15 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Video FAST in 2018

By | August 21, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to know how well optimized your video is or somebody else’s on YouTube stay tuned because we’re going on a deep dive on a brand new vidIQ tool. Hello everyone welcome at to vidIQ my name is Rob if this is your first time here we are YouTube tool and channel that aims to help you get more views in less time to help grow your channel. One of the ways we do that is through this wonderful vidIQ Chrome extension that you see on screen now. This is the video watch page on YouTube and if you haven’t used vidIQ before you may be wondering what on earth all of these numbers are and statistics on the right hand side of a screen. This is our industry-leading video score card and it unearths all sorts of data about every single video on YouTube such as views per hour. It also looks at social engagement of videos and will even grade your search engine optimization to find out whether videos are as discoverable as they should be. And the video tags here show you where tags rank for this particular video. What we’re looking at today is a brand new tool that we’re bringing to you and it comes in the form of this section here which is the video optimization checklist. Now I’m a video creator just like you and one of the most stressful times of any video especially here at vidIQ where we upload three to four videos a week is the actual uploading process. You’ve spent hours creating a video and then in a rush to get the video onto YouTube you forget to do a custom thumbnail or you don’t write enough tags, it’s not optimized properly, or you forget to add the video to a playlist. There’s all of these things to think about when it comes to YouTube to help them serve your content to the right audience and have maximum exposure. So what we have here is the video optimization checklist which for your own videos includes 15 different points for you to refer to. Now each of these checkpoints are indicated by a green tick or a red cross. For example if you haven’t added the video to a playlist you will get a red cross. If you haven’t shared the video to Facebook you will get a Red Cross. However for titles, tags and descriptions it’s slightly different. We rate your metadata so to speak. For example with a title if it’s less than 20 characters or more than 60 characters we will give you a red cross because for a title you need some keywords in there so that would be at least a phrase of some kind over 20 characters, but once you go over sixty characters that will cut off your title in some previews. So the viewer may not be able to read the entire title before clicking on the video. As we’ve said tags are always used to help categorize your contents giving YouTube a little bit more information about where the video should go and who it should be served to so you should include at least 200 characters worth of tags which may be long tail or short tail keywords. Make sure you include tags to get the green tick. The maximum is of course 500 characters. As for descriptions the first three or four lines are vitally important to YouTube in terms of, again, looking at those keywords of your content and being able to index them correctly in searches. Again when you show those thumbnail previews and description previews those first few lines are read so we suggest having at least 300 characters. The rest of the check points are very much make sure you do all of these things when you upload a video, for example video cards. You want to push your audience to more of your content to increase session watch time. The same with end screens, your content doesn’t have to end with the conclusion of your video, make sure you’re pushing your audience to more of your content. Closed captions these help YouTube with indexing your content, it will search for keywords and it could help with translations as well. Reply to comments, obviously very important for improving engagement. When somebody sends something to you, asks a question, they put some time and effort into that you should put time and effort into engaging with your audience. Sharing on Facebook and sharing on Twitter. Obviously you wanna share it on other social media platforms. You can do this in slightly different ways so if you don’t share to Twitter or Facebook directly from YouTube that’s not too much of a concern if you have another plan of action. When it comes to monetization enabled obviously that’s something you’ll be wanting to do if making a income stream from your content is important to you. Added to a playlist, all videos should be added to some form of playlist and you should be adding playlists on a regular basis. People watching videos in playlists watch more of your content. Again it ups the watch time. Making the video public goes without saying, obviously. You may have set one of your live streams to unlisted so it’s worth checking that just in case you’ve made that mistake. And of course more engagement options down at the bottom here making sure that you’ve either pinned one of your own comments to add more information about the video or pinning your favorite comments from your audience that really does inspire them when you do that. And of course if you’re going to read the comments you want to heart them. It sends a notification to the viewer and they feel good about themselves that the video creator has taken time to read their comments. Ao that’s what the video optimization checklist looks like for one of your own videos, how does that differ to a video if it’s not one of your own? If we visit this video tutorial from Sean Cannell at Think Media, thank you very much Sean for the awesome tutorial, the scorecard is on the right hand side as we can see but if we scroll down to the video optimization checklist it includes ten checkpoints not fifteen. Some of the data that we collect is private to your own content so we only share it on your videos but this content here is public. The ones that you won’t see on other people’s videos are custom thumbnails, closed captions, reply to a recent comment, the monetization enabled checkpoint, and added to a playlist. These are all private things to your channel which is why we don’t share them and other people’s channels but as we can see here Sean at Think Media, big thumbs up of course, he’s an expert at YouTube optimization and he has a more or less perfectly optimizes video. Not shared it on Twitter maybe he’s done that through a different source or link which can’t be detected at through our checklist. So that’s how a near-perfect video is optimized but what we haven’t looked at yet is when a video hasn’t been optimized at all and it looks a little like this. So right now this video isn’t absolute dumpster fire but we can save it because it hasn’t been published yet. We need to add cards endscreens, custom thumbnails, all sorts of things need to be fixed here and you also see our recommendations for titles, tags, and descriptions. If I mouse over it will give me a recommendation of putting the title between 20 and 60 characters it looks like here it’s over 60 characters, same with tags we’ve probably not added any at all and the description is too short, we haven’t done anything with our description. That needs fixing Now one of the good things we have here on optimization is when you haven’t optimized it provides links with these arrows so say if I need to add some video cards to this video I simply click on the arrow and that will automatically take me to the video card section of this video so I can then add some cards which will send my audience to more videos on my content and you can do that with the end screens and over options from the video optimization checklist. Now for some awesome news, everything you’ve seen so far in this optimization checklist is 100% free when you download the vidIQ Chrome extension. There is one paid aspect to this optimization checklist and this is for pro and boost users and that is the controversial keywords checker. Now if I look at a another person’s video such as Sean Cannell’s again we have a potential controversial keyword here which is the word shoot. He’s included that in his video description here so it’s just a warning that your content may be flagged for demonetization when you include some of the words that we have in our controversial keyword checker. There are plenty more what you might describe as a saucy comments in there. This is not a defacto this will be demonetised warning, it’s a guide to make sure that if you are using particular words how YouTube may interpret them. So there you have it folks the video optimization checklist tool, not only an opportunity to audit your own content but to spy on your competition as well all from the YouTube watch page. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this tool let us know in the comments below and of course this is all part of our vidIQ Chrome extension a link is in the description and as we said it’s free to download. Enjoy the rest of your video making day bye for now

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