#24 – Things that shouldn’t be done for SEO – کارهایی که نباید برای سئو انجام شود

By | September 3, 2019

Greetings to you, I am Nick Arya Greetings to you, I am Farhad Khalaj Behind us, we have the image of Pasargadae
(Capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great, 559–530 BC) In a beautiful May weather In relation to SEO, Mr. Farhad What should we do to prevent dropping our score? What kind of actions can cause weakness of our internet search? Exactly, now we want to talk about: What kind of actions that you shouldn’t do? The most important thing to pay attention to is DO NOT COPY. In producing content whether writing text, image, or video you should try to make those by your own. Even if you find images and text that are not copyrighted Search engines are very careful about: where is the primary source of publishing that content? The second case is price transparency. If you introduce products and services on your site, and the customer sees it in your site, but its price isn’t clear Or vaguely specified He doesn’t know exactly how much it will cost for him? The customer will leave you and will be away from you. The next thing is you Explain wholly, with no details about your goods and services You have to introduce what you have with such details that are understandable to your customer Its size, color, size, specifications. Do not introduce it in general that, your client doesn’t know the money he wants to pay is for what? and exactly what he will receive? It means, instead of explicitly stating what is your specialty? And what services you can do today, whatever you think you may be able to do in the future define for the customer like a very general and vague plan. This will confuse your clients. The customer must know exactly what services and products you can offer Even if you write the content without explicitly, and you receive a request for it And you can’t deliver that service on time, Again, you will lose your customer. Another thing, if we have multiple unrelated services, What solution do you offer for SEO? Yes, we recommend that for any category of those services you make a separate site, advertisement, and even a specific brand. If we present multiple unrelated services via one brand there is a sentence in a simple slang he can do everything, but unable to do anything! Yes. Here’s another thing about using robots, buying likes, comments, videos, and fake followers. What do you suggest about this? Yes Unfortunately, what has become so popular today is that the people for quickly achieving their targets are buying followers and likes, and purchasing view and SEO empowerments. Maybe in a very short time they will see a result, but it will drop soonly again and these will not cause their SEO to remain stable. You, instead of spending money on such ways, take the time and try to generate the right contents. to build a stable and sustainable act. How about, if we buy some pages with high followers? There are a series of pages that have many followers right now and their owners sell it with a specific price. And we want to offer our services in those pages that are unrelated to its contents What’s wrong with this action? Well, firstly we’re talking about that some people are following their desired subject, and now you are offering another thing to them that is not attractive for them at all! And the important thing is that your audiences will quickly understand that this page is not a real page, and it is a fake! And that will question your credibility! The next tip is: do not focus only on one way or one social media. see it’s much better if you go through multiple channels especially on many social networks. For example, if you just rely on the Telegram, or just rely on Instagram, We do not recommend this, but it would be much better if you use YouTube, Aparat or some other media concurrently together which all of them directly forward your clients to your main site. The chance that the search engines with each click on those social media increase your scores and rating would be much much more. Thanks so much friends, until another report from the other features of the SMBWAY app Goodbye Goodbye

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