2019 YouTube SEO Tips – Rank Your Videos

By | August 31, 2019

– Hey what’s going on? In this video I’m going to
be talking about YouTube SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Basically how to rank
your videos in YouTube so that people can find them. So the first thing and
the most important thing is how you title your video. You want to title your video exactly what people are searching for, or what you want to rank for. So let’s say for example you’re
a speed performance coach, and you want to rank
for how to run faster, you would title your
video; How To Run Faster. Now you can add something
after that so it could be; How To Run Faster – Speed
Training for example, but you want your most
important phrases or keywords at the start of your title. Number two, and almost as
important as your title, is you always want to be
creating high quality content, so these two are the
most important things, I would say this is one A and one B. Create high quality content all the time, it kinda seems like common sense, but some people when they’re starting out their YouTube channels, they have an idea for maybe 20 videos that they want to rank for in YouTube, and they’ll rush those videos, go and shoot them in one weekend maybe, upload them to YouTube
to try to get ranking, and they’re gonna wonder
why they didn’t rank, it’s usually because the quality is down, and YouTube wants to provide the best experience for their viewers. So YouTube’s gonna look at things like how long people are staying
and watching your videos, if they’re hitting that thumbs
up button after watching, and if they’re subscribing to your channel after watching your videos. So make sure you’re putting
out high quality content, as you put out high quality content more people are gonna
subscribe to your channel, that’s also gonna lead to natural growth, and a natural bump in your
rankings for your videos. Number three here, so again
these are less important but they still do play
a little bit of a role. Number three, increase watch time. So YouTube wants people to stick around on their app or website for longer, so if you can increase the
watch time on your videos, and just watch session time in general, so if you can get people to watch more of your videos in one session, you’re gonna get a little bit of a bump. But we do want to make sure that our videos are high quality. So you don’t wanna stretch
out the length of your videos just to stretch them out to try to increase your watch time, you want to make sure
they’re high quality. Because a five minute
video where people average five minutes of watch time, is gonna be better than a 20 minute video where people average three
minutes of watch time. So increase the video length if you can, but you always want to make sure that you’re producing the high quality content. Number four is your video quality. So YouTube again wants to provide the best experience for their viewers. A lot of people have 4K TVs, everyone has high-def TVs pretty much, and a lot of people have smartphones with beautiful displays. So YouTube is gonna be
promoting these high-def videos, and we think that eventually
YouTube’s gonna be giving a pretty significant bump for 4K videos, maybe in a couple of years from now, but definitely when you can, you always want to try
shoot in 4K if you can, but you always want to be in high-def. Make sure you’re producing
high quality videos, 4K isn’t necessary yet, but I do think it might
give you a slight bump, maybe in 2019 but
definitely in the future. Number five here, these are less important but again still something
that you should probably do. Captions for your video, basically just telling YouTube what you’re saying in your videos, if you’re saying your keywords
throughout your videos, YouTube’s gonna realize
that through these captions, and rank your videos a bit
higher for those terms. Description you can always include your keywords or phrases
within your description to try to help out the rankings, let YouTube kind of know
what’s in your video. And then same thing with tags, this just lets YouTube know
what your video’s about. So if you want to rank
for how to run faster, you could tag your video with run faster, speed training, speed
workout, whatever it is. So that’s pretty much it, these two are the two most important, the title, and making sure that you’re producing high quality content, and you’re getting more subscribers through the high quality content. So that wraps up this YouTube SEO video, if you have any questions let me know, if you enjoyed the video
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