the morning everyone I got something exciting for you guys today over the next eight hours I’m gonna teach you guys how to double your Google traffic and no this is any quick bait type of stuff I’m really gonna show you how to double your traffic stay tuned and then every hour I can give a tip one hour I can talk about URLs and how you can adjust the URLs the other hour I can talk about content updating your content it’s not just about writing new content another hour I can talk about cannibalization you get the point something because you have to keep the clips very short you can do multiple of them within an hour to get your point across and at the very end or throughout let’s say I’m talking about content and how to update your content I can be like hey if you need more tips on how to do this so you want to step-by-step guide go to neil patel comm slash content guide or i can also say hey if you need help and you want my team to help you out with this go to neil patel digital comm which is my ad agency site and by doing that you’ll either get more people reading your content and if your blog or your website has call to actions to collect leads you’ll get leads or if they decide to go to your agency site or whatever you’re providing the services again you’ll collect leads and you can also end the Instagram story with a call to action for people to go to your website for more tips or article that breaks out a whole checklist of everything that you shared that way they can go to one place and get it all including screenshots and videos or you can just tell to go to your company and pay you for services but that’s a quickest way yeah and just one little hack that we found because we run a ton of paid video advertising this works for Instagram stores as well is creating even a unique URL for that campaign so like Neil could be like hey go to Neil’s tips comm and that take that forwards to Neil Patel comm and a squeeze page that is just for that video so like I do that all the time for four different things so it’s like hey if you’re interested in a secret training go to tube training com now we don’t host anything there it just follows forwards 301 redirect and then you can put UTM parameters and know exactly where it came from and actually track the campaigns performance it’s a little hack when it comes to doing that and you can do the same thing with Instagram stories for consumer based products let’s say you’re selling this teeth whitening thing that helps you get really white teeth in two hours you can end up talking about like my teeth are yellow have you ever done the paper test and you put like a white piece of paper next to you I seen that TV commercial my Crestor call Gator and I’m like no one’s teeth are this white based on like that tissue paper test like that’s I didn’t like my teeth on this way I don’t drink coffee I don’t smoke or anything in there wide enough but you know you do that and you end up saying hey all right let’s see if this crusts tissue paper test is actually legitimate and then you end up whitening your teeth and you’re like look it’s been six hours it says it happens in three my teeth aren’t white and then you try it with a different product and then you get more whiter teeth you like this one works you want results go here yeah yeah it’s awesome with Instagram you can actually drive people to your website doing the swipe up so you can always tell to swipe up and it can go to your website I know a lot of people don’t swipe up we have tested this out and that’s what Elsa said make sure you tell them to go to your consulting site or a landing page but also do the swipe up at the same time the swipe up works better for consumer based products and it works for b2b but in combination of doing the swipe up telling people to take action telling them where they can go to your website telling them at the very end where they can go for a recap or a checklist or swiping up to get that those are all great ways to get people from Instagram back to your website and of course getting the conversions as well so that’s it for this week’s video make sure you 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