16 Unique Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should Know for your Job interview in 2018

By | September 1, 2019

87 thoughts on “16 Unique Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should Know for your Job interview in 2018

  1. Digiperform- Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon Post author

    What other questions you have related to Digital Marketing Interview? Let us know in the comments below.

  2. Anjali Meena Post author

    will internship in digital marketning help to get job

  3. Ganga Post author

    Seriously bro! awesome content keeps making such video so that we can learn from your experience.

  4. Ganga Post author

    how did you optimize your website for voice search? can you please make the video for this.

  5. shilpa chowdary Post author

    impressed!!!!!!! subscribed for your way of teaching….Please upload more

  6. VH Post author

    That's a good video for navie users also. I don't have any such professional knowledge of digital marketing. But I am very much interested in it. What shall I start doing in order to get a job in this field? Like any online course like Google Adword, Google analytics..?
    What topics should I start studying online?

  7. Youku Videos Post author

    yes u are right but the problem is that ki bacche course karne k baad bhi job nahi milpa rahi hai 100% placement bolkar ye job provide nahi karate

  8. sravani pooja Post author

    I am impressed ur video full information is dr make more videos

  9. anirudh kairamkonda Post author

    Nice video. I like this video. Thank you for such an amazing video

  10. Jessica Ortega Post author

    Tip: The background music is too loud and distracting, and a lot of room echo. Good info tho!

  11. Sai Naresh Parimi Post author

    valueable information sir,
    thank you so much for this video, you have explained the difference between PPC and CPC in a simple and easy way,
    Thanks a lot,
    Keep uploading trending videos.

  12. Imrb Hyd Post author

    Mr pratik u said that social media is" the current state of internet the way people are using it."".but In a case I came to internet and opened Google for searching about something informative is that also social media??

  13. afsheee Post author

    Really its a nice video very helpful for me .you did the things as simple as we did , specially u explain difference b/w ppc and cpc .awesome

  14. afsheee Post author

    One more thing I want to ask sir which i face in my interview i.e
    What is difference b/w article and blog ?
    Please explain

  15. Pratik Patil Post author

    Thanks for such a informative video Bro …..I have a question what would you suggest. 1) MBA in Marketing or 2) Digital marketing external course. ..based on the future scope.

  16. Jatin Prasad Post author

    Sir do we have targets on digital marketin like sales job.

  17. Preet Devgon Post author

    AWESOME! worth the time, keep up the great work, you will go very far.

  18. Анатолий Коваль Post author

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  19. Shashi Kant Chaudhary Post author

    sir apna what up number de dijiye
    kuch question clear krne the digital marketing se related hi

  20. Sushmita Singh Post author

    superb explanation. provide more videos regarding SEO and all related terms.

  21. faith worship Post author

    useful video for all digital marketing ………..

  22. Jaime Blanco Post author

    Wow thanks man! Great vid! There we’re a couple things I forgot about thank you for the refreshment

  23. tanvi kharya Post author

    Impressive video,, learned so many things in very easy term now we can understood PPC and CPC difference properly

  24. Abd El-Salam Bakr Post author

    It is formative. loved it. Thank u so much.

  25. nishigandha badwe Post author

    I like the way you explain, thankyou for this video keep posting

    Question : what is metatag in seo?

  26. Firoj Badakar Post author

    Funtastic learning it was for me here 😊
    Can you please make an video ragrding social media management ?

    Thank you.

  27. Prashant Kr Prasad Post author

    Impressive very very impressive. Very knowledgeable

  28. Abhay Gupta Post author

    Sir kya me "Google digital marketing" ke certificate se internship kr sakta hu kya

  29. Aditi Audichya Post author

    Doing great work. Keep posting so we learn many things through your experience 🤘

  30. mohammed rifthy Post author

    Its keen and informative to refresh the knowledge, Thank you

  31. teja Post author

    Hi Digiperform, your teaching skills are good. I would like to know how digital marketing is a good option for today's generation? I got long career gap of 6 years because of it am not getting selected in the interviews,no matter how better I perform.

  32. DIVYA Post author

    So I can do digital marketing after BTech, but is MBA needed for higher positions like digital marketing manager or strategist? now I am a Btech graduate, what will my career growth be restricted in the field as I am not post graduate

  33. Nikita Singh Post author

    hey man,
    the video is amazing but i didn't get proper point where you were explaining PPC and CPC
    can u make video on SEO and SEM in detail???????????
    if possible.

  34. RITABRATA SAHA Post author

    First of all huge thanks for this superb video and now my questions are:

    1)Is learning WordPress must for a Digital Marketing beginner student ? Both for interview and self purpose as well. 2) How to explain the question "What is the future of Digital Marketing and what and all invention can be made learning this?"

  35. pullaiah neredu Post author

    Hey ur super bro.. supub content in this video. Bro i want to know every terminalogy in the digital marketing with suitable examples. Will share any link for my query pls.

  36. Prajakta Pandit Post author

    I just loved your video. I liked the way you explained the difference between PPC n CPC 🙂 Looking forward to watch more content related DM.

  37. sudhakar konduru Post author

    Nice & very good information , thanks bro.

  38. Ana Mica Post author

    I want this guy to be my personal online tutor for my digital marketing course. Honestly speaking, he is good.

  39. Omkar Hegade Post author

    @17.53 it should be fraction of second instead of friction of second….rest all is good 😄

  40. Paul Argueta Post author

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  41. Sortlist Post author

    “We should no longer be talking about ‘digital marketing’ but marketing in a digital world.”

    Keith Weed

  42. Rohit varma Bhupathiraju Post author

    Subbed your channel……good explanation 👍🏼

  43. Daisy Ogaba Post author

    Alexa stop😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  44. dhiraj wandhare Post author

    thanks for sharing such a great information
    thats a very useful every one whose want to make a caeer in digital world
    thank you again!!!!!!!

  45. Ankit Singh Negi Post author

    awesome brother you are killing in 2019 keep the good work up !!

  46. MK Shaikh Post author

    very nice and clear tutorial.
    Sir, I had completed all the Fundamentals, all the Basics, even doing live project work in DM.
    So, where should I go for Digital Marketing as a career like: for a Jobs, Freelancing, and Own Agency?
    plz, answer Sir.


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