15 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Video FAST in 2018

By | August 21, 2019

81 thoughts on “15 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Video FAST in 2018

  1. Syed bilal Akram khan Post author


  2. John The Cooling Fan Post author

    WOW! With every new video I finding new functions of VidIQ, thanks!

  3. JT Wardell Post author

    Great video ROB i watch all your live streams you helped me gain 3 subscribers

  4. Apk Heaven Post author

    could you be kind enough to create a video for us on how to do all these things correctly from title to the hearted comment? i am sorry if i am asking to much.

    I learn so much from you every day.

    thank you for all the hard work you do everyday for us.

  5. frankfoti Post author

    Thats why i will never make videos of shooting my children and their friends at school with my new canon.

  6. Eugen C Popa Post author

    Good stuff! 🙂 TOo bad that your plugin is not overlapping with Tubebuddy's on my chrome 🙁

  7. Depression Talks With Immanuel Post author

    Thank you for breaking this down for us! The more understanding we are of the features, the better use it is for us.

  8. Carolina S Bertrán Post author

    The only thing I do not do is: post it on facebook, because I do not have it, and add videos on playlists. So, what happens is not optimized the same if some options are missing?

  9. Lukas Gadelha Post author

    This checklist is awesome, I always use it when uploading to make sure everything is covered!

  10. Stephanie Douglass Post author

    I've actually really liked that I can see what tags other creators use. It gives me some inspiration for future videos and series.

  11. PhantomDogman Post author

    When uploading multiple videos your tool:
    1. only suggest tags for one video;
    2. Second and probably third and so on shows only top part of checklist. By adding more details to video shows more data. But still if I don't have a info for video then it dons't show checklist.

  12. Ileane Smith Post author

    Hey Rob! Thanks for the update 👍🏽
    Do you know which link is the best one to share on Twitter so that it gets counted by vidiq? For example will it count a link that we shorten in bitly?

  13. Tom & Jerry's Vlogs Post author

    I'm about to delete the other guy. *cough TB *cough *cough

  14. Schildersbedrijf Edens Post author

    Thanks Rob!
    Let's say, i'm from Holland and my title, tags, description, thumnail all is written in Dutch, not other language.

    And Let's say, YouTube algoritme has enough data to know the video is all about " how to Cook an egg? "

    Can youtube suggest your video to someone in Russia that is typing " how to Cook an egg? " in his language?
    Or someone in China?

    Or does youtube do this only if mine title is written in Chinese?

  15. JJR SURVIVAL Post author

    great video Rob ,and another great tool from Vidiq , i will check it out and use it to help optimize my vids , cheers mate

  16. Lettuce Head Post author

    I have been using this checklist since I downloaded the tool and I always refer to it when uploading. The only thing I don't do is use the social media options because I do that on my own.

  17. Bucky's Hunting Tips Post author

    I have a custom thumbnail and closed caption with a couple of my videos, but vidIQ is saying that I don't.

  18. Olivia Kissper ASMR Post author

    Hey Rob, how come this video only scored 65.6/100? My scores are usually even lower, so is it pretty good then?

  19. The Dad Life Channel Post author

    I really love this vid IQ. Not sure what all of it means but I am getting enough info to understand what's happen with my channel.

  20. hitmanbluesband Post author

    Great video, I've made some changes. Of course, YouTube has changed their monetization policy, so not everyone CAN monetize.
    Thanks for posting this.

  21. Alisa Shay - Thoughtful Creativity Post author

    Thank you for all your help, VidIQ!

  22. Audio Video Mixing Point Post author

    I love it click here kinmaster chroma key _#audiovideomixingpoint

  23. waterbro2008 Post author

    can you please put my channle in your next video in the description i liked subed and watch your videos everyday i am a huge fan

  24. Stein Codes Post author

    Mind making it for firefox too, I really like it but I don't like chrome.

  25. Mark de Scande Post author

    @Rob The Twitter API is no longer working on vidIQ and TubeBuddy so you wont see the twitter ranking any more, i have seen it on all my videos and even on yours as well as Sean Cannell PS great video as always and thank you for a great tool

  26. TST News Post author

    This is fake, many times i have seen there are any no tag no description and title is 100 words but YouTube gives more views so stop making fool.

  27. Nerdhour Post author

    We love the VidIQ chrome extension it is amazing and a big help to our channel 😀

  28. MrBart Roleplay Post author

    tanks ! i was realy needing this !

    Hi form France 😉

  29. Mr Jammy James Post author

    I got the email and honestly I love your Channel and I actually feel that I'm improving with only 79 subs but better videos worth checking out and uploading every week which really helps

  30. Purple Six Beats Post author

    Honestly, VidIQ have really helped Me to grow. Im really grateful for the people who created this tool. 🙂

    Also I have a question. I know that keyword stuffing in description is kinda against the YouTube policy, but I have seen channels in same field as I, and they do stuff paragraphs of keywords in description and their channels are growing faster according to VidIQ data on daily subs and views. And they are doing it for a long time, some of them for years.
    So My question is. Is it safe to that, since it still works on ranking obviously?

  31. Gunawan Limabelas Post author

    Thankz for information , very nice videos

  32. Zoee White Post author

    @5:15 The stats for this vid says 8/10 today (26 Apr 2018) There's x Pinned Comment and x Shared on FB Get these sorted and you'll have 10/10

  33. SINternet Entertainment Post author

    You should just skip monetization and find companies to work with the return​ is much better.

  34. MamaDee Post author

    I've been using your extension for a long time but none of the "optimization" HAVE and some HAVE NOT worked.

  35. Pegasusangel's Gameplay Post author

    Nice thanks for the info. I find vidiq a checklist so much more easier to understand then Tubebuddy. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Chadwick Model Railway Post author

    Hi, what happened to the ability to view other Youtubers income on a certain video?
    I recall seeing that Casey N, was earning $80k plus but this is no longer visible.
    It's great incentive to all so please reinstall. Regards Charlie

  37. Татьяна Комякова Post author

    Thanks for the info! Great!

  38. Yoruba Movies 2019 New Release Post author

    kindly boost my confidence and subscriber base by pinning my link. Thanks in advance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_fWOp08Q2_oqZz93Oc4nvg?view_as=subscriber

  39. COMEDY iNSiDE Post author

    Thank you very much for your valuable information.

  40. MajorFox Mj [YT] Post author

    Thanks for your work ! Keep going !

  41. Psyko Films Post author

    How do i get that thing on the right coming up on my youtube… ?

  42. Shitty Princess Post author

    every youtube creator needs this lovin!

  43. SnapThis! Post author

    A bit of an odd question, but have you released a video about the rollover snippets of video on this channel.

    If you don’t understand what I mean by roll over snippets, on the PC when you hover over most new videos give you a five second taster of what’s inside

  44. 8891新車 Post author

    What does the "tag volume" mean? Difference between tag volume and tag count

  45. 温玉香 Post author

    在留言那邊VIDIQ會提供“3,599 subscribers”這樣的數據,請問這個數據是怎麼統計的呢?是指有多少人瀏覽了這個評論嗎?這個瀏覽又是怎麼定義的呢?

  46. ZF Jamie Post author

    i need 1000 us subscriber…how it possible?????? cz i have a small youtube channel…………………..please anyone help me………………

  47. Spa Born Post author

    Thank you for video, I was get lost in VidIQ extension for a while. Now pretty clear I will try to customise my video more.

  48. Spa Born Post author

    Thank you for video, I was get lost in VidIQ extension for a while. Now pretty clear I will try to customise my video more.

  49. SamuelDaram Post author

    This optimisation checklist is something I will have by my side from now on. Great tips on the maximum number of characters in titles and tags.

  50. Riehl Food Post author

    Why would I allow VidIQ to see, edit, and permanently delete my YouTube videos, ratings, comments and captions?

  51. Rainbow Playground Post author

    most of youtube experts suggests use less tags, but you use lots of tags. Which one is true? less or more?

  52. Ryu Hoshi Post author

    Need Help for Subs, Thank you very much




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