2. Top Majestic Backlinks Tips

By | October 20, 2019

what would be your tip your Majestic tip
to give our audience out there obviously starting making things with it. So the
great thing about Majestic is just that the amount of data that you get of data
points you get as just completely unparalleled and actually taking
information out is a very clean and easy thing to do so first things first I
would highly recommend that people start looking at all the different ways you
can get things into like Excel and sheets and things of that nature there’s
a ton of connectors pretty much you just click a button it’s there
I’d also look at setting things up for short medium and long term so I see a
lot people doing set up projects [Campaigns] and say Majestic and I highly highly recommend
that they do that because you can start checking for new links are coming in
your competitors and you can have it automatically hang out at have them
crawl sort of 404 only there’s a bunch o f things I would use it to create a
system where you get a link deal flow ‘Clique Hunter’ in particular that’s
the first thing I would stuff start looking at break your link building
campaigns down into hygiene so make sure there’s nothing broken or 404s, it’s
all pointing to the right place. Defense put in a bunch of competitor analysis stuff
to make sure that you’re getting the same links as them and diluting their link
proposition and then growth. That’s the way we think of it and those three things
and with majestic that’s how I set everything up and literally that the
click hunter is like yeah don’t just look at competitors also get comparators
and wha t I mean by that is imagine you are a car insurance brand. Go
put AutoTrader and eBay Motors and all those guys I’m sort of like what a
great like absolutely I’m a great lover of ‘Clique Hunter’ and I think in terms of
suggestions say take the top 10 blogs in your industry and put them in because
bloggers link to other bloggers and when you put 10 top blogs in suddenly you’ve
got 5,000 blogs to look at
and the same thing goes with trade magazines. Journalists of course link to each other and to all those pieces so that’s
really incredible so it’s not just competitors you need to think about,
there’s a virtual online marketplace that’s there. And all of these cliques are
there and the purpose of Clique Hunter is to help you identify them. And I think
the great thing about that feature is traditionally if you were to take those
things into Google and use Google to do your discovery of these places the thing
is like a trade magazine are not optimized for the keywords you want to
place so you’re not gonna find them by doing keyword searches using advanced
operators things like that you’re literally only gonna find them by
looking behind the curtain and looking at the backlinks. Well our developers will
be delighted to hear that you love cleanness of the data of the way that
you could get your hands on that and then do your creative things with it.
Yeah, it’s the API for me is just like it’s an absolute dream we make our own
tools as well I think being able to roll your own and on the fly is
something really quite nice so being able to start with a basic data set
pulling in more stuff and then actually cleaning and augmenting it and there’s
actually a feature in the Google sheets plugin from Majestic called Augment
data so the moment you start pulling that stuff then you can literally just
highlight it click open and then bang it’s all in there I just don’t know any
other no one else does that and if you want to do that you’re talking about
reams and reams and reams of CSV’s and kind of hacking away at their tools and
stuff like that but the Majestic API it’s literally you’ve already got your
working sheet you’re doing your analysis you literally just click augment and there
it’s there like in terms of like getting things done and being more effective
that to me that is the ultimate! So build your own tools, roll your own, build systems
and processes around the data because they’ve worked really hard to get those
API endpoints really clean. Excellent! if you’ve enjoyed this video please give us a
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