12 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

By | October 6, 2019

Hi my name is Esteban Martinez and today i
want to share with you the 12 most important questions that you should be asking when searching
for your next digital agency in Sydney or any other location for that matter. Ensuring that your agency understands both
your customers and your brand will ensure that you get off to a great 2019 and help
hit your KPIs. The first question I’ve got is. How does the agency measure success? This can be anything from new customers, registrations,
revenue, conversion rate or just sales in general. So really understanding this from the very
beginning, will ensure that you get off to the right start. Also, understanding what type of digital marketing
do they specialize in? This could be ecommerce, PPC, SEO, Social,
Website optimization or other things. Understanding what they specialize in first,
will ensure that you have a clear understanding on the right partner for you. Then seeing, what other clients do they work
with? This will give you a sense of how big they
are and how big you’ll be working with them, so you don’t want to be working with an
agency where you might be too small for them, because they might not give you enough attention
to help support your business. And at the same time if you are a really big
agency for a small company then they may struggle to deliver for your business and your goals. It’s also important to ask if you can get
access any referrals, sorry not referrals, references or testimonials from customers. Think of this just like a job interview you
want to really find out more about them and find out what services and results they have
delivered for other clients before your sign anything and lock yourself in with them. Then also one of the most important ones is,
just how many man hours or how many staff hours will be spent on your business growing
online, whether its through organic, paid, social or conversion rate. You need to know that as well, if there is
a basic package, silver or gold, so that you know how much time is going to be spent growing
your business. Then who is going to be working on the account? Will it be the person you are speaking to,
will it be a team of people underneath them? Will it be outsourced? If you can, you want to try and meet them,
maybe have a phone call or definitely find out who they are and get a feel for if you
think they will be the right then you’ll get along with them. Because people buy people, not only just services
as well. Then seeing if you can get an example of any
of their reports or even a report template so you know what to expect and what you’ll
get, once you start with that agency. Then also, what is included in their fee’s? So some have just a basic package, other will
cover everything and you want to have a breakdown of how many hours will be spent in search,
social or email marketing. So you need to understand what you are getting
for your money and where the resources will be spent behind that. Also just as important is what will not be
included in those fee’s or what is extra? This could be anything from face to face meetings,
website audits or any ad hoc requests that you might ask for. Also you want to make of who’s working on
the account and if any of the work will be outsourced? Ideally you want to have as much of it done
by the people you work with directly and just have an understanding of who’s actually
doing the work, as they will be the ones responsible for your business growing online. Then in terms of communication, how frequent
will this be? Whether it’s face to face, or phone calls,
emails. Whether it be weekly or monthly. Definitely understanding that and who will
it be with. As most of the time you speak to a sales person,
but the people actually doing the work will be the marketers themselves and you don’t
get to see them. So it’s important that you want to try get
across that so you’re comfortable with who’s going to be representing your business and
your brand. Lastly, one of the most important ones is,
why is your agency the right choice for me? Why should you choose that agency? So again, having that connection. Having a strong bond with the person that
you are going to be working with is also really helpful. Hopefully this has helped you. If you have any questions that you think I’ve
missed out or you think are even more important, please leave them in the comments section
below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Check out my YouTube channel for more PPC
videos and I will see you in the next one. Thanks.

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