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By | August 27, 2019

– Who doesn’t love a good SEO hack? And that’s what we’re talking
about this week on Hard Facts. Hi, I’m Samantha Cunningham Zawilinski, and I’m giving you even more SEO hacks for Pinterest, this week on Hard Facts. If you haven’t caught up in our series of Pinterest for Business, find the link here to see
all of the other videos and even more SEO hacks
for your business profile. But let’s jump in to
some new tips and tricks. So tip number one is rename your images. How often do you upload all of your files from your phone or your computer and it’s like, image24.png? Well, that provides zero SEO value, and it also becomes your alt text, if you don’t use a WordPress plugin for your website where
people can pin from. So it’s actually two hacks in one here. One, rename the image. Doing so will allow you to have things like Custom Necklaces, so you get that additional SEO value by having it be the description. In addition to that, think about utilizing a WordPress plugin. Here’s an example of one
that you could utilize and within your website infrastructure. Use a WordPress plugin
like Social Warfare, and what this will allow
you to do is prefill a description that when
people pin from your website, it is now going to prefill. If you do not, it makes retitling those images even more important because what prefills is
that alt text of the image. So tip number three is
change the description another pinner has already used. And I know you’re going to tell me, Oh, that is a lot more
work I don’t have time for. But I encourage you to do so, especially if you’re leveraging Pinterest as a top traffic source for your business and your product. Reason being, so many people
just forget that a description has SEO value and has relevant importance to their page and their
success on Pinterest. So you’re going to leverage
this where other users don’t. So, Pinterest doesn’t care
who the original owner of that content is as much as
they care about the quality of you as a pinner and
the pin you’re pinning. So here, changing the
description is going to add more SEO value and a
relevancy to the content that you are putting on your page. And so another thing here you’re going to want to make sure you
do is not keyword stuff. So there are no penalties so
far from Pinterest by doing so, but it makes it irrelevant once you create this long list of keywords
that have no relevance to what you actually have
either pinned or repinned. And it keeps that
positive user experience. When you break that bond with the user, you see fall-off and a lack of
engagement or re-engagement. Tip number four is a new feature, or relatively new feature, to Pinterest. But not everybody’s adapted
yet, and it is hashtags. I love hashtags for a few reasons here, but you can have up to 20 in your pin. And when you start typing in the hashtag, it actually will show you
categories and top hashtags used, so you can generate
ideas that you would want to incorporate in your
hashtag list for your pin. Now, another thing I love here as well is the Pinterest algorithm
is based on the best pins, not the newest pins. The way the hashtag
algorithm works for now, is that it is based on
the most recent pins. So that benefits you by utilizing hashtags instead of waiting for the algorithm to identify you as a great pinner or your pin as great content. Tip number five is make sure
you’re encouraging individuals to pop over to Pinterest
from other sources. So, make sure you have a Pin It button on images or content on your website. In addition to that,
when you’re sending out your email marketing
newsletter, for example, make sure you’re encouraging people to pin that content for later as well. This is going to encourage individuals to not only save your content but have a cross-platform
experience with your business. And if you’re wondering, what
do I create on Pinterest, and what is some of the
most engaged content, I’ve got a hack for that. So hack number six and
seven are both in relation to finding out how much activity pins have and what other pins you
can create ideas from. So how do you find out how much activity a pin has had in the past? Click on it and then at the
back of the URL, add /activity. This is going to give you the information about how many repins and
pins that image has had. And tip seven, or hack number seven, last but not least is, How do you gain some additional ideas from the most popular
content on Pinterest? Well, one website I love is repinned.net, and it is going to show you the most popular pins by category. But I actually encourage you just to stay within the platform as well. Do a search for the type of content you’re looking to create, and what you’ll see is much
like the Google search bar. Pinterest starts to complete
your sentences for you, showing you most popular
searches in order, as well as relevance to
what you have searched. And in addition to that, you’ll
see below the search bar, once you’ve picked that term
that’s important to you, there’s other suggestions
for categories, topics, or subsegments of what kind
of content you can curate. So that’s it for this
week’s episode of Hard Facts and our SEO hacks for Pinterest. I hope you’ll subscribe
and like my channel, as it’ll keep you up to date, not only on our Pinterest series, but all of our episodes of
Hard Facts and what’s trending. (upbeat rock music)

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