2-in-1 Testimonial for Bruce Clay SEO Training

By | August 22, 2019

I’m Paula Allen and I’m a Senior…
– See there it is! Our first blooper! I knew we were going to get one! Okay, that’s my last. Hi, I’m Paula Allen and I’m a Senior Technical Writer here at Bruce Clay, Inc. I first started at the company in 2008 almost
ten years ago and come to find out I knew very little about search engine
optimization at that time. One of the first things that I got to do was to sit
in on Bruce Clay’s SEO training course and it blew my mind.
Literally. No, not literally. I thought that I had understood how to manage a
website and in fact that had been part of my responsibility at my last employer.
In those first few days learning from Bruce I felt terrible; I felt so guilty
that I had made all those decisions wrong! But moving forward, last week on
Reddit I ran across a thread where somebody was sort of in that same newbie
position that I was – they were responsible for their website, didn’t
know how to make it rank, and the comments were just great: “Use guest posts, and PBN’s, and buy links!” There was one gem where somebody wrote, “Go to Bruce
Clay. Transformed what I knew about SEO. I went to the company seminar in Cali and
I learned more than I ever did in school.” And so I dug a little deeper and I saw
that earlier this year he had posted an extensive review of our training. Here’s
what he said: “First of all, my mind is about to explode. The three-day seminar
delved deep into the most prominent topics concerning SEO that anyone could
ever ask for. The instructor was clearly well versed and passionate on the
subject and three days felt like a semester of SEO. The course comes in
three days or five days. I signed up for three but clearly I should have signed
up for five as I wanted to learn even more as the class progressed. The other
participants in the class came from all different levels of SEO knowledge. There
were people taking the class for the second, fifth, or eleventh time and each of them
said they came away with something new. Plus, they were a great reference to
learn from as well. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who’s
interested in SEO and even though it is an expense when you finish you will
consider it a very good investment.” It makes sense because the search engine industry changes so frequently the class has to change constantly as well to keep
up. So if you are in the same situation that I was in or that this gentleman on
Reddit is in where you’re responsible for this website and you’re not quite
sure how to move it up, really consider coming and sitting in on Bruce Clay’s
training. You’ll be amazed. Thank you.

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