12 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2019 from Hundreds of Customers

By | August 22, 2019

[Music] if your website isn’t performing the way that you think it should then you probably need to work on your SEO that is search engine optimization here are 12 tips that can get you to page 1 if followed correctly first is your website mobile-friendly now google prefers sites that pass their mobile-friendly test since it provides a better overall experience for their search engine users take a moment and pause this video and Google Google mobile-friendly tool or check the link in the description or simply type in google.com slash webmasters slash tools slash mobile – friendly run the test on your own website and see if you pass or fail the test – does your site load quickly Google preferred sites that load quickly for the same reason as they prefer mobile-friendly sites that is to say user experience Google sinks or swims on whether we like using them in the search pause the video again and go to developers.google.com slash speed slash PageSpeed slash insights which again will be in the description below this video like a traffic signal red is bad yellow is cautionary and green means all systems are go third are you listed in the top 100 local business directories Google loves businesses that are listed in many of the top local business directories and the reason is twofold first a business that’s taken the time to list themselves appears like a business that will be around for the long haul second these directories can send traffic to your site and Google looks at referral traffic when determining rankings the top 30 local directories receive over a hundred and fifty million visitors each and every month so getting listed in those directories can be a very important source of traffic for are you set up on the most important social media accounts social media isn’t just about sharing you need to be on at the very least Google+ Facebook Twitter Linkedin and YouTube Google loves websites listed in these top social networks because first these businesses appeared to be more and aware in google loves brands and second these social platforms can send you traffic again to your site plus being listed on these sites makes your business much easier to be shared and recommended among your customers and their friends five are you aware of what your competition is doing to rank knowing what your competition is doing knowing what they’re spending and knowing what keywords they’re going after is absolutely crucial if you want to be able to overtake them in the search engine results you need to know the efforts that they are taking I mean they can be generally tracked with a decent accuracy using certain online tools SEM rush is a very popular online tool and it will give you great insights into your competition and it’s a great way to see what search terms are sending them customers head over to SEM rush calm now and compare your website to that of your competition analyze those businesses whose position you would like to be in and notice who’s crushing it in your market place six is your website optimized properly figure out the keywords as to say that the keywords that people search for to find a business like you that you would like to show up for head to Google and do a search for those keywords and look at the page one results that is to say the first 10 results the blue text on those pages is the title text you want to see how many of those titles that show up on page 1 have the keyword in the title tag now check your website do you have it there there are a number of these on-page SEO factors that Google loves websites to have and the title tag is considered by many to be the most important read up also on heading tanks meta tags and keyword density for additional help note just smearing keywords on your page in your title is not enough because Google is smart they are semantic and they view that as spam 7 is your contact information easily found now this is a huge point especially from a conversion standpoint you want to make sure that your phone number is in a prominent position on your page people don’t want to have to dig for it make sure your number is clearly visible in a font size and color that’s easily read and easily stands out from the rest of your site and ideally with click-to-call HTML functionality which means mobile users can simply press their number right on their phone and their phone will automatically start calling you which is a pretty cool feature also have a Contact Us page with your company name address phone number and links to all of your social profiles on Google+ Facebook etc number eight video do you have at least one video embedded on your website first visitors watch video that’s just effect and having a video keeps them on your page longer Google uses the length of time that people spend on your page to work out how good your website is compared to others having a demo of product a welcome message from the owner an explainer style video will keep people from bouncing too quickly which increases Google’s overall understanding of your relevance to their searchers YouTube Vimeo and dailymotion are examples of common video sites that’s free to host and you can simply use the code from those sites and paste it into your website and you can use that to put video immediately on your web page that’s engaging number nine are you listed on free add sites so this one’s a little counterintuitive to some people but it actually makes sense with what we’ve already said sites like Craigslist back pages etc have lots of visitors searching for local service providers so listing your site there lets you take advantage of that free traffic you can make money directly from direct contacts who simply want to use your service and you get free referral traffic from google which google loves you also are building up links to your site from trusted authority sites which we’ll talk about in a minute number 10 related the contact us page earlier you have an about Us page you need to introduce your business promptly to your visio visitors with a well-written page or a video that builds rapport and converts them into a customer think about your page as speed dating with your visitors and you only have a few minutes to win them over number 11 are you showing testimonials on your website and more importantly how do you look compared to your competition in the search engines it’s a fact that 92 percent of all consumers today lead online reviews for local businesses 97% of the up-and-coming generation that is 18 to 30 year olds for 34 year olds do as well 97% that’s essentially everybody now we all search for everything every day using reviews right we look for a new pair of shoes and we also look for a new dentist or our new plumber when we need them and we look at the reviews to make sure we’re going to have a good experience testimonials and reviews on your website will improve your business’s chance of making a sale but you definitely want to make sure that those are on the various pages like Yelp and Google Plus as well let’s show up in the search engines and they also keep your visitors on your webpage longer because they’ll be reading them or even watching them if you make them into videos which is a great video idea by the way lastly do you other websites link to yours now this is actually a really important part of SEO websites linking to your website is like a vote of confidence in your site it’s like a digital thumbs-up and Google likes it when links when websites link to each other or when websites are linked to you because it generally means that that website is a popular website and that it’s relevant to the searchers now bear in mind not all links are equal and more is not always better especially if they’re built very artificially sites like a ref sits a href Escom can show you the link profile that you have currently and that of your competitors so you can see what they’ve been doing to get their site out there you can also build the same kind of links then which will help you catch up in summary if you want to excel at SEO if you want your business’s website to be on the page one of the search results in Google as well as Yahoo being in the other search engines are out there you need a mobile-friendly fast-loading website listed in local directories top network sites and optimized correctly with embedded videos and clear testimonials having clear contact information and an about Us page that sells people on who you are as well as having a great backlink profile now this is the bare minimum but of course SEO can go much deeper like having regularly posted relevant content having high trust flow and low citation flow and high domain Authority and high page Authority and being panda complying and penguin compliant using schema markup etc now go back for the 12 points we just covered and add one point for each of the above areas that you got knocked out of the park what’s your score how many out of 12 did you score do you think you need some help if you’ve noticed that your website hasn’t made the grade don’t worry we can help you fix any or all of the issues that you’ve seen unless you want to try and fix them yourself ranking clients on the first page of Google using the methods listed above is tried and tested if you would like some help you can email me directly at Justin at hundreds of customers dot-com or visit us online at hundreds of customers com why trust us well we’re ranked on page one for Kansas City SEO agency at one point we were actually ranked three times for that same word and that’s a fiercely competitive keyword Kansas City SEO agency anyone in the Kansas City area who does SEO and there are hundreds of people who’d like to think that they do or is gonna fight for that spot tooth and nail because it shows that they know what they’re doing we are still on there to this day and we have bound that up to three times depending on the various google search algorithms that were in play we have maintained a five-star rating on Google and we have loads of testimonials from customers as well as from our competitors and not many businesses can say that if you go to our website you’ll actually see some of those testimonials we stay up to date on all of the latest Google algorithm changes they averaged about one a day for all of last year or about 255 I think it was over the course of the entire year so it’s one every business day we also invest very heavily in our own marketing and our own training to stay ahead of the curve spending tens of thousands of dollars just in research and we guarantee page one dog for clients this is Justin West I’m the founder and CEO of hundreds of customers thank you very much for watching [Music] you

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