2018 Trends in Scholarly Publishing

By | October 21, 2019

Hi there. I am John Bond from Riverwinds Consulting
and this is Publishing Defined. Today I am going to talk about the trends
in scholarly publishing for 2018. The academic publishing world continues to
be buffeted by change. Whether this is positive or negative is in
the eye of the beholder. Here is a random list of the key topics presenting
opportunities and threats to the world of publishing. First, open access will evolve further. The players will continue to change as the
commercialization of OA affects how it is perceived. Services connected to open access will expand. Key players may merge, be bought, or change
their model. Second, preprints will continue to change
the landscape of publishing. The more preprints are accepted in scholarly
publishing and in academia, the more the subscription and OA models will be changed in regard to
their perceived value. Third, will be an ongoing concern about the
economy and its effect on scholarly publishing. Whether it is a market correction in 2018,
change in government funding in the US and the trickle-down affect (or assault) on library
budgets, or continue Mergers and Acquisitions activity; business and financial issues will
stay on the front of people’s minds. Fourth, voice search will make inroads into
scholarly publishing specifically with intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and
a growing list. Publishers will need to be vigilant in their
preparation of their content and SEO procedures for the future in the world of voice search. Fifth, Sci-Hub will remain in the news and
cause disruption. Woe to those publishers that are not thinking
through authentication as well as how to deal with these types of services. Sixth, delivering content in video and audio
form will grow with customer demand. Many publishers are using innovative ways
to deliver journal abstracts, news articles, continuing education to mobile customers and
readers as the usage numbers are skyrocketing. Seventh, machine learning will increase in
the impact on scholarly content. Publishers will find opportunities with machine
learning and artificial intelligence to partner with research institutions and others to create
innovative non-book or journal products. And there many more I could discuss. How will the net-neutrality fight affect publishers? Also, topics such as workflows, accessibility
for content, increased services provided by publishers will all present opportunities
for publishing. How will it all turn out? Stay tuned over the next 12 months. Hit the Like button below if you enjoyed this
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