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By | August 26, 2019

Hey there, this is Jordan Alexo from Prositetutorials.
Where I talk about professional websites in 5 steps. In this video, I am going to talk
about 15 tips that you can use to optimize your website so you can improve your results
on the search engines. So let’s get started! The first one is simply install a WordPress
plugin called, “Yoast SEO”. In this video, I am not going in detail how you can setup
this plugin. So if you want to learn more about this just click on the link that you
can see on this video so you can watch my previous one where I go really in detail about
this plugin. Now the thing I want to do is simply submit something called, xml sitemap
to Google webmaster. So once you’ve installed this plugin, you can see that you have a new
section appearing on your WordPress dashboard. You want to go to XML sitemaps. The first
thing, which I already explained previously, is that you want to check this option so you
can add a sitemap to your website. And the only reason why I am going over here is because
I want to grab the URL belonging to my sitemap. So once I click on that button, you can see
that I am taken to this new page. The reason why you want to submit your sitemap to Google
webmasters, one is because this way Google can more easily find your website, especially
when it’s new it’s really important. The second thing is Google will be able to more easily
crawl your website and see exactly all the pages that you have in your website. So I
am just going to copy this extension. I am just going to copy this and now I am going
back to Google webmasters. Actually, nowadays it’s called Search Console. But I am just
used to calling Google webmasters. And actually, you need to verify your account with Google.
So you can have an account over here. So you want to select your website. I am just going
to keep it prositetutorials.org. Actually, this is just a test website that I am using
now, so it’s not my official website. You want to go below, and actually this is the
dashboard section as you can see. You want to go below, where you see sitemaps, you want
to click on this section. And once again, I already did this prositetutorials.org, I’m
not going to do it again. But you want to click on this button, add test sitemap. And
basically what you want to do is just put this extension over here because this is the
URL that belongs to your sitemap. Then you just press submit sitemap and that’s all that
you need to do for this. So that’s the first thing that you want to do so let’s go back
to our website. Now my second tip is that you want to optimize your frontpage of your
website for the search engines. For you to do that, you go to the titles and meta section.
You click on the homepage tab and this allow you to choose the meta title that you want
appearing on your website and also description. Remember this is the information that later
on will appear on search engines results page. When it comes to this there are two ways that
I commonly do it. I have one way for smaller websites and a smaller website is between
20 to 30 pages for me. Then I have the way that I do it for a website that I want to
create content for several years and I see myself… something that I really enjoy doing.
So there are two ways of doing the optimization for this page. For a smaller website, I try
to focus every single page that I have in my website targeting one or more keywords.
Since you really don’t have much, many pages to play around with, you really want to take
advantage of every single one. What I would do is… in my front page, I would try to
target a keyword like…
Something like this, this is not, this is just an example so you can get a better idea.
Then you want to add a description. Always, make a description that is enticing, that
nearly obligates people to click on the link that they see on the search engine results
page. When it comes to the description you can… if you want you might want to put a
few keywords in the description. It’s not that nowadays, Google gives much influence
to that, however, once that description appears on the search engine results page, it will
appear bold and for that reason, you will captivate people into clicking that link more
compared to one, which doesn’t have any keywords on the description. So this is for a small
website. For a bigger website, a website that I actually enjoy writing content, I see myself
writing for the next few years then I do it a bit different. By this I mean, my homepage
I really don’t focus on specific keywords. Because since I will write so many posts I
can focus most of my posts targeting several keywords and what I try to do is make my website
seem as natural as possible so in the long-run my website doesn’t get penalized by Google
for being over-optimized. So what I do is I put the name of my website Prositetutorials
then I talk about the topics that I am going to explain on my website. One this gives any
of my visitors, who go to my website an idea of what I am going to talk about throughout
my website. Also lets Google know that my website is focused on WordPress, SEO and so
on… But I have no intentions or at least I know that it’s really hard for my website
to ever rank for just WordPress because those listings typically have websites where you
have companies that a huge budgets to promote their content throughout the Internet and
it’s really hard for me to ever compete with that. But I am pretty certain that in the
long-run my website will at least rank for Prositetutorials and by this I mean, once
people start knowing my website more, they will actually search just for Prositetutorials
so that’s great! Then you just put a description. So that’s what you do when it comes to optimizing
your homepage. Now the other thing you want to do is simply, simply go to permalinks.
So you go to setting and you click on permalinks. And once you’re in permalinks, you simply
want go below and you want to select custom structure and you want to delete all of this
over here and just leave %postname%. Just like this if you don’t have it. So you select
custom structure and just write this extension over here. The reason why you want to this
is later on once you optimize your posts, you always want to put your main keyword on
the extension of your URL. So it’s really important for you to put this extension over
here so you can do that. Now let’s go and start optimizing our posts so I am going to
posts, all posts and press edit over here. Okay, so now I am going to optimize one of
the posts that I have in this website so you can get a better idea of how you can do this.
When it comes on-page SEO, you never want to overdo this process. By this I mean, you
start spamming your keywords a lot throughout your content or doing other similar stuff.
You just don’t want to do that! Because that may result in your website getting penalized.
Good SEO is always trying to keep your content looking as natural as possible. By this I
mean, people go to your content they read it and they don’t even notice that it is optimized
for the search engines. Now I am going to talk about the two most important parts you
should always put your main keywords. So let’s say that, on this post I am trying to rank
for what is search engine optimization. So the first part where you should always place
your keyword is on your permalink. So we actually configured this previously and you want to
put it over here in the extension your main keyword. As you can see, what is search engine
optimization. And I actually separated the words with small dashes. So that’s the first
place, the second one is on your meta title. If you have Yoast installed, you have this
SEO box appearing. This allows you to configure how your meta title, which is the title that
will later on appear on the search engine results page and it also allows you to choose
the description that you want appearing over here. So you should always place your main
keyword on your meta title, “What is search engine optimization”. The other thing that
also helps you rank your post better on the search engines is your click-through. This
is the amount of people that click on the link they see on the search engine results
page. The more people that click over there, the more you’ll improve the results that you
have on the search engines. By this I mean, you should always have a meta title that is
really enticing. A website that I like to use to actually check this is this one. So
aminstitute.com actually, I am going to leave a link on the description from this video.
If you want to check this website. Basically, this gives you a ranking of how good is your
title. So I am just going to put what is search engine optimization and I actually know this
title is not ideal! But you want to select below, the subject that this post is related
to. So let’s say, education then you just click on submit for analysis. You can see
that you get points of good this title is, or how enticing this title is. And you can
see that below between 30 to 40 percent in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters.
So between 30 to 40 percent is basically, what you want to get in average. And if you
get 50 to 75 percent then it’s really fantastic. So really check this website if you want to
improve your titles. The other part that you want customize is the description that will
appear later on, on the search engine results page. And… once you click on this section,
you can see that you can write the description that you want. When it comes to putting your
keyword over here in this section it is not so important nowadays, it’s something that
Google doesn’t give much influence however, it might be something that you want consider
because later on, it will appear bold on the search engine results page and it makes your
website look more attractive. So let’s say, learn…
So this last part search engine optimization
will appear bold on the search engine results page. The other thing that you always want
to try to accomplish is have at least 1000 words on your post. The more that you can
write the better. I know that sometimes this is quite impossible because some topics just
doesn’t deserve for you to write so much about them. But always try to at least have a couple
of articles that have this amount of words or more. The other things is images, always
try to have at least 3 to 5 images inside of your content. Also depending on the size
of your post. This will help you have better results on the search engines but not only,
also makes your website, your post look more attractive to people who are actually reading
it. And when it comes to images you want to click on edit and you want on alternative
text try to insert your keyword over here. For example, what is search engine optimization
and actually put over here, dash and sunset image. So you want to put your keyword and
then you want to put something else just to not seem that you are trying to spam your
keywords everywhere. And you can do the same thing for other images. You might put like
guy on the beach doing search engine optimization. So you try always to put some relevant keywords
in side of your images alt text. You might also want to consider putting a video inside
of your post. It’s something that may help you have better results on the search engines
but it also makes your video attractive to anyone goes to your content. Because sometimes
people just don’t want to read all the content and they prefer to watch your video. And if
your video let’s say that, your video has 10 minutes that means that is 10 minutes that
person passes on your website watching your video and that helps you decreasing the bounce
rate for your website. So the lower is your bounce rate the more you improve your results
on Google and that is really, really important! You also want to include your keywords on
your header title. In this case, you can see that it doesn’t appear over here. But once
I do a preview, you can see that I have my main keyword appearing on this section. What
is search engine optimization and once I go to the coding of my post, you can see that,
you can see that below… once I find the title. Actually, I already passed it, you
can see over here. This is the title that you saw previously, this is a header one.
Always try to put your main keyword inside of a header one and also inside of a header
two, or a subtitle in your post. You can also put relevant keywords on the subtitles. So
you can actually target several keywords inside of the same post. This will increase the amount
of traffic that you can possibly receive to that same post. Actually, for me to insert
this title on the header one, I just put it over here. The other thing that you want to
do is always throughout your content, make links to other websites that have higher authority
on the Internet. You can see for example over here, for instance, I have this… this link.
Let’s go to my post so you can see more exactly what I did over here. Once someone clicks
on this link. You can see that they are taken to wikipedia, which is a very, very authoritative
website. The reason why I do this is good websites link other good websites and that’s
how Google see’s it! So a good website will always link to another good website. This
also helps you have a better rankings on Google. So always throughout your content try to make
one to another more influential website on the Internet. The other thing that you also
want to do is make backlinks, or links inside of your website to other of your posts. So
over here, let me see if I have one. I actually did one. I think I did one over here, so you
can see that just below I did a backlink to another page on my website. In this case back
to my official website, which is my front page of my website. So always try to do links
inside of your own content to other pages that you have in your website and also if
possible always try to put the keyword that you are targeting on that post. So that actually
helps a lot! But you also don’t want, when it comes to doing links to other posts that
you have in your website, you don’t want to always focus on the keywords. Always try to
do it a bit random, sometimes put click here, read more, and other times put your keyword.
Because once again, as I said previously, you always want to keep this looking as natural
as possible. The other part that I want to talk and the last one is simply syndicating
your content, once you did this all, you optimize your website, you should always syndicate
your content throughout social media platforms. I did a good video talking about this, talking
about the process that I use. Just click on the link that you can see on the screen so
you can learn how you can do it. So once you write your content, you optimize your content
for the search engines, just syndicate your content. This will help you get some initial
visitors to that content, and this is something that will really help you a lot. Especially,
nowadays it’s really important for you to get Google plus on your content that’s something
that really helps you boost the rankings that later on that post have on Google and other
search engines. Another webside that I really like to use a lot, and I actually forgot to
talk about this on, on the other video where I explain how you can syndicate your content.
It’s called, “Quora” this is a website that is related to questions and answers, similar
to Yahoo answers. But this website is just truly insane in the amount of people that
are constantly going over here. Actually, I already did several, seven answers for this
profile that I have related to Prositetutorials. And you can see that, one of my answers, I
received eight-hundred and fifty seven views that’s really, really a lot! What you can
do when you are using Quora is you can answer someone you give a good answer and then just
tell someone to, “Hey check here, I have this article where I explain this more in detail,
I give some extra secrets in how you can do this and you put a link back to your website,
or to one of your videos in Youtube or something like that and that helps you get more views
and more people actually checking your content. So check this website, Quora, it’s really
a fantastic website. Where you can promote some of your content. Okay, so that is all
for this video. I hope you enjoyed! And… please subscribe so you can receive my weekly
video updates, where I talk about WordPress, about SEO, how you can make money online and
much more… So stay there, stay tune with Prositetutorials! And bye!

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