#16 – Comparison of the SEO with the Divine Google – مقایسه سئو و گوگل الهی

By | September 4, 2019

Hello dear friends, I am Nick Aria 14th May 2019 or (24 Ordibehesht 1398 of the Solar Hijri calendar) here is our Gohardasht-Karaj office I wanted to tell you about SEO so simply. Many people are saying the “SEO”, and you use this word repeatedly Do people know what is that? And what’s basically it’s simple definition? See, we printed these logos on mugs for ourselves We printed a series of t-shirts for ourselves we also made some badge here We attached that logo on the wall, as you can see and everywhere we turn our head or turn our eyes In any way, this sign of the
SMBWAY That is, in fact, our supreme criterion and goal That we desire to realized soon reach to our semi-conscious mind Or, as the foreign says Subconscious Mind when it receive these pictures or signals Unconsciously, without you knowing it’s working on it in the back of your mind. Behind your mind these frames of information that are express via our eye, ear or feeling it will listen, see and process. Pay attention that Whatever this information continually with a deep feelings, and many times are sending to our brain, each time our subconscious mind compares this signal with the previous signal and it continuously will be realized oh, this is the same signal, same address, same request to a specific and precise goal, not a vague one! We wrote exactly what we desire here Global Business Communications Network Or the Way of the Small Business and that’s exactly what it’s receiving, seeing, seeing, seeing… And it tries to emphasize on this address in its search criteria in that Divine Google Bring it up in a high grade, higher priority. And, our other wishes and request’s grades will goes down and after that unceasingly. And everything that we focus more on it, more see it, more hear it with a high and burning feeling it will push it up, rise up, move up. And, it will search in the universe to see how it can find the shortest route, and will send us the best companions, best ambassadors and will open the shortest gates for us until that our wish and goal In fact, it will be realized in the real world. Exactly, the search engines work with the same logic This is the “Search Engine Optimization” It means those hashtags you hit on your posts, and those key points you specify precisely, the repetition and continuation of posting on the social networks which you are doing And, with God willing, when this SMBWAY platform being release, because you are the user of the same app, and, you are working with it on your current operations, every click that you send on it In fact, you are sending a pulse over that address to these search engines. That’s why this continuity on your own business’ keywords, on your own business’ address in the web, on those products and services that permanently that are repeating on each hashtag which oh this is my business; will cause this optimization, or search engine optimization or SEO empower it, and whenever anyone types those keywords; then it brings you in the first row of the search results. In fact, This is the “SEO”. I hope you get helpful meanings from this video. And this simulation that I made for the SEO Or Search Engine Optimization Between that divine google, And these search engines that are working on the Internet, you also focus on your key goods and products and reference yourself as many as you can. and encourage people to click on those addresses, as many as you can And that will make your business SEO to be Optimize. when anybody is typeing the first keywords of your business in the search engines, SEO will put you in the first rows, the first, the first… Until the next video, be happy and winner. Goodbye

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