16 Business Website Must Haves | Best Practices for Modern Websites

By | September 30, 2019

hey I’m gonna show you 16 website
must-haves that are gonna help your business kill it online number one is user experience guys user
experience is super important for obvious reasons but also Google is
placing an increased importance on user experience if people are finding exactly
what they’re looking for on your website then you’re probably gonna rank pretty
well number two is responsiveness your
website has to respond as well on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop
computer as it does on a tablet and a laptop that means your website has to
fit all screen sizes nothing’s too wide for the screen you
don’t have to zoom in really far on a mobile phone number three is quick
PageSpeed this is also a Google ranking factor it’s super important not only on the
desktop version of your website but also super important again on the mobile
version of your website so that means your images have to be compressed
you have to minify whatever code is on the top of your website and bring it
down so that it doesn’t slow down the speed of your website you can use GT
metrics Google PageSpeed insights there are some other tools that you can use
I’m sorry everyone box website designs just don’t look good
anymore and if you don’t know what I’m talking
about it’s essentially exactly what it sounds like there’s a box you have text
or images or whatever inside of that and then on the outside you have white space
or flower patterns or whatever it is people did back in 2005 I’m sorry it
doesn’t look good anymore you’ve got to make it full width now number five is
calls to action I’m so surprised at today how many websites I go to there’s
no contact information there’s no contact form no phone number no email
you have to make your calls to action super clear now don’t overdo it but make
them super clear show people how to contact you if they want to get in touch
you gotta let them know how number six is business information this is services
that you offer products your menu if your restaurant
I am so shocked at the amount of websites that I still see to this day
that don’t show people what their services are what their products are
their menu is number seven is reviews and testimonials so Google and search
engines as well as customers want to know if they can trust you so how do
you let them know that they can trust you you show them past successes you’ve
had so you show them past reviews past testimonials you can embed your Google
my business reviews onto your website if you want number eight is author slash
employee slash owner information search engines and customers want to know if
they can trust you so if you’re a guitar teacher essentially what you want to do
is write up a little profile for the guitar teacher show them your past
experiences past education and just let people know why they should trust you
number nine is images graphics and video guys video is so big today and it’s just
gonna get even bigger now I’m not saying just whip up these terrible looking
videos putting a video on your website just to have video on your website
doesn’t work make good looking videos make them look professional number ten
is your company address again it’s one of those things that seems obvious but is
super important to let people and search engines to know that they can trust you
let them know where you’re located all right I’m gonna run through these last
ones pretty quickly here SSL certificate guys you got to have HTTPS
it adds an extra layer of security visitors want to see that social media
buttons again I’ve seen all ton of websites where they don’t have social
media and not everyone is gonna use them but give them the opportunity to follow
you on social media sticky desktop menu I’d say is pretty
important today you don’t want them on the mobile device but it’s essentially when
you scroll down on a desktop computer or a laptop the the menu will stick up to
the top the calls to actions will still be there they can still navigate through
the website it’s a pretty cool feature texts large enough to read this goes
back to the mobile responsiveness a lot of mobile devices or a lot of mobile
websites don’t have big enough text to read and you have to zoom way in so make
sure your text is large enough to read and it’s a readable font portfolio or
past work again people want to see what your past successes are we talked about
the reviews and testimonials so showing a portfolio if you’re a graphic designer
so some of your past work super important if you’re a plumber show
a picture of a before and after a of a kitchen it looks great on a website and
it looks great to customers and last one colors and design to match your brand so
I’ll walk into a business it’s got this cool neon green color there there
stripes across the wall it looks awesome and then I go to their website and it’s
red and they’re these weird pages like guys your website is the same entity as
your business so the brand should match all right guys if you learned something
today that’s awesome if you have any questions please shoot me a message I’m
always available if you’re interested in getting getting a website done or have
any video production work done guys I love to help you if you’re a little bit
hesitant again please don’t hesitate to reach out to me I’d love to speak with
you answer any questions that you may have other than that have a great day

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