21 Best Places to Teach English Abroad

By | September 30, 2019

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  1. Emmanuel Allen Post author

    I'm currently in China and the pay is 2x higher where i teach.

  2. Kyland Lagrua Post author

    ok, I'm from Singapore and just saying that whole gum thing is a myth you can't legally sell gum there, but you can buy it in Malaysia and bring it back and no one cares if you chew it.

  3. Kashish Saluja Post author

    What about non natives? Indians have a great command on English and it is widely spoken here but the non native bar becomes a hindrance. So which places are best for non natives? Or, how should we prepare ourselves to face the competition?

  4. Janice Winter Post author

    Just make sure you don't spend you're whole career in one place like some people do!


  5. Adrian Sandoval Post author

    I felt like you mentioned every country in the world lol

  6. Fast Eddy Love Post author

    Very thorough guide to teaching English abroad. Thanks.

  7. There are many usernames but this one is mine. Post author

    I thought the title was How to get an English Broad. 🙁

  8. Elizabeth Fox Post author

    Ok. Vagabrothers. What about educated wheelchair bound people? No problem? Just being real. 2019.

  9. Christopher Blackburn Post author

    I'm sorry but I just can't stand this bullshit about Korea. All I can say that unless you have very very good impression of the school or Hagwon (Academy) plus tons of research then don't bother.

    Most Hagwons aren't very good because they are often poorly managed, poorly organised and full of children who do not want to be there which is understandable because they also do a full school day before coming to the Hagwon.

    The teaching materials (books etc) can be taught even by non natives with a modest understanding of English. As a white guy you are there for appearances. Also most of the time you won't get any training so its pretty much hit the ground running.

    As for the whole paying for the flights etc; they don't actually want to do that but they have because its a legal requirement not because they are trying the sweeten the deal.

    Also don't apply if you're non white (its not so bad but you might have trouble) and especially if you're black because you won't like the attitude they give you.

    Red flags:
    1. If they ask you come without a visa
    2. If they haven't read your CV
    3. They don't ask you questions during the interview or you don't get the sense that you're being assessed for your suitability.

    Korean society as whole is a workaholic society which causes absolutely tons of personal problems. I mean there is a reason why Koreans drink so much.

    I'm sure there ESL teachers who have had positive experiences but there is an absolute mountain of really crap ones to be had.
    Also Americans if you're paying nearly 3kUSD for a TEFL then you're being ripped off because they don't cost that much. In the UK you can go online for about £160-360.

  10. Erika Swinney Post author

    Have you posted the video on how to get hired and certified yet? Can’t seem to find

  11. Olya Lewis Post author

    I taught English in Russia, this is where I come from, and then I moved to the USA and started teaching ESL in San Francisco, now I'm a college teacher and I absolutely love it.

  12. EDDY SPEED Post author

    Hey brothers; Can you please update this list annually ?

  13. Paris France Post author

    And this is probably the reason why many citizens of those Countries where this English is being taught by English speakers, come to the U.S. thinking they 'know' enough about U.S citizens to not be too mindful of those that encounter them.

  14. Happy Hour With Matt Post author

    I taught English in Thailand, South Korea, and now China. I also taught online for almost 3 years. I think China has been the best so far. Easy job, few teaching hours, and long lunch breaks. You also get a paid month off for Chinese New Year. Thailand was chill too, but the money was awful. South Korea was my least favorite. I worked at a private training center and was expected to work over 40 hours a week and was always being watched from my boss. I ended up leaving Korea in the middle of my contract. So far I would choose China over any of these, maybe Taiwan is next! 🙂

  15. Snowshowslow Post author

    You mentioned this other video with the practical tips a few times, but I cannot find it. Does anyone know which one it is?

  16. T E Post author

    in Spain, you are trapped in this ''Auxiliares'' program, whereas there are like 25 private academies per mid-sized town, you can not work outside of it but for very limited hours, because you are not EU

    Spain is great if you're EU, but if you are not, it's either a specific program or no visa end-of.

  17. Hong Kong Girl Post author

    Guys u r awesome! Thanks for video 🤝🌟🌟🌟🌟

  18. Chris Nguyen Post author

    I would hire British people over American for teaching English. Americans are lazy like these guys.

  19. Steven G Post author

    Do all of these English teaching jobs require a bachelors degree? All that is covered is the need (or not) of a TEFL certificate.Thank uou.

  20. John Nash Post author

    I want to teach English in Eastern Europe somewhere, specifically the Ukraine maybe, does anyone know anything about it?

  21. Jean Pol Post author

    Hello, I am from a Latin American country, I was raised in the US for 10 years while I was a kid and then moved back later in my teens, I speak English fluently with a native accent, I work here as an English teacher in a Language School and i would love to teach English abroad, I am even studying Education with major in English at the moment. What are my options to be an English teacher abroad despite being from a Non-English Speaking country?

  22. Anthony Baker Post author

    As UK citizen presently i do not need a visa to remain in continental europe, fortunately however you do. Get your facts straight.

  23. Astha Madan Grover Post author

    1. South Korea
    2. Dubai
    3. Japan
    4. Taiwan
    5. Saudi
    6. Singapore
    1. Spain
    2. France
    3. Thailand
    4. Costa Rica
    For learning
    1. Italy
    2. China
    4. India
    5. Jordan
    6. Lebanon
    7. Brazil
    8. Russia
    Off the beaten path
    1. Turkey
    2. Indonesia
    3. Vietnam
    4. Colombia

  24. sadaf khan Post author

    Hiii bros…. Can an Indian work as an ESL teacher in Spain…. It's my childhood dream to go to Mexico n I m even learning Spanish for it…. But I've checked their job requirements n they employ only E. U citizen…

  25. smobworld Post author

    The only thing about South Korea is that you only get like 5 weeks off per contract year but they're bunched together. So if you want to travel you have to spend a lot of money in one big go rather than spread it out throughout the year. You cannot take holidays during school time at all. They have to be during summer and winter holidays but also you have to work during summer and winter holidays for at least 1 week lmao I'm currently living in chuncheon about an hour outside of Seoul and let me tell you you MUST be a hard worker to be a teacher here or you're gonna hate it. I teach in a high school and I work 8 hours a day minimum which I'm paid for but also tend to work an extra 2 hours until 6:30 because I need to lesson plan which is unpaid. So take into consideration your work ethic

  26. Monika Sm Post author

    is it only for the native speakers? what about people who just studied English to actually teach English, speak fluently, etc.??

  27. fj213 Post author

    Can someone please help me out I’m trying to find programs that can help you get a job as a English teacher in Asia or Europe???

  28. akev Post author

    Don't do it for money, do it for experience. You can make more money waiting tables and earning tips. In the end, you have to come home again, so make sure you prepare for that.

  29. LK Trompeta Post author

    This is very informative, thank you guys for your wonderful content. More power! God bless 🙂

  30. Aaliyah Hunter Post author

    Hi, did you make the video about the Auxiliaries de Conversacion Programme? If yes, please link it below.

  31. panchibilin Post author

    going to Spain to teach English sounds so tempting…

  32. 14Y4A SONG SHUAIPU Post author

    no way!!! 40000 dollars a year in japan?

  33. Angie Bercasio Post author

    I am teaching English here in the Philippines for almost 10 years and also I have a degree on education. Do I need TEFL or TESOL to teach English in other country?

  34. Big Mouth Post author

    I thought you guys are going to say Philippines when you said not far from Indonesia 🤣😂

  35. Johnny Trash Post author

    Anachronistic British Imperialists wishing to facilitate teaching in Asia are unwanted and undesirable. Your use by date is past.

  36. manish jaat Post author

    Good video . Can u please tell me about english teacher in hong kong ? What is the procedure?salary ?cost of living? Residence? TEFL requires or not ?and other?
    Please tell me??

  37. Paul D Post author

    Korea has gradually become harder to teach in with lower salaries every year and more competition as more foreigners flock there… Japan has wonderful culture but the cost of living has gone up while the salaries have gone down for teachers – and while schools say you work less than 30hours, the reality is you will work a lot more…Japan is not good for pay.
    A lot of the middle east countries pay more because they are very difficult places to adjust to and be accepted in as a white foreigner – they can be pleasantly surprising but also a nightmare… the money may be good, but does that outway the other negatives and issues?

    Um, for thailand…$1000 haha… most will get about $600 but the cost of living is a lot cheaper than other asian countries…

    What?!? $1200 for china??? — where are those jobs… the average salary is $400…$1200 are for those with a lot more experience, degrees, and lives in the bigger cities.

    It's interesting how in English we say "chili" rather than "chi-lay"…it's strange how you tried to correct us but then said "erabic"…hmmm

    Wait!?! the best place to learn Portuguese is in Brazil – i would have thought Portugal because in Brazil it's Brazilian-Portuguese.

    Skip Russia – go to the Czech Republic… better pay, better jobs, better people.

  38. Chezy Williams Post author

    Does anyone know if the vagabrothers ever did a video about their experience of teaching English in Spain?!

  39. shannon babulal Post author

    Did you guys have to have a English degree for Spain

  40. Chakra Pani Post author

    What if we go to espain ,if are ready to teach english they doesn't knw english and teacher doesn't know spanish ,hw to teach that vaga?

  41. Isabel Joao Post author

    Actually Brazil is one of the worst countries to learn Portuguese. 🤔

  42. Alexandra Papastamatiou Post author

    "Plus dating a Brazilian… if you can ever do that, you should do that… seriously, do that"

  43. Mr Bam Post author

    $1200 a month in China is pretty false. It's very easy to get $2500 a month (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen) and $2000 in other cities

  44. Grim Post author

    What's that song in the Saudi Arabia segment?

  45. Rajashree Nagarkar Post author

    I am from India and wish to know what are my chances of getting a job as a "non-native" speaker. I am CELTA trained.

  46. SpaceFox93 Post author

    Is the JET program really paying the equivalent of $40,000? I thought it was more in the low $30,000 range.

  47. Madie Thurber Post author

    Thanks for the vid! I teach english remotely to kids in China and I'm making $20/hr. They’re hiring and the process is simple! You don't have to have a degree, just enrolled. Hiring link in my video description explaining interview process: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hrpLmoBzrXw&t=29s

  48. EzE Eze Post author

    Good stuff!
    Wish you’d elaborate more on TEFL in Spain in addition to ALT.

  49. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ Post author

    the first place you talked about ,,, my first time do they have job placement ,

  50. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ Post author

    china is the best deal my best deal teaching

  51. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ Post author

    in China they pay my all my needs job apt for one South Korea

  52. Brittney Cook Post author

    China pays more than most of the countries mentioned plus the cost of living is super low! China is the number one country when looking foe an English teaching job!

  53. Tonya Williams Post author

    You had me at, you both taught in Spain!.=D This is where I want to teach and live full time sooner than later. After having researched extensively, I am still at a loss as to what certificate I need to do this? is the TEFL sufficient or do I need the CEFL..?Lastly, I hold a Canadian passport. Looking forward to your response.

  54. Marina Marina Post author

    Such an informative video. Felt like I was travelling while watching the video

  55. Jennifer Ngan Post author

    Myanmar is a fantastic place to teach English; students are refreshingly hard-working and respectful, and most schools will provide you with accommodation. Cost of living is low and salaries are very high (2500-3000 USD), so your disposable income is probably the best in Southeast Asia.

  56. Daniel van der Griend Post author

    Very informative video what was the program you did in Spain called ? thanks

  57. Adam .O Post author

    I am about to go to Thailand to teach, However my dream is to end up In Mexico , i was wondering why you didn't cover it. Also is Columbia and Chile really that much better?

  58. tick tock Post author

    What is the most export item from the UK? Answer: English teacher, easy job because they've talking English since they were born and no need to study hard. Good money making and can live like the king and queen in those poor countries.
    What else can be export from this rotten Empire except English teacher? The Beatles are long dead..

  59. samtar811 Post author

    Cant seem to find the video of their experience teaching English in Spain.. can someone help☺️

  60. Nin S Post author

    Which Tefl certificate is the Best?i.e globally recognised

  61. Sol Proxy Post author

    I missed all of Marko's talking part, cuz I was drowning in his eyes and kind smile.

  62. apaar jain Post author

    What was the requirement for Spain? I couldn't get it.

  63. Aaron Jasim Post author

    Hey, do you guys know a good place to look for an English teaching/tutoring job in Jordan? Had a hard time finding any online.

  64. Kevin Cruz Post author

    To teach English in France I need to take French classes in college?

  65. Bradwell Jackson Post author

    Where do you have the video for Auxiliares de conversacion?

  66. AAron Post author

    Don't you have to know a bit of the native language of the country to teach English there?

  67. Zenbeach Traveler Post author

    Wanted NATIVE SPEAKER, that means WHITE PEOPLE.

  68. Mike King Post author

    I have been here in Thailand for 10 years teaching kinder at a private/government school. Your video is FANTASTICLY informative. Thanks so much.

  69. Ezra Travel Blog Post author

    Hey guys, I am a 17 year old kid from Vancouver BC who is passionate about traveling the world and creating videos. I try my best to post videos I think you guys will like and as often as I can. If you guys wanted to check out my vids that would be much apreciated. Hope everyone has an excelent day (:

  70. Samuel German Post author

    The average salary for Turkey is now 900-1,000 USD for universities and 1,500-2,200 for international schools and other private colleges. I'm currently in Istanbul and have been here for 4 years, never seen a job paying 3,000 USD in any school lol. It is possible that in 2014-2015 it was possible though. Also most schools want a bachelors degree+TEFL.

  71. Majid Ahmadi Post author

    Thanks for your great and useful information

  72. Geo HW Bush Post author

    Any countries that will take retirees to teach English?

  73. Mela Horan Post author

    i just graduated college and am teaching english in spain this september y'all wish me luckkkk

  74. Freyja Winter Post author

    At the moment UK citizens can still go to the EU without a visa. Brexit is not in place yet …..and hopefully it won't ever be. Just maybe change that fact.

  75. Maria G Post author

    Could you share some more information about teaching in Russia (Moscow). Also interested in Greece. I know there is the problem of getting a working visa (not an EU citizen), but would love to hear your insight.

  76. vincent lillis Post author

    im doing a 140 hour online tefl certificate is that useful at all or a waste of money??
    its Cambridge tefl.

  77. Mike Pelletier Post author

    Well that was disappointing…while the info is great…you named 20 places and only stated 10 places that either do, or do not, require an TESL cert. You stated at the beginning, that you were going to note if you needed an ESL, and you skipped half of the list for needing a TESL. I get this video is 2 yrs old…but I bet you are still making bank on it, but you missed half of the info you promised. BUMMER!!!!


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