22. Create your first SEO SpyGlass project

By | August 23, 2019

Hello and welcome to SEO PowerSuite
video training series In this video you will learn how to set
up your first SEO SpyGlass project and find backings that point to your
website. To get started launch SEO SpyGlass, press Next to start searching for backlinks.
Depending on how many backlinks your site aas it may take the software some time to
gather the data. Once the task is completed, press Finish to see your backlinks. SEO
SpyGlass will now offer you to collect SEO statistics for the links has
detected If you click Yes, you’ll be able to
choose individual factors to update Hit Add more backing factors to specify
the factors that are not on the default list. If you
choose not to gather any backlink statistics right away you can do it any time later. Just select
the backlinks you’d like to update and click the Update button. Finally
remember to save your project to be able to return to your backlink analysis
later. In SEO SpyGlass you can create projects
for as many websites as you need both your own sites and those are your
competitors to uncover their best link building techniques Alright, thanks for watching our video on
creating your SEO SpyGlass project In the next video you will see how to
use the tool to analyze the quality of the backlinks you’ve found. Stay tuned.

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